Difference Between Confidence and Arrogance

Life tests everyone at different yet somehow similar parameters.


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One has to be sure of his abilities, skills, and the perceptions he holds to make sure that he is moving in the right direction and not the wrong one.

Confidence and Arrogance are two such qualities of a person where one can bring the best in the person, and the other can bring the worst. 

A very thin wall of perception exists between these two, and it is really possible that a person having one can turn into the other without even knowing it.

Therefore, it is important to differentiate between these two to understand that which of these qualities does the person holds really. 

Confidence vs Arrogance 

The difference between Confidence and Arrogance is that the former comes into existence because of the belief that the person holds in himself. It happens to be a positive quality and can lead the person in a positive direction. But on the contrary, the letter refers to a negative quality of a person. The person overexaggerates himself and shows signs of considering himself as the center of everything. This feeling usually comes in a very aggressive manner and can be really easy to notice. 

Confidence vs Arrogance

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Confidence is an attribute in a person that means that the person believes in himself and has complete faith in his abilities irrespective of any downfall coming on the way.

A person is said to be confident when he does not let the odd situations slow him down and keeps moving on the positive path slowly but steadily.

Confidence in a person is a positive quality, and people often associate this quality with the success of a person.  

But on the contrary, a person who has Arrogance considers himself to be the center of everything and boasts about himself regularly to his colleagues, family, friends, etc.

This usually makes a negative impact upon people as they believe that the person is demeaning others by just telling his qualities and achievements.

A very significant attribute in an arrogant person is that he never shows the willingness to share his knowledge with other needy people. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Confidence  Arrogance  
Meaning  Quality in a person where he believes in his capabilities and strengths quality in a person where he exaggerates about himself and does not consider others in front of him 
Qualities attained from this quality is usually attained by the realization of self-worth this quality is usually attained by the person due to fear all ignorance 
Boasting  A person with this quality is less likely to boast about himself a person with this quality is more likely to brag about himself 
Perspective  A person has a positive perspective. The person has a negative perspective. 
Zeal of sharing A person with this quality seeks to share his knowledge with others. A person with this quality believes in hiding knowledge from others. 
Accepting criticism A person having this quality accepts criticism very well and works upon it A person having this quality rarely accepts criticism and often replies to it in a negative manner. 

What is Confidence? 

Confidence in a person can be explained as a positive trait that showcases that the person has complete faith in his abilities, strengths, capabilities, and achievements so far.

But it is not just about the strength but the weaknesses also. A confident person accepts his weaknesses and puts faith in his strength. This particular trait makes a person confident. 

Confidence generates in a person when the person has a positive perspective, puts faith in his abilities, and accepts his defeat when it occurs.

It comes into existence from the very feeling of self-awareness and self-sufficiency. 

When a person has Confidence, he not only focuses on himself but also believes in sharing his knowledge and capabilities with others so that a collective growth of people can be achieved.

This happens because the person who is confident does not fear other’s success rather becomes a part of it. 

When a confident person receives criticism from other people, he reacts positively to it and tries to change the shortcomings.

He never reacts aggressively and believes that the negative things upon which he’s receiving criticism can be changed into positive things. 


What is Arrogance? 

Arrogance in a person is a highly negative and toxic trait.

It implies that the person has a sense of self-worth indeed, but he takes this sense very seriously, which negatively impacts his life and other’s lives as well.

A person having arrogance considers himself to be superior to everyone and does not consider other people for their achievements and qualities. 

Arrogance in a person makes him brag about himself and belittle other’s struggles, achievements, and strengths in front of him.

An arrogant person often thinks that he is the boss in the room and nobody happens to exist at his level. 

In most cases, arrogance comes into existence when the person is insecure about his qualities and fears that others will outrun him if he does not portray himself to be superior.

A person with arrogance rarely makes any connection with other people and often leaves a negative impact upon them. 

When a person with arrogance is criticized by another person, he demeans that criticism and shows that the person criticizing is not good enough.

This satisfies his inner ego of establishing himself as the most important and qualified person. 


Main Differences Between Confidence and Arrogance 

  1. Confidence is a quality in a person where he believes in his capabilities and strengths, while Arrogance is an attribute where he over-exaggerates himself and considers himself superior. 
  2. Confidence is attained after realizing one’s self-worth, while Arrogance is attained due to fear or ignorance. 
  3. A confident person never boasts about himself, but a person with arrogance does. 
  4. A person with confidence seeks to share his knowledge with others, while a person with arrogance does not. 
  5. A confident person accepts criticism in any manner and reacts positively, but an arrogant person reacts negatively to his criticism.
Difference Between Confidence and Arrogance
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