Difference Between Linux and Windows Hosting

The world of the Internet requires so many additional tools and facilities to make it a successful system. in order to make the Internet an accessible system to everyone, a very important factor is the webserver upon which people are going to access websites and their contents.

These web servers can be of many types, and among these types, Linux and Windows hosting are the two most popular ones. These two can be confusing for some people, but in reality, they hold a significant line of difference that is very crucial to understand. 

Linux vs Windows Hosting 

The main difference between Linux and Windows Hosting is that the former is a kind of operating system which costs less as compared to other counterparts. But on the other hand, the latter refers to another kind of operating system that is not at all open-sourced and even costs much more than its other counterparts. Other differences between these two can be drawn on the basis of facilities they provide. 

Linux vs Windows Hosting

Linux is basically an operating system upon which many websites work, and it was developed in the 90s. The development of this particular system took place after an American software designer thought of providing an operating system that was more of an open-source program to make it accessible to almost everyone.

Even today, this system costs a little less as compared to other ones. But on the other hand, Windows Hosting is another operating system developed and marketed by the windows company.

The most significant point about this particular system is that it is not at all an open-source program and hence costs a little much as compared to other operating systems. However, the advantages of this system can make it worth having. 

Comparison Table Between Linux and Windows Hosting 

Parameters of Comparison Linux Hosting  Windows Hosting 
Meaning  It is a kind of operating system with a vision of open sourcing. It is a kind of operating system with a vision of encrypted application 
Parent company Community contributors Microsoft  
Established in 1991 2003 
Level of security This particular operating system is known to be more secure. This particular operating system is less secured. 
Stability  This particular system happens to be more stable because of interference of multiple tech support facilities. This particular system can be unstable sometimes because of the delayed updates. 
Price range It costs less as compared to the next one. It costs much more than the previous one. 

What is Linux Hosting?

In the year 1991, an American software company named community contributors came up with the idea of providing internet access to everyone at a negligible cost.

This particular idea gave birth to the genesis of the Linux operating system that has become a revolutionary idea in the past 30 years all across the world.  

The very idea behind the creation of this system is to provide internet access to all users by providing them with an open-source operating system.

Linux is a very popular system because of certain qualities that only it offers as compared to its other counterparts. The very first quality is the security of this particular system.

Because of the design of this particular system, it is almost impossible for a person to hack into it, and this makes it the most secure one of its own kind.  

Apart from this quality, this operating system is also known for the stability it offers as it is regularly connected gates with end updater service providers.

And the most crucial part of this system is the cost attached to it. It is very popular because it is really cost-friendly and can be an easy deal. 

What is Windows Hosting? 

When it comes to introducing Microsoft or any of its products, no such introduction is needed as Microsoft in itself is a very big name when it comes to technology.

In the year 2003, Microsoft came up with the idea of creating its own operating system for web servers, and the name was decided as windows hosting. 

The very major advantage attached to this particular operating system is that it is compatible with almost all of the products of Microsoft, and this includes crucial applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc.

However, with this advantage, certain disadvantages of this particular system can also be drawn.  

The very first drawback of this system is that it is not at all connected with regular updates, and therefore it can be really unstable at certain times.

Also, because of being a product of Microsoft, this system stays on the hit list of hackers all the time and happens to be really prone to hacking activities.

When it comes to the cost attached to it, it can be an extra weight on the pockets of the buyer as, again, being a product of Microsoft, it happens to be a little bit costly. 

Main Differences Between Linux and Windows Hosting 

  1. Linux was developed in the year 1991 while on other hand, Windows Hosting was developed in the year 2003. 
  2. In terms of price, Linux is much more affordable as compared to windows hosting. 
  3. Because of regular updates and interference of tech support system, Linux happens to be more stable as compared to windows hosting that receives delayed updates usually. 
  4. Linux is a much more secure system as compared to windows hosting as the former is less prone to two hacking activities as compared to the latter. 
  5. While Linux is a product of a company called community contributors, windows hosting was originally developed and marketed by none other than Microsoft. 


Web servers are an essential part of a person’s life as they offer access to the internet and multiple websites etc. But nowadays, there are a number of operating systems managing multiple web servers available for the users, and because of this reason, the competition in the market of operating systems has increased rapidly.  

Linux and Windows hosting are two such operating systems that are very popular all across the world because of the distinguished facilities and features offered by them.

But the problem arises when a person has to choose between one of these as both of these systems are unique in themselves.

However, it depends upon the need of the person as to which system suits him better, and therefore it is very crucial to know the differences that lie between these two systems. 


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