Difference Between Peach and Apricot

Peach and Apricot are a bit confusing, but the structure and taste complexity are different from each other. They both are delicious fruits.


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Peach vs Apricot

The difference between Peach and Apricot is that Peach has a lot more sweetness than Apricot. The water content is higher in peaches and less in apricots. Peaches can be consumed in dried form, but Apricots cannot be consumed in dried form. Peach has rich content of Vitamin B3, but Apricot has rich content of Vitamin A.

Peach vs Apricot

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Peach is a fruit. It is known as Prunus persica. It has a round shape. It has high water content. It is sweeter. It has less sugar content in it. It is larger in shape.

Apricot is a fruit. It is also known as Prunus armeniaca. They are rarely consumed in dried form, but it is more used to prepare jellies and juices.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPeachApricot
Water ContentHighLow
ShapeLarge ovalSmall oval
VitaminsB3A, B5
ConsumptionRaw formRarely in raw form

What is Peach?

Peach is a very sweet fruit. It can be consumed in a raw form. It is very rich in vitamins. It is a source of Vitamin B3.

It is a flavorsome fruit. It belongs to a botanical genus which is known as Prunus. Prunus Persica is the scientific name for Peach. It was first found in North-west China.

The Peach has a seed inside it. They are found in yellow and white. Both of them have variety in their taste. White tastes sweeter than Yellow.

The fruit has natural sugars and proteins in it. It is healthy, especially for bones and skins. It is found that it is healthy for hair. It regulates cholesterol and helps in weight loss.


What is Apricot?

The scientific name of Apricot is Prunus Armeniaca. It has a sweet taste. They are either yellow or orange.

They grow up to 2.5 cm in diameter. They are very small. It has a lot of health benefits. It acts as an antioxidant. It has a lot more benefits.

It is very low in calories. It benefits the body by keeping it hydrated. It protects your eye health. It is generally not consumed as a raw form.

It is a medicinal plant. It benefits and protects the health from any internal problems. It is used to make savory dishes. It is used to make sweets.


Main Differences Between Peach and Apricot

  1. Peach is rich in Vitamin B3, and Apricot is rich in Vitamin A and B5.
  2. Peach is always consumed in raw form, but Apricot is rarely consumed in raw form.
Difference Between Peach and Apricot
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