Difference Between Centre of Mass and Centre of Gravity

Physics is a concept that is used everywhere in human life, and we cannot deal with it without using mathematics. Since mathematics helps us in the calculation part.


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Centre of mass and Centre of gravity are both used in physics, and for the calculation part, we need the use of mathematics. It can be understood with the help of some examples which is a part of our day-to-day activities. 

Centre of Mass vs Centre of Gravity

The difference between the Centre of Mass and the Centre of Gravity is that the centre of mass uses symmetrical objects for determining the mass. On the other hand, the centre of gravity uses asymmetrical objects for determining body weight. The Centre of mass is for mass distribution. The Centre of gravity is for acceleration. 

Centre of Mass vs Centre of Gravity

The Centre of mass is a concept that is involved in physis. The main aim of the centre of mass is to concentrate on weight. It can be easily understood with some of the practical examples in our life.

Our human body is also a concept involved in the centre of mass. It will be solved with the example of a formula, and the formula can be changed depending upon the problem. 

The Centre of Gravity is found in human bodies as well. The reason behind the higher centre of gravity in males and the lower centre of gravity in females is that in males, the hip portion will be larger and bulky.

But the hip portion in the female will be somewhat smaller when we compare it with males. And even some women do exercises as well to keep their hip area in shape, so it will differ. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCentre of MassCentre of Gravity
Body of ObjectNoYes
StudiesBody MotionBody Stability

What is Centre of Mass?

The Centre of Mass refers to the weight of a particular object.

The weight of that whole object will be taken into consideration in the centre of mass. In simple words, the weight that is concentrated will be taken into account. Many characteristics of the centre of mass are available.

It is a concept that is available in physics subjects and is taught for students when they enter physics for the first time.

It even contains a formula to calculate. The formula can be used and reframed depending on the number of particles we use. It can be even used in some of our real-life activities.

All concepts in physics can be found in our real-life problems or our day-to-day activities. When we study something with the help of real-life problems, then students will never forget that concept or idea.

It is not only used in physics. Even this topic is also used in mathematics subjects as well. Even to do the calculation in physics, we need the use of maths concepts.

It is interesting and, at the same time, somewhat difficult to understand. When we close the system of the centre of mass, it won’t change its shape or whatever is involved in it. But once we open the system, it will change. We can find this concept related to our human body as well. 

centre of mass

What is Centre of Gravity?

The Centre of gravity refers to the energy of a particular particle located at some point. In this, the torque that is involved in the total gravitational force will be zero.

It is an important topic that is discussed in physics. Its characteristics are used in riding flights as well. We can’t deal with our life without involving the concepts of both physics and maths.

It can be done with the help of a formula as well. The centre of gravity lies in the position of a middle point. To do the calculation of the weight in some problem, then the weight in that problem will be calculated as average.

Even the centre of gravity can be sometimes situated outside our body as well. It depends on the place and the time. 

This concept can be studied with some real-life examples. Everything in physics can be studied with real-life examples. We can even find the centre of gravity concept in our human body.

And this concept will differ from males to females. It has also been found that males have a larger centre of gravity. Females have a very small centre of gravity. The Centre of gravity can be even measured in shapes, and one such example is a rectangle

centre of gravity

Main Differences Between Centre of Mass and Centre of Gravity

  1. The main aim of the centre of mass is to keep its focus on the body mass. On the other hand, the main aim of the centre of gravity is to keep its focus on body weight.
  2. The centre of the mass uses objects only on symmetry. On the other hand, the centre of gravity uses objects only on asymmetry.
  3. The study purpose of the centre of motion is body motion. But the study purpose of the centre of gravity is body stability.
  4. The centre of mass is used for finding mass distribution. On the other hand, the centre of gravity is for finding acceleration.
  5. The centre of the mass does not use the body of the object. But the centre of gravity uses the body of the object.


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