Difference Between Cooler and Air Conditioner

In summers or in any other season that is not cold there is the requirement of artificial air that gives a sense of coolness in the environment. Though electronic fans are the most economical under such circumstances for other good usages, cooler or air conditioner are appropriate options available.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Coolers use the evaporative cooling process and consume less energy, while air conditioners rely on refrigeration cycles and consume more energy.
  2. Coolers work best in hot and dry climates, whereas air conditioners can efficiently cool spaces in dry and humid conditions.
  3. Air conditioners provide better temperature control and air filtration, while coolers are more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Cooler vs Air Conditioner

An air conditioner circulates the internal air of the room multiple times, while an air cooler pulls fresh air from outside and cools it down. Air cooler doesn’t make the air overly dry like an air conditioner. Air cooler offers better quality of air for the room compared to the air conditioner.

Cooler vs Air Conditioner

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The cooler is the least expensive and the best method to cool in summer. A greater size cooler with amazing siphon and fan commonly used in rustic regions or towns are more powerful in summer.

It required less upkeep and power than AC. Cooler gives regular cool air. Thus, it is likewise useful for wellbeing. You feel better in the cooler.

AC or Air Conditioner is the most costly approach to cool in summer. It needs more power and upkeep than a cooler. Since AC gives counterfeit air. In this way, it is likewise hurtful to people, pets and indoor plants.

You will feel tired in AC and become dependent on it without any problem. AC likewise causes exhaustion of the ozone layer and other contamination.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCoolerAir Conditioner
Meaning A cooler cools the air by disappearing the warm air.

An air conditioner is a framework intended to change the air temperature of a particular space.
CostCooler expenses are less to buy the unit.AC costs more to buy the unit.
EnvironmentCoolers are more natural agreeable. Ac is less ecological amicable.
Maintenance Cooler’s support isn’t that expensive. Ac’s is expensive.
Other NamesCooler is otherwise called Evaporative cooler or wet air cooler.Air Conditioner is otherwise called AC.

What is Cooler?

A cooler also known as an evaporative cooler has such a cooling mechanism that it uses the hot air in the room and the water to give out cooler air. In such cooling, where the temperature of dry air can be dropped, enthalpy of vaporization of water is used.

To send the water through the cushions that absorb, which cools the air by making it moist and afterwards pushes it out to the room, a fan is used.

A cooler has two important parts, namely – a water siphon and a fan which is why it uses less energy. Coolers are best suited in places with dry warmth, where there is less moisture in the air.

Where there is high dampness in the air or much moisture, coolers become ineffective and they do not cool the air as per expectation.

On the off chance that it keeps on flowing a similar air, dampness in the room increments and the temperature of the air introduced from the cooler increases additionally.

Coolers are reasonable for pockets compared to other cooling devices and have a lot less expensive maintenance because of modest parts. They are additionally simpler and less expensive to introduce and can likewise be introduced without proficient assistance.

Coolers can likewise utilize a pipe framework and control the airway.


What is Air Conditioner?

To cool the temperature, an air conditioner or AC uses refrigerants. AC can thereby decrease the temperature and humidity of the air irrespective of the amount of moisture present.

Air moulding means war define of the property centre present in the air, its temperature and thickness in such a way that it adds a positive condition to it. AC can also allude to any type of innovative cooling, warming, ventilation, or sterilization that adjusts the state of the air.

Irrespective of the place one lives in or the level of humidity or moisture in the air, the air conditioner is fruitful under any circumstances. The cooling is ordinarily done by utilizing a straightforward refrigeration cycle, yet now and then vanishing can likewise be used.

The principal current air conditioner was envisaged by Willis Haviland Carrier in 1911. AC gained popularity in the 1920s.

The forced air system cools the air using circles, which are stacked up with refrigerants, which can change state at tolerably low temperatures. Forced air systems in like manner have airs and channels to move air beginning with one spot then onto the following in the structure.

The warmth in the air is taken away with and the coolness is introduced. This continuously happens over and over to keep the cooling framework functionality. An AC has four critical parts, namely- evaporator, condenser, advancement valve and blower.

air conditioner

Main Differences Between Cooler and Air Conditioner

  1. A cooler cools the air by disappearing the warm air while an air conditioner is a framework intended to change the air temperature and stickiness inside the space it is to effect. It can either be cold or hot.
  2. Cooler expenses are less to buy the unit though AC costs more to buy the unit.
  3. Coolers are more natural agreeable while Ac is less ecological amicable.
  4. Cooler’s Maintenance is not that pricey yet Ac’s is expensive.
  5. Cooler is otherwise called Evaporative cooler or wet air cooler and Air Conditioner is otherwise called AC.
Difference Between Cooler and Air Conditioner
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