Difference Between American and Indian Culture

Every country has a different culture, a different way of living life, different religions, different beliefs, different clothing styles, and different moral values.


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On these grounds, we can easily differentiate between American and Indian cultures. There are many substantial differences between the two and one cannot overlook them. 

While India has been independent since 1947, America had achieved independence in the year 1776. Thus, there are major differences in the culture of these two countries based on this fact.

Also, America is a developed country and India is still rapidly developing, we can say that owing to this fact too, there are differences between the cultural values of the 2 nations.

American vs Indian Culture

The difference between American and Indian culture is that the former is more lenient in its approach towards clothes, marriages, and also, habits too. For example, drinking in America can be considered ‘normal’. In Indian society, drinking is next to committing a crime.

American vs Indian Culture 1

While it is common for people, especially ladies to have intercourse before marriage, in Indian society, it is considered ‘impure’.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonAmerican CultureIndian Culture
The average age of MarriageThe average age of marriage in females is 24 and males is 26.The average age for females is 16 and males is 21.
FoodThe food here is mainly meat-based and doesn’t contain a lot of exotic spices.Indian food is full of spices, and various kinds of vegetables and plants.
Family American society is more goal, ambitious, and individual-oriented.Indian society is more family-oriented and respect is a major concept here.
FestivalsAmerica celebrates many festivals but, Christmas and Thanksgiving are the main ones.India celebrates countless festivals, full of traditions, colors, lights, splendor, and grandeur the main being Holi and Diwali.
Place Of MarriageMarriages can be held anywhere, from churches to the beach, if the priest is present. Marriages can only be held in the presence of a ‘pandit’ in a ‘mandap’ and there are multiple traditions that precede and succeed. 
FashionAmericans are more into casual wear and loose clothes.In India, a woman can be found wearing sarees, and men in kurtas. 

What is American Culture?

American Culture is the culture that is followed in the country United States of America. The varieties of life people live and their clothing style, their family structure, their moral values, their traditions, their festivals.

All these things and more developed American culture. The American culture has affected most countries in the world and is popularly spreading to all other parts of the world too.

America received its independence in the year 1776 and since then, the country has developed a reputation for a progressive outlook and a great culture.

The people are very much goal and career-oriented. Individual life is more stressed upon and freedom is given priority. This is how American culture works.

American Culture

What is Indian Culture?

India is one of the biggest and most prosperous countries in the whole of Southeast Asia. The country is very famous for its traditions and cultural values.

Cultural values followed by the Indian people are what we call the Indian culture. Indian cultural values are very different and unique.

As there is a presence of so many religions in the country, every few kilometers you can see a different tradition taking place. The rich past of the country has also contributed to the cultural richness of the country.

Beat the family structure, the food, clothing, or the living standards, all are called unique and they are what Indian culture is made of.

Indian Culture

Main Differences Between Indian and American Culture 

  1. The main difference between Indian and American culture lies around the age of marriage itself. Indian females are married at an average age of 16 while Indian boys are married at the age of 21. When compared to the American culture, females get married at the age of 24 and the male gets married at the age of 26 on an average.
  2. The food that Indians eat mainly comprise of vegetables and are very much plant-based. Comprising of a variety of spices and various kinds of fruits and vegetables, the Indian food is very diverse. When compared to the American culture, the food in America is mainly meat-based and does not consist of many spices.
  3. Indian society focuses more on joint families where decisions are taken by the elderly. Respect plays a major part in the relations Indians have. Many traditions are also followed. The American culture focuses more on individuals relations and the concept of joint family is not prevalent here.
  4. The festivals in India are very diverse and full of colors and lights while the American festivals are also diverse but, the main festivals include Thanksgiving and Christmas whereas Indians celebrate Baisakhi, Holi, Diwali, and many other festivals.
  5. The Indian marriage system is quite different from the American marriage system. In the American marriage system, one can get married in the church or any place he or she likes while in the Indian marriage system one has to get married in presence of his elders and many traditions are also a part of the system without which marriage does not take place
  6. There is a huge difference in the fashion that these countries follow. In India, the males usually wear kurtas and females wear sarees. In America, fashion is free and casual and not tradition-based.
Difference Between American and Indian Culture


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