Blanc De Blanc vs Blanc De Noir: Difference and Comparison

Wines have a special area of attraction in the world. Both blanc de blanc and blanc de noir belong to the category of wines. They are also known in the category of champagne because of their white sparkling behavior.

These names belong to French and have France and neighboring areas in their origin.

Key Takeaways

  1. Blanc de Blanc is a type of champagne made exclusively from white grapes, while Blanc de Noir is made from red grapes that have had their skins removed to produce a white wine.
  2. Blanc de Blanc is lighter and crisper than Blanc de Noir, which tends to be more full-bodied and rich.
  3. Blanc de Blanc is paired with seafood and light appetizers, while Blanc de Noir pairs well with heartier dishes like roasted meats and stews.

Blanc De Blanc vs Blanc De Noir

Blanc de Blanc is a sparkling wine made exclusively from white grapes, Chardonnay grapes. The wine has a light and crisp flavor, with citrus and apple notes and a creamy texture. Blanc de Noir is a sparkling wine made from red grapes. The wine has a deeper and richer flavor than Blanc de Blanc.

Blanc De Blanc vs Blanc De Noir

Blanc de Blanc is made from white grapes which gives the wine some properties that keep blanc de blanc exclusive. All wines under blanc de blanc have sparkling properties and belong entirely to white grapes.

Originating from France, blanc de blanc wines are subtle and produced by the Chardonnay group.

Blanc de Noir is another wine that has a French origin and a rich taste. These wines are derived from dark or black grapes and are known for a sparkling champagne feel.

The wine ingredients have grapes belonging to the category of pinot noir and pinot Meunier and other blends.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBlanc De BlancBlanc De Noir 
MeaningBlanc de Blanc means ‘white of whites’.Blanc de noir means ‘white of blacks’.
Grapes usedBlanc de blanc wines are derived from the Chardonnay group of grapes.Blanc de noir wines are obtained from pinot noir and pinot Meunier grapes.
CategoryThese wines use white grapes entirely blended with white and red grapes.They make use of dark or black grapes.
TingeBlanc de Blanc wine has a dry tone and citric taste.Blanc de noir wines have a fruity appearance and lighter tone.
FlavorsBlanc de Blanc wine has a variety of flavors like apple, lemon, melon, and orange.Blanc de Noir wine has flavors like raspberry, blueberry, peach, spicy, and apricot.

What is Blanc De Blanc?

Blanc de blanc is a bottle of sparkling wine or a champagne bottle that is made entirely from white grapes. The French word has a meaning ‘white of whites’.

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The white grapes used in the wine are a blend of red and white grapes with extra ingredients that wine uses like other grape items and varieties and pinot shades with arbane.

The main type of grapes used for its preparation and production are white grapes that are derived from the class of Chardonnay grapes. Moreover, blanc de blanc wine has different flavors that come in exciting fillings.

These flavors include citrus, orange with tangy, juicy melons, and apple taste wines. The taste of blanc de blanc is citric and sharp with less sweetness.

There is very little sugar in the wine to make it sweeter because the citric flavor and sharp aroma of citrus make the wine sharp. While consuming, it feels like juice from the pulp of an orange.

The alcohol content in blanc de blanc is around or less than 12.5%. The appearance of this wine is dry and pulpy with a toned juicy feel with a lighter color that is slightly yellowish in tint. 

blanc de blanc

What is Blanc De Noir?

Blanc de noir is also a French-derived word that has its meaning as ‘black of whites’. It is also a sparkling wine or bottled champagne that has a different class of grapes. These grapes are classified as black grapes or dark grapes.

The dark grapes used to manufacture the blanc de noir wines are pinot noir and pinot Meunier dark grapes. They are used along with several ingredients like red grapes that are blended with jaggery, arbane, etc.

The appearance of this wine makes it look a lot like a fruity-flavored drink. Besides this, blanc de noir wines have a darker color that is deeper and has a tint of dark blue or black colors. If red grapes are used in high amounts, the blanc de noir wines take up the red color.

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The alcohol content in blanc de noirs is around or less than 12%. There are also kinds of flavors to give it a denser and a fruity and fresh tinge.

These flavors of blanc de noir are peach, raspberry, blueberry, other berries, apricot, etc tastes. The regular wines of this kind excluding red grapes originated ones are denser and golden in color.

blanc de noir

Main Differences Between Blanc De Blanc and Blanc De Noir

  1. The alcohol content in blanc de blanc wines is around 12.5 percent. On the other hand, blanc de noir wines have an alcohol content of less than or equal to 12 percent.
  2. Blanc de blanc wines are best suited to be consumed while eating seafood and related food. On the other hand, blanc de noir wines are consumed with general non-vegetarian food like chicken, ducks, and mushrooms.
  3. Blanc de Blanc has lighter colors, slightly yellowish. On the other hand, blanc de noir has intense colors, golden.
  4. Blanc de blanc has a regular taste like other wines in most of its flavors. On the other hand, blanc de noirs have a lot more richness in taste making it exclusive.
  5. Blanc de blanc wines use only white Chardonnay grapes. On the other hand, blanc de noirs make use of peanut class and other grapes too.

Last Updated : 23 July, 2023

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