Difference Between Atom and Cell

Atoms and cells are the fundamental units. The former is for a chemical element, the latter for biology.


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Atom vs Cell

An atom is the smallest unit of a chemical element, and a cell is the smallest unit of the biological units. The universe is made of atoms, whereas we humans are made of cells.

Atom vs Cell

This whole universe is made by atoms coming together. Solid, gas, liquid, everything is made by atoms.

We are made of cells. Cells come together and make tissues, and tissues make organs. It takes trillions of cells to make a human body.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAtomCell
DefinitionAtom is the smallest part of a chemical element.Cells are the smallest unit of any living beings.
Importance Atoms are known as “building blocks of matter”.Cells are known as building blocks of living entities.
FunctionAtoms take part in every chemical reaction.Cells are responsible for the development and growth of living existences.
Consists of Atoms are composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons.A cell is formulated with molecules, which are made of atoms.
LifeAtoms do not have life. They do not need food, water, and they do not reproduce.Cells are alive. Cells consume food and water and can reproduce.
ConstructAtom construct molecules.Cells make tissues for organs.
SizeAtoms are smaller than cells.Cells are bigger than atoms.

What is Atom?

Atom is the essence of the matter. Atoms have been determined as “the basic building blocks of matter”.

Nothing that exists is as small as an atom in a chemical element. Atoms are too small to see with naked eyes.

Each of the atoms is consist of one nucleus at the centre, which contains protons and neutrons. The nucleus is the centre of the atoms, which is bounded by one or more electrons.

A proton has a positive charge. Whereas an electron has a negative charge. The charge of an atom will be zero if it contains the same amount of protons and electrons.

Atom takes part in all chemical reactions, and when a chemical reaction takes place, atoms can get rearranged.


What is Cell?

Cells are the rudimentary unit of life. Cells are living, functioning structural unit, that is responsible for the process of life.

Cells are made by molecules. Each of the cells contains a fluid called the cytoplasm, which is enveloped by a membrane.

Every organism is constructed of cells. Cells are alive. 

They absorb the food and water in order to keep the organisms in working order. Cells help in reproduction and pass the genetic information from one cell to the other.

This requirement of energy is fulfilled by Mitochondria. Mitochondria are determined as the “powerhouse of cells”.


Main Differences Between Atom and Cell

  1. An atom is a chemical unit. It is the smallest particle of a chemical element. A cell is a biological unit. It is the smallest unit of any living beings.
  2. A cell is composed of molecules, and molecules are composed of atoms.
Difference Between Atom and Cell


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