Difference Between ASP.NET and VB.NET

We have a wide range of technologies and programming languages in our computer era. ASP.NET and VB.NET are something related to technical stuff, can call it core technical stuff which directs us to computer programming.


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ASP.NET is a technology by Microsoft, whereas VB.NET is a programming language by Microsoft again.

Both are related to the .NET programming language developed by Microsoft. Using Visual Basic in .NET gives us a VB.NET  programming language.

Usually, people think ASP.NET is a programming language but ASP.NET is a framework for server-side applications. VB.NET is a programming language and can be used for various technologies like ASP.NET.

The ASP.NET framework is used for building server-side and web-based applications. Along with VB.NET, ASP.NET uses languages like C#, JavaScript, PHP for application development. C#, F#, PHP, JavaScript are programming languages similar to VB.NET.


The difference between ASP.NET and VB.NET is that ASP.NET is a framework by Microsoft to build dynamic web pages or web-based applications. ASP in the term ASP.NET stands for Active Server Pages. ASP.NET is a successor of Active Server Pages technology.VB.NET is a programming language by Microsoft itself. Also known as Visual Basic.NET language is a multi-paradigm and object-oriented programming language.


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ASP.NET is a technology developed by Microsoft for developing server web-based applications. ASP.NET accepts different programming languages to program the application.

We can use VB.NET, C#, F# languages to develop the ASP.NET framework. It is purely used to develop web applications only.

VB.NET is a programming language by Microsoft Inc. used in visual studio code, to develop windows applications, console applications, and mobile devices applications as well.

It is similar to Java, as it is also an object-oriented programming language. VB.NET is mainly for Microsoft’s visual studio code.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonASP.NETVB.NET
Introduced in yearASP.NET framework technology was first released in the year 2002.VB.NET programming language appeared for the first time in the year 2001.
Abbreviated asASP.NET is abbreviated as Active Server Pages. Network-enabled technologiesVB.NET is abbreviated as visual basic. Network-enabled technologies
Major UsesThis framework is developed by Microsoft for Web development and server-side web-based applications.It is a programming language by Microsoft for implementing various technologies like ASP.NET
KindIt is a web development framework that requires multiple programming languages like VB.NET, JavaScript.It is a programming language, which can be used to develop console applications, windows applications, mobile applications.
Latest Version stable releaseThe last update of the ASP.NET framework is on April 18th, 2019The latest update is released on March 2nd, 2021
Similar onesSimilar technologies to the ASP.NET framework are NODE.JS and REACT.JSsimilar programming languages to VB.NET are C#, C++.

What is ASP.NET?

Many think that ASP.NET is another programming language, but contrary to their idea on ASP.NET, it is a server-side technology similar to node.js, react.js.

Using this framework or technology we can program or build websites, web-based applications with server technology.

We can use VB.NET, C#, JavaScript languages in this framework. Since ASP.NET applications are web-based applications they require an internet connection.

As it is a server-based technology, the complete application and data will be stored on the server. We need not install anything on our personal computers.

The architecture of asp.net is as follows, ASP.NET works on HTTPS protocol and uses HTTP commands. ASP.NET engine receives the commands and requests the server for the required HTML file.

After receiving the file, asp.net reads the script and returns the file to the browser. The browser executes the provided HTML file.

What is VB.NET?

VB.NET is a programming language known as visual basic.net, developed by Microsoft in the year 2001. Using VB.NET, we can develop windows applications, console applications, web-based applications, mobile-based applications, and many more.

Features of the VB.NET programming language are :

  1. It is an Object-oriented programming language.
  2. It is not a case-sensitive language.
  3. It has the feature of a Garbage collector, similar to Java.
  4. VB.NET supports multithreading technology.
  5. Supports windows forms.

As VB.NET is also an object-oriented language similar to java, it also has its standard libraries and compiler. It uses .NET CLR similar to java’s JVM(java virtual machine).

It has a better runtime environment, better code translation. Through the JIT(Just in Time) compiler, it features an automatic Garbage collector.

Main Differences Between ASP.NET and VB.NET.

  1. ASP.NET applications need not be installed on the computer, we can use the application whenever required from the server through the browser. So there won’t be any major hardware requirements for ASP.NET applications compared to VB.NET applications. Some VB.NET applications require some hardware configuration to be installed on the computer.
  2. But ASP.NET applications require an internet connection to work. ASP.NET applications are completely stored and operated with the help of a server machine. Whereas vb.net applications do not require any internet connection if they are installed on the computer.
  3. Before the ASP.NET framework, we used classic asp i.e., Active Server Pages technology. ASP.NET is released in January 2002, as a successor of Active Server Pages. The applications developed using the ASP.NET framework are server-centric, they work on the server. VB.NET is the initial language developed by Microsoft.
  4. VB.NET  is an object-oriented programming language, launched by Microsoft as the successor of the original visual basic language. It was first appeared 20 years ago, in the year 2001. VB.NET is one of the programming languages along with C# and F# by Microsoft targeting the .NET framework. VB.NET has the extension of .vb.
  5. The ASP.NET framework is easier and much efficient than other frameworks of similar category, And the VB.NET has also its advantages over other languages, such as not case sensitive and automatic Garbage collector.
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