Difference Between Almond Nails and Coffin Shaped Nails

Women love growing nails and, they also give importance to it. Almond and Coffin are two popular shapes.

With almond-shaped nails, the rounded corners are slightly curved, short, and squarish with a wide cuticle area. Coffin-shaped nails have pointed tips with all corners curved up except one that faces downward.

Almond Nails Vs Coffin Shaped Nails

The main difference between Almond Nails and Coffin Shaped Nails is that the almond-shaped nails are flatter and more natural-looking, very versatile, and generally easier to apply, whereas coffin-shaped nails are longer, with edges that curve at the bottom and have a longer shelf life applied in the hand to look beautiful.

Almond Nails Vs Coffin Shaped Nails

The almond nails are curved tips following the natural shape of your fingertip. It looks elegant as well as trendy, but also it is relatively easy to achieve.

Nails that follow the almond shape are considered short-length nails and getting them done will make your fingers look nice and well-groomed.

Coffin Shaped nails are tiny in size and thin. These are small and delicate and are considered one of the smallest nail types.
A coffin-shaped nail is a nail that is more pointed than a round one.

This nail shape looks cool and modern but is sometimes tricky to make.

Comparison Table Between Almond Nails and Coffin Shaped Nails

Parameters Of ComparisonAlmond NailsCoffin Shaped Nails
ShapeIt is shaped like an almond, the curve on the edge adds extra uniqueness.These nails have a pointy edge and rounded base, that looks like a half-moon.
AppearanceAlmond-shaped nails are longer and thinner to look at.Coffin-shaped nails are a bit longer and thicker.
Suits ForIt looks great on short ringers because they will appear long.This nail would look better on long fingers.
Look It is classy and looks cute without any design pattern.It is more bold and attractive that goes well with formal as well as party wear.
Also Called AsThese are also called “Stiletto Nails”. The nail area is shorter than the finger itself.These nails are referred to as “Squoval” (square oval) nails.

What is Almond Nails?

Almond nails are in trend since the year 2014. These are nail art designs that have a curved almond shape. The almond shape can be added to any design, can be done in different colors.

These nail designs are great for people who want some flare in their nails without wanting to do a full-on intricate design.

They can be done with just about any color combination and it can add a touch of style to the outfits. Many people do not like to wear bright colors or some other fancy styles on their nails.

They just want to have something simple and sweet on their hands. That is why almond nails are so popular. So to have a cute and elegant look, this nail design can be the best choice.

Almond nails don’t need to be decorated with any kinds of patterns. Some people like to paint them in one color only or apply some neutral colors on them.

Furthermore, this shape suits any skin tone and is best for women in their late teens to early twenties. Applying a good quality base coat is an essential step as it protects the nail and helps the polish last longer.

What is Coffin Shaped Nails?

Coffin-shaped nails are when the nail is wider at the top than it is from the bottom. It’s a super trendy manicure that looks great on anyone.

It’s also a fun way to try out new nail designs as well. It is characterized by sides that are parallel with the length of the nail. Coffin-shaped nails can be both short and long, depending on the desired effect of the manicure.

Coffin-shaped nails have a variety of uses, including thickening them by applying acrylic or gel to the top of your natural nails.

Other ways to use this type of nail include applying nail polish in various colors or even shaping nails into other types of shapes. It is also used by adding acrylic powder for the texture to your coffin-shaped nail after applying.

To have something extra dramatic, it can be also applied with a black base coat and covered with white nail polish or vice versa.

For smaller tips put some white color at the tip using a buffer or cuticle scissors. Coffin-shaped nails look great with any type of dress you wear, be it casual or formal. They are easy to maintain and they require less time too.

Main Differences Between Almond Nails and Coffin Shaped Nails

  1. Almond-shaped nails are those in which the sides are curved slightly inward, forming a shape like that of a nut.
  2. Almond-shaped nails go well with different designs, whereas a shaped coffin-shaped nail would never complement the same design.
  3. Coffin-shaped nails are achieved by filing down the outer edges of the natural nail and almond nails are created with nail tips.
  4. Almond-shaped nails are mostly seen on the ring fingers while coffin-shaped nails are usually seen on the middle fingers.
  5. The almond shape will be thicker and softer than the coffin-shaped nails because it is created with a synthetic tip.
Difference Between Almond Nails and Coffin Shaped Nails


Almond or Coffin shaped nails. One has to be aware of all factors like the thickness, length, and area of one’s finger to be able to decide whether one’s nails are narrow at their base or not.

Surface texture can vary widely between both shaped nails, with some being flat or slightly ridged, while others are highly wrinkled or bumpy. Nails are an important part of our body, and we should treat them with care.

It is also important to make sure your nails are clean, trim, and not too long for a good nail tip. Long nails can inhibit you from getting a great manicure or pedicure.

Also, the nail polish you use must not be chipping or cracking. If it is then you should get another one because the old nail polish can cause your new nail polish to chip easier on the edges or just overall.

Both shapes are elegant looking and it has to be decided to try according to the occasion, style, etc.


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