AVG vs Avira: Difference and Comparison

AVG provides the user with enhanced performance at competitive prices for all its suite offerings. Avira is priced at a higher level and offers security to fewer devices, making it a poor choice for a customer looking for cost-effective plans.

Key Takeaways

  1. AVG and Avira are antivirus software programs offering real-time protection against viruses, malware, and other online threats.
  2. AVG has a simpler user interface and better system performance, while Avira offers more advanced features and better protection against zero-day attacks.
  3. AVG offers a free version with basic features, while Avira offers a range of pricing options for different levels of protection and features.

AVG vs Avira

The difference between AVG and Avira is that while the former offers more features at a competitive price range, the latter offers fewer features at a high price point. The features and services offered by AVG are more streamlined than those offered by Avira.

AVG vs Avira

The free versions of each antivirus software offer quite competitive features; however, when we compare the paid suites each offer at various price levels, the innovative plethora of features offered by AVG is far more intriguing than the basic ones offered by Avira.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAVGAvira
Features OfferedMore comprehensive and innovative platter of services and features offered at competitive prices.Avira offers fewer features at a higher price point.
Number of PackagesAVG Internet Security and the AVG Ultimate package are the paid suites AVG offers.  Avira Prime, Avira Internet Security, and Avira Antivirus Pro are the paid suites offered by Avira.
PricingPackages offered by AVG are very cost-effective.Packages offered by Avira are not very cost-effective.
Personalized FirewallDoes not offer a personalized firewall.Offers a personalized firewall.
Customer SupportExcellent customer support is offered.Avira offers good customer support.
Malware ProtectionNot as effective as Avira.Offers better malware protection.
PerformanceAVG performs betters than Avira.Avira’s performance is not as good as AVG’s.
User-FriendlinessOffers a very user-friendly interface.Not a very user-friendly interface.

What is AVG?

AVG is a well-known antivirus software developed and marketed by AVG Technologies. The software is famed for its ability to detect and eliminate malicious URLs.

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Besides the free online version, AVG has several suite offerings priced at different levels with varying inclusive features.

AVG Internet Security and AVG Ultimate packages are the other available suite options. AVG is hailed as a fan-favourite due to its user-friendly interface and excellent customer support services.

Features like ‘PrivacyFix’ and ‘File Shredder’ add to AVG’s innovative services.

The AVG interface is comparable to the high-end and premium brands in the antivirus software industry. It also aces the protection category by having a lower false positive rate and detecting more threats.

AVG is a preferred choice among users as it protects multiple devices at a lower average cost.


What is Avira?

Owned and operated by a German company, Avira Free Security Solutions are commonly used by people to secure digital devices. Much like AVG, Avira too provides both free and paid plans.

Moreover, it has also been noted that Avira Free Security provides much better protection than the other free options available.

Avira offers a free version and other paid suites like Avira Prime, Avira Internet Security, and Avira Antivirus Pro. Each is armed with a different set of features and security protocols.

Independent test results indicate that Avira antivirus software offers better malware protection than most other brands.

Avira provides features like ‘Do Not Track’ that offer users anonymity while operating the device. However, the software’s user interface is a little outdated and may become a potent area of concern for customers.

Its personalized firewall settings are quite appreciated among customers.


Main Differences Between AVG and Avira

  1. The main difference between AVG and Avira is that the former offers a comprehensive and innovative platter of services and features at a much more competitive price than Avira. AVG also secures more devices with one suite than Avira.
  2. The two antivirus software applications also differ in terms of the number of different packages offered by each. Apart from the free version, Avira has more suites in the market, like Avira Prime, Avira Internet Security, and Avira Antivirus Pro. At the same time, AVG has fewer suites -like AVG Internet Security and AVG Ultimate- apart from the free version.
  3. Independent malware tests suggest that Avira offers better protection than AVG.
  4. Avira offers a personal firewall for the user. AVG does not offer such personalization.
  5. There is a significant difference in the quality of customer services each antivirus software company offers. While Avira offers good customer support, AVG offers an even better support experience.
  6. The price points of each are also quite different. AVG packages are more reasonably priced. They offer value-for-money deals. Avira packages are on the higher end of the price spectrum.
  7. The performance offered by AVG is better than Avira. AVG antivirus software was awarded the prestigious ‘ADVANCED+’ award, while Avira could secure the second-best accolade in the category by winning the ‘ADVANCED’ award.
  8. AVG is more user-friendly than Avira. Its simple interface lacks excessive advertisements and upgrading reminders. A simple lock feature connotes limited access for the user if you use the lower suites of the software. Advertisements on the free Avira software can hinder user satisfaction.
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Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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  1. It’s evident that AVG provides a more cost-effective solution with a competitive range of features. This comparison makes it a clear choice for me.

  2. This comparison has really helped me make my decision! I need a cost-effective and user-friendly antivirus software, so AVG seems like the way to go.

  3. AVG and Avira both seem to offer good features and protection, but AVG is definitely the more cost-effective option. I’m leaning towards AVG!

  4. This is a great comparison. It’s clear that AVG has an edge when it comes to pricing and features, making it the better choice for many consumers.

  5. AVG offers good all-round protection at a great price, which may be more attractive to most people compared to Avira’s pricier options.

  6. It’s interesting to see how AVG and Avira compare. I’m leaning towards AVG for its variety of features at a good price point.

  7. Choosing between AVG and Avira depends on individual priorities. For me, the affordability of AVG is a significant factor to consider.

  8. AVG’s innovative features at a cost-effective price are very appealing. I think it’s definitely worth considering for anyone who wants good protection without breaking the bank.


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