Difference Between Alsatian and German Shepherd

The dog is one of the most popular pet animals. But people often get confused about the kinds of dogs. The Alsatian and German shepherd are two different dogs in the same breed.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Alsatian and German Shepherd refer to the same dog breed, but “Alsatian” was historically used in the UK to avoid anti-German sentiment.
  2. Both terms describe a breed known for intelligence, loyalty, and versatility.
  3. The breed has various coat colors, including black and tan, sable, and solid black.

Alsatian vs German Shepherd

Alsatian is the name of a dog breed, known for intelligence, loyalty, and versatility. The name was used in the UK to avoid anti-German sentiment. German Shepherd is the original name of a dog breed and is still widely used today. It is a breed known for intelligence, loyalty, and versatility.

Alsatian vs German Shepherd

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The British had problems with the name, so they changed the name from German shepherd to Alsatian.
It is considered a great pet for a family. Alsatian is a highly intelligent dog.

It has double-coated skin with different colors. The German shepherd is weighed up to 40 kg. The litter size of a German shepherd is four to nine.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAlsatianGerman Shepherd
DefinitionThe Alsatian is a large breed dog for police work.The German shepherd is a large-medium dog
SynonymsAlsatian is also called a large dog.German dog is also called German police dog
HistoryAlsatian originated in 1700.German shepherd originated from the 19th century.
Word originAlsatian word is originated between 1685-95.German shepherd word is originated between 1930-35.
AdvantagesPlayful and intelligent
Beautiful creatures
Easily kept away from poor performance.
Low maintenance
Easy training
Great watchdog ability
DisadvantagesStruggle with being left alone
Difficulty early period
Routine to exercise
Longline health issues

What is Alsatian?

Alsatian has many colors with double coated. The kernel club rejected the dogs in blues, livers, albinos, and white colors. It has different heights. It is slightly long and short varieties.

They are a fast learner and adopt the training as soon as possible. They have dominant obedient behavior. It needs a balanced approach for the training process.

Alsatian is used as a watchdog has a wolf-like look. It acts provincial which makes fear in people visiting home. It enjoys when the home has a large garden to play in.


What is German Shepherd?

The German shepherd is a large-medium-sized dog. It has a standard height of 60-65 cm for males and 55-60 for female dogs. The German Shepherd is called an Alsatian wolf dog until 1977.

It is also used in rescue, disability assistance. In American Kernal Club the German shepherd is the third most registered dog. In 2016, the German Shepherd are the seventh most registered dog

in Kernal Club in the united kingdom.

The long hair German shepherds are making as a standard dogs in American Kernal Club. The short-haired German Shepherd is marked in other varieties. It is used in many films and has media exposure.

german shepherd

Main Differences Between Alsatian and German Shepherd

  1. Alsatian word is originated between 1685-95, and the German shepherd word is originated between 1930-35.
  2. Alsatian has the advantage of being Playful and intelligent, and German Shepherd has the advantage of low maintenance.
Difference Between Alsatian and German Shepherd
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