Difference Between BSD and Linux

An operating system is a medium that helps users to interact with computers by providing an interface. In the early stages, there were prefixed keywords that a user has to learn to give commands and to get the work done. But now everyone can use computers by clicking on different icons. All of it became possible by the enhanced operating systems.

BSD vs Linux

The main difference between BSD and Linux is that the BSD is a particular version of the main operating system Unix while Linux itself is an operating system. Linux is superior to BSD in many ways. Both operating systems are used worldwide in multiple hardware. Both of them are originated in the United States.

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Berkeley Software Distribution, shortly known as BSD, is an operating system. The University of California, Berkeley, has developed and distributed this operating system. Users also call it BSD Unix and this operating system has been very popular. The making of the BSD operating system has been stopped by California University.

Linux is a computer operating system. It is an open-source operating system. The developer designed it in a way that it can give competition to Unix, but it became different by running other hardware like phones and supercomputers. There are some simple components are used such as GNU tools.

Comparison Table Between BSD and Linux

Parameters Of ComparisonBSDLinux
Structure BSD is a particular version of the Unix operating system and it does not perform like any other medium. Linux is an operating system but it can also work as a kernel for particular devices. The kernel system varies from OS.
LicenseBSD uses the license BSD as well as it is the owner of this license, unlike other operating systems. The license used for Linux is known as GPL. The expanded form of GPL is a general public license.
Software supportBSD also supports a wide variety of applications, but BSD takes more time to provide the required support for the application. There is a wide range of applications supported by Linux. The type of support provided by Linux is very quick.
PerformanceThe performance of BSD in the networking area is very poor, but overall this operating system has good performance. Whether it is networking area or running various applications, Linux performance is at its best in every scenario.
Running timeThe running time of the BSD operating system is fast because it has limited rules to follow. The running time of the Linux operating system can be slow because it follows every rule that is required to follow.

What is BSD?

Another name for BSD, apart from Berkeley Software Distribution, is Berkeley Standard Distribution. It was released for the first time in 9977, but the official release of BSD is considered in 1995. BSD operating system is only available in the English language. This operating system was based on Unix and California University, the developer and distributor, has discontinued the making of BSD.

A group at University known as CSRG (Computer Systems Research Group) was the main source to provide and look after BSD operating system. The successors of BSD and the term itself refer to DragonFly BSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD. The computer language that was used to write the source code BSD in C language. BSD is a part of the Unix family.

The type of kernel in BSD is Monolithic. When the entire operating system works in one space, this setup is called Monolithic. The user interface used by BSD is Unix shell. In the early stage of its making, BSD was known as Berkeley Unix because the source code used in writing it was driven from the original Unix.

At first, it was different from the Unix operating system, but CSRG developed and modified it using the features of Unix. It was the first version of the Unix operating system that included libraries that were used to support the Internet Protocol stack.

What is Linux?

The Linux operating system is a member of the Unix-like family. This operating system was released on 17 September 1991. The languages used to write Linux operating systems are some assembly languages, C, and others. The developer of Linux is Linus Torvalds. The developer Linus wanted to call it “Freax”. Linux operating system is still used by users. Unlike Unix, Linux is available in many languages and that makes it loved worldwide.

Linux also has a monolithic kernel type. The default user interface provided by Linux is GNU and CLI and also includes a desktop environment. The architecture on which the operating system of Linux is based is Intel x86. Debian, Ubuntu, and Fedora are some prestigious distributors of Linux as well as many other distributions. It was originally developed to be used in personal computers.

It has the largest install base even now, but in desktop computers, it is only used around 2.3 percent. The domination of Linux is on servers where 96.4 percent of servers use Linux as their OS. The embedded systems also accept Linux including television, automation, routers, game consoles, smartwatches, etc. Even Tesla, Toyota, Hyundai, Mercedes, Audi also use Linux to perform several functions. Now almost every computing system is using Linux operating system.

Main Differences Between BSD and Linux

  1. BSD does not approach packages that are user convenient while Linux is not so conservative using third-party packages to fulfill the needs of its users.
  2. The number of hardware supported by BSD is very less while Linux supports a wide range of hardware.
  3. When it comes to graphics, the graphic drivers in BSD do not perform well whereas Linux has advanced graphic drivers and has the best performance.
  4. BSD is not that great when it comes to providing security, on the other hand, Linux provides a high level of security.
  5. BSD does not follow so many rules. On the other hand, Linux is very strict when it comes to following the rules.


To manage or to maintain the software, hardware, and other computer programs, various types of operating systems are used. Each operating system has different features to serve. The term OS is also used to signify an operating system.

Linux and BDS are some of the operating systems in use for decades. They have made the use of computers easy for smart to ordinary people by making functions simpler. Operating systems came in handy in the 1950s. Before operating systems, there was a different computer for each task.

But operating systems made it possible to run multiple functions in the same place. From their origin till now they are getting more and more advanced.


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