Difference Between Cisco ONE and DNA

Cisco Software Support Service offers great services to Cisco ONE for the users. SWSS offers support services throughout the year and maintenance services.

It has various tools and many other services which makes Cisco a better experience. The networking has different subscription packages and business-oriented ones.

Cisco ONE vs DNA

The main difference between Cisco ONE and DNA is Cisco ONE has till 7 years of the package, and Cisco DNA has till 5 years of the package. Cisco ONE has new facilities added thereto. Cisco DNA has an older version. Cisco ONE has wireless connections, but DNA features a wired connection. Security controls in ONE are enhanced.

Cisco ONE and DNA

Cisco ONE for Access enables the networking to work in a joint structure efficiently per the business purpose. It’s efficient due to providing safer access by using proper management policies.

Cisco ONE works more efficiently to manage an infinite switching infrastructure. Cisco ONE has a low-cost network, due to which it is used largely.

Cisco DNA uses the technique of Intent-Based Networking. The intent-based network is being used largely for the last few years in any organization.

This network lets the admin add details at any time. The network does not cost much. The network has a simple architecture, and the full network is a wired connection.

Comparison Table Between Cisco ONE and Cisco DNA

Parameters of ComparisonCisco ONECisco DNA
FacilitiesNewSeveral basic
Security controlsEnhancedSimple
ContainsDNA and essentialsMild essentials
Subscription3,5,7 years3,5 years

What is Cisco ONE?

Cisco ONE maintains a better user experience in a complicated way. It makes the networking strong as per the business model and increases the scalability of the networking.

It can also offer connectivity and management resolutions to produce business-class Wi-Fi networks. It creates trusted wireless LAN (WLAN) path points.

Cisco ONE can efficiently operate mobile designs crossed the network. They can deliver location-based co-operations to your users.

They can provide highly secure access for patron and worker access. Cisco ONE maintains a better user experience in a complicated way.

It makes the networking efficient as per the business and increases the scalability of the networking. Cisco ONE makes it easier than ever!

Fully integrated with any new or existing design at all switches, its simple operation allows management to quickly switch between the two types of configuration as necessary without requiring additional expertise from administrators.

Moreover, this device provides quick insight into what is happening on each network interface (IP).

For example: how many clients are running Windows Server 2008 R2? How active connections were last monitored by DHCP on certain nodes? What versions do different operating systems run on specific machines? These kinds can be easily accessed through an intuitive UI that integrates seamlessly with hardware monitoring tools such as Xpsystems Monitoring Assistant.

What is Cisco DNA?

This ensures that the network works in conjunction with the wants of the business.

As long as you’re not making any wrong decisions or having some silly happen, then this doesn’t matter because other things will determine okay regardless.

Intent-Based Networking is used in Cisco DNA networking.

The intent-based network has been used for the last few years. It has changed the networking perspective. Network admins can add and update details using the IBN software controller.

This type of networking helps the business model and keeps the process intact. This network works as per the needs of the organization.

The system allows you not only to manage but also provide guidance, as well, ensuring that individuals who need it’ll comprehend once they have the most (elements like priority queues).

You’ll wonder how exactly Cisco decided to do too and do much of its pondering using computers.

Computers instead, which meant creating their very first computer interface – then adding various other things over time, until today we’re talking about working circuits powered by Intel 80286 CPUs designed specifically towards data centers.

The network is a wired connection, and the architecture is simple and easy to work with.

Main Differences Between Cisco ONE and DNA

  1. Cisco ONE is better software than Cisco DNA.
  2. Cisco ONE has new facilities than Cisco DNA.
  3. Cisco ONE has enhanced security controls, but DNA has security controls.
  4. ONE has wireless, but DNA is not wireless.
  5. Cisco ONE has both DNA and its essentials, but DNA has only mild essentials.
  6. Cisco ONE has a 3,5,7 years subscription, but Cisco DNA has a 3, 5 years subscription.


Cisco ONE maintains a better user experience in a complicated way. It makes the networking strong as per the business model and increases the scalability of the networking.

Strong cloud infrastructure allows us to succeed in more customers via dedicated switches; the most effective hardware is offered today at prices that may make most SaaS deployments competitive with legacy solutions.

The IT department of Cisco also integrates an indoor datacenter software platform (DGP), so we’re able to give our users full control over their digital assets – from virtual machines they deploy on physical servers to smart devices using custom networking technology instead when communicating remotely without looking enterprise tools or unmanaged network operations facilities like SANs.

We use SAP’s Data Center Infrastructure® strategy where all management functions are managed by one central team providing secure assurance, as well as high availability across multiple locations. Cisco ONE campus works very well in complicated contexts as it gives best user experience.

It helps to work according to the requirements in business and enhances the network to do work in fast manner.

The concept of an intent-based network has been around for quite a pair of years now. It is a current approach to networking.

During this, the network admin can now define and input what the wants of the network are into the IBN software controller.


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