Difference Between Border Collie and Australian Shepherd

The dog has been a favorite animal of many people for a long time. There are several breeds of dogs well known to everyone. But, Border Collie and Australian Shepherd breeds are often confused with one another due to their appearances.


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One can not differentiate between the two without knowing their characteristics.

Key Takeaways

  1. Border Collies are bred for sheep, while Australian Shepherds are bred for herding cattle.
  2. Border Collies have a higher energy level and are more work-oriented, while Australian Shepherds are more laid-back and family-oriented.
  3. Border Collies have shorter coats than Australian Shepherds and require more grooming to maintain their coat.

Border Collie vs. Australian Shepherd

Border collie is breed of dog with white and black coat of fur with exceptional intelligence and wit known for shepherding abilities. Australian shepherd is a dog breed with exceptional agility and energy, having medium sized body and thick fur having strong petting qualities and intelligence.

Border collie vs Australian Shepherd

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Border Collie is a breed characterized by a dense, rough coat, energy, shyness, and intelligence. They require more attention and care.

A Border Collie dog is easier to handle than an Australian Shepherd; therefore, it is more recommended as a pet.

Australian Shepherd is a breed of American origin in contrast to its name. They are characterized by heterochromia, robustness, smooth coat, and alertness.

Australian Shepherd is not easy dog to handle as they are more active.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonBorder CollieAustralian Shepherd
OriginThe exact origin of the Border Collie breed is not known to date.Australian shepherds, despite their names, developed in the United States.
Average sizeBorder Collie is a medium-sized dog breed between 46 to 58 cm in height.Australian Shepherd is heavier and bigger than the Border Collie. Their heavier height is around 50 to 54 cm.
Average weightAn adult Border Collie dog weighs around 23 kgs or 50.7 lbs.A full-grown Australian Shepherd dog weighs around 25 to 30 kg ( 55 to 60 lbs).
Characteristics A Border Collie dog is characterized by its dense and rough coat. Border Collie is a shy but energetic breed of dog. The average life span of a Border Collie dog is 12 years. Border Collie secures first place when it comes to intelligence. Border Collies can have the following colors: Black and White, Mottled, Blue Merle, Red Merle, Chocolate and White, Red and White, etc. Sometimes heterochromia is also seen in the Border Collie breed.An Australian Shepherd has a less dense and smoother coat than a Border Collie dog. Australian Shepherd dogs are also characterized by heterochromia, meaning they have different color eyes, or sometimes different colors can be found in a single eye. Their maximum life span is 15 years. Australian Shepherd is a great watchdog. Regarding intelligence, the Australian Shepherd ranks 42nd on the list. Australian Shepherds can be Merle, Black, Blue Merle, Red Tricolor, Red, Black, etc. colors.
Average costThe border collie breed costs around seven hundred US dollars on average. However, their cost varies depending on their coat color and different colored eyes.Australian Shepherd also costs almost the same, but some varieties cost around nine hundred US dollars.

What is Border Collie?

Border Collie is a medium-sized breed of dog. The origin of this breed is still not known. In the early days of their evolution, there were a different variety of different works.

Border Collie has a height in the range of 48 to 56 cm. An adult Border Collie weighs up to 23 kg. They have a maximum life span of about 12 years. Border Collie has a rough and dense coat. 

Some varieties of Border Collie are characterized by heterochromia. They are known for their intelligence and energy.

They come in a variety of colors. They are known as a shy breed. They require more attention and activity. Border Collie breed costs around 700 USD. However, their cost varies depending on their colors.

border collie

What is an Australian Shepherd?

Australian Shepherd is a breed of American origin. The average height of the Australian Shepherd is around 50 to 54 cm, and it weighs 25 to 30 kg.

They have a smoother coat. One of the most important characteristics of an Australian Shepherd is heterochromia. 

Australian Shepherd can live up to 15 years. They are well known for leadership quality and robustness. Australian Shepherd costs around seven hundred US dollars.

australian shepherd

Main Differences Between Border Collie and Australian Shepherd 

  1. An Australian Shepherd is a breed from the United States, whereas a Border Collie’s origin is still unknown.
  2. Both are medium-sized breeds of dogs, but the Australian Shepherd is heavier and bigger than the Border Collie.
  3. The height of an adult Border Collie is 46 to 58 cm, whereas an Australian Shepherd is between 50 and 54 cm.
  4. A full-grown Border Collie can weigh up to 23 kgs, whereas an adult Australian Shepherd can weigh between 25 and 30 kgs.
  5. The coat of a Border Collie is dense and rougher than the coat of an Australian Shepherd.
  6. Both have a variety of coat patterns, but Border Collie comes in more patterns of coats.
  7. Both are energetic dogs, but Border Collie is also shy compared to an Australian Shepherd.
  8. Australian Shepherd is a dominant breed of dog.
  9. Border Collie dog breed ranks first on the rankings of intelligent dogs worldwide, whereas Australian Shepherd ranks at 42nd place.
  10. Australian Shepherd is characterized by heterochromia, meaning that they have different colored eyes or colors in the same eye; some breeds of Border Collie are also characterized by heterochromia.
  11. When it comes to caring, Border Collie requires much more care and attention than an Australian Shepherd.
  12. The average life span of a Border Collie is around 15 years, whereas the average life span of an Australian Shepherd is around 15 years.
  13. Border Collie breed dogs are more recommended for those adopting a pet for the first time.
Difference Between Border Collie and Australian Shepherd
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