Cornish Hen vs Chicken: Difference and Comparison

When it is the hour of designing the perfect dish on the plate, it has to be meat savoured with the best ingredients.

However, people around the world prefer the size and maturity of the chicken they are going to need, and this event gives a highlight of Cornish Hen and Chicken, which differs in their maturity and size, drawing a big line that half of the world knows only like chicken.

If they think of a Cornish hen, they are going to think about it as a miniature chicken or not. The difference makes the chicken stand on the ground. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Cornish hens are a small breed of chicken, weighing between 1 and 2 pounds, and offer tender, delicate meat.
  2. Chickens are larger and have a wider variety of cuts and flavors, depending on the breed and age.
  3. Cornish hens are roasted whole and served individually, while chickens can be cooked in various ways and shared among multiple people.

Cornish Hen vs Chicken

The Cornish hen originated in the United Kingdom, and weighs 1-2 pounds, with a lifespan of 5-8 years, while the Chicken originated in Asia, which weighs 4-7 pounds, has a lifespan of 5-10 years. Cornish hen has a subtle taste compared to Chicken.

Cornish Hen vs Chicken

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Cornish Hens are a type of chicken variety that is a crossbreed of both white breed and Cornish chickens, making it a little bit of both.

Feminine chickens are called “Hens,” and aren’t very skilled in producing eggs, and hence they are eaten for their meat.

It is smaller, and French people call it “Poussin” for its small weight, like 1.6 pounds. 

Chicken, on the other hand, is termed more frequently, but the difference in the concept remains. Chicken weighs more along with its bigger size, which makes it meatier to some people.

The word chicken has a broader meaning and is called a rooster, which is equivalent to the human bird in the family.

Chicken does not reach maturity as faster as Cornish hens and is good at laying eggs. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCornish HenChicken
SizeCornish hens are very small, about 2 pounds. Served for the individual portions.The size of the chicken is bigger and is served as a whole dish for many. 
TextureThe texture of cornish hens is more tender. The texture of the chicken is less tender as they are cut at an older age. 
Taste and NutritionCornish hen is prepared in a strong flavor and contains less fat and calories. Chicken is also prepared in a strong flavor, but less than cornish hends, and contains more fat and calories. 
Cooking ProcessCooked as roasted or grilled. Cooked as a roasted whole, stuffed, or cut up for fried. 
PackagingPackaged and sold in whole. Packaged and sold in parts as per needs. 

What is Cornish Hen?

Cornish Hen is one of the varieties of poultry bred in Cornwall, England.

The size and shape of Cornish hens are different from other chickens, which affects their way of cooking, and they serve people differently compared to any meat dish.

Both male and female Cornish hens have short legs, which impact their size, and broad, muscular breasts, which impact the cooking and dish. 

Compared to chickens, Cornish hens grow slowly, But they reach a mature size and cook faster than them.

They are known for their amazing tender taste and amazing meat qualities that make them very preferable among meat lovers. They are used extensively for breeding programs nowadays.

Cornish hens come across as a standard meat-type chicken that is packaged in small sizes and serves an individual portion when eaten. 

It is said that the Cornish hen has higher nurturing skills than any other poultry and will incubate its chicks.

But their features aren’t that denser and are tight, which makes them less capable of nursery her chicks. This fact doesn’t allow her to lay and hatch more eggs like other chickens. 

cornish hen

What is Chicken? 

Chicken is called domestic poultry that is bred and fed for meat and eggs, especially the young ones, which make the chicken tastier and fresh for a meat crunch.

It is a bird and has a comb and two wattles. The body is bigger than Cornish hens and weighs more than them. It also has two wings that influence the housing and management of its habitat.

Even though they have two wings but domestic chickens tend to lose their ability to fly. 

Chickens are bred heavily, especially for the meat production that is consumed worldwide and contains both white, the breast region, and dark meat in the legs, back, neck, etc.

They are covered with feathers, but they also have a few vestigial hairs scattered over the body, which cover up the body features.

The respiration is higher in chickens compared to other poultry animals, along with the heartbeat. 

Chicken is a fulfilling meal for all ages and is a people-pleasing dish across the world. It is also more affordable than any other poultry, beef, or pork, which is also wildly famous.

A chicken dish can serve many and is not limited to an individual serving, making it more desirable among meat lovers.

It is also the most accessible and easy consumption of protein for the body, which includes its nutritional value. 


Main Differences Between Cornish Hen and Chicken

  1. The Cornish hen and Chicken differ majorly in terms of their size, whereas the Cornish hen is small and weighs lighter, whereas chickens are larger and are heavily bred. 
  2. Cornish hens are butchered younger, which makes their meat tender when cooked. However, chickens aren’t as tender as Cornish hens when cooked. 
  3. Since Cornish hens are butchered younger, they have low-fat content in comparison to chickens, and their fat quantity is based on their consumption. 
  4. Cornish hens are very lean and rich in niacin, which helps to lower cholesterol, whereas chickens are a rich source of protein that helps in bodybuilding. 
  5. Chicken is prepared and cooked in various ways as per taste and preference, whereas Cornish hens give out the best taste when roasted.
Difference Between Cornish Hen and Chicken

Last Updated : 30 July, 2023

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