Difference Between Almond Meal and Almond Flour

Healthy food habit is always recommended for a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutritious is recommended over medicines by doctors too.

It is followed from ancient times to consume nutrition-rich food to stay healthy and longer. A diet plan is more of a nutrition-based food than a weight-loss food item.

There are many types of food varieties given by nature if consumed the right way has many benefits. Timely food intake and proper care of the body ensures the longevity of life.

It is not the fat that accumulates creates sickness, but what type of fat matters a lot. There are health regimes available to reduce the fat level too.

Indeed, converting fat into energy boosters is also a new trend these days. Bypassing all this, consuming what we like in a healthier fashion keeps a man healthy and focussed too.

After all, many diet plans and health regime offer people to do things in a stringent basis. As in eating certain things at a particular time, avoiding certain food items, all these things can work for time being.

How about consuming what we like to eat more healthily. No restrictions whatsoever.

In this context as nature’s gift, there are two important food ingredients used in the right way can make a healthy and prosperous lifestyle.

Almond Meal vs Almond Flour

The difference between almond meal and almond flour is that the almond meal is not blanched while grinding while almond flour is blanched while grinding and becomes a fine powder.

Almond Meal vs Almond Flour

The almond meal and almond flour made out of almonds. The incredible substitute for a lot of food items, which is nutritious and delicious when made into a food item.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonAlmond MealAlmond Flour
Method of PreparationAlmond meal is made by grinding full almond in coarse texture.Almond flour is made a fine powder on grinding the almonds.
Almond SkinAlmond meal has its skin in it and not blanched. The brown speckles of almond skin can be easily seen in the meal.Almond flour is made out of blanched almonds.
Bakery usesAlmond meal is used in making cookies and tarts which needs a coarse finish.Almond flour is chosen over an almond meal for smooth finish cakes, pies.
Food Item toppingAlmond meal is widely used for topping fish, chicken and meat replacing breadcrumbs.Almond flavour is sometimes used as icing sugar or cakes and bread for the flavour.
Oil ContentAlmond meal has more oil content in it.Almond flour has less or no oil content in it.


What is Almond Meal?

Almond meal is a coarse ground ingredient which is used as an ingredient in making cookies, tarts and pies. Almond meal is purposely made coarse for its use in certain food preparation.

Almond meal is grounded without blanching and the whole almond is normally put for grounding. Almond meal can be observed with brown speckles of the skin after grinding.

It is widely used in the preparation of quick slices of bread. Almond meal is a good substitute of breadcrumbs for topping the meat which adds an aromatic flavour to the food.

Care to be taken while processing almond meal at home, as it must not be finely grounded. At times, the almond meal can become a paste while grinding it more.

This is because of the oil content that the almond has. It is the oil inside the almond that gives the aesthetic aroma to the food items prepared.

Almond meal is rich in protein and Vitamins. The almond meal is suggested for glowing skin.

It is suggested to use almond flavour carefully while making baked products at home. If an appropriate proportion of almond meal is not used while making a dish, it may spoil the dish completely.

The almond meal tends to get harder fast, care to be taken while making cookies too. But the coarse texture of the almond meal and the taste while prepared in unmatched.

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What is Almond Flour?

Almond flour is a fine powder made out of sweet almonds. It is always made out of blanched almonds.

The powder is so fine that nowhere it is close to the texture of the almond meal. To understand how an almond flour looks like is; a replica of wheat flour.

Almond flour is used to make fine bakery products when the baker wants a clean smooth finish to it. It is a gluten-free product and rich in protein and can also be observed that the oil content is a bit less in almond flavour than the almond meal because of its grinding procedures.

One must also understand that these are rich in protein and hardly the baked products rise while baking. It is also observed that the bakers shall use a certain quantity of almond flour mixed with wheat flavour for its smell, texture and taste.

Almond flour is chosen over an almond meal because almond flour is smooth can hold the shape while the latter cannot. More importantly, nut meals have oil in it and mostly not heat stable, this also makes people choose almond flour over almond meal.

It is advised by the experts to store the flour in deep freeze conditions to avoid rancidity. Mostly used as a bakery ingredient, almond flour can also add as a flavour topping in many dishes.

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Main Differences Between Almond Meal and Almond Flour

  1. The main difference between almond meal and almond flour is the final texture, Almond meal is coarse in texture while almond flour is smooth and fine.
  2. Almond meal is not blanched while grinding and this also can be seen with the help of brown speckles of skin in the meal while almond flour is blanched before grinding.
  3. Almond meal is extensively used in making cookies, quick loaves of bread which needs a hard finish while Almond flour is used to make fine, smooth bakery items.
  4. Almond meal conveniently replaces the breadcrumbs for topping the meat, almond meal is also used for the topping but on the cakes and the pies for fragrance and taste.
  5. Almond meal has more nut oil content in it while almond flour has less or no oil content in it due to its grinding procedures.
Difference Between Almond Meal and Almond Flour


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