Cuvva vs Zego: Difference and Comparison

Cuvva and Zego are both start-ups, and both provide various policies. It offers many policies related to motor, commercial and professional. They serve many insurance products for various professions and businesses. Cuvva is a car insurance start-up.

They calculate the cost of insurance monthly or hourly. There is a difference in the quote process.

Key Takeaways

  1. Cuvva is a UK-based car insurance company that provides pay-as-you-go insurance, while Zego offers flexible insurance policies for businesses, self-employed, and delivery drivers.
  2. Cuvva offers insurance for individuals who occasionally drive, while Zego offers commercial insurance options.
  3. Cuvva offers short-term insurance policies, while Zego provides annual policies with flexible options.

Cuvva vs Zego

Cuvva primarily focuses on short-term car insurance and offers policies that can be customized by the hour, day, or month. Zego specializes in usage-based insurance for gig economy workers and provides coverage for vehicles used for ridesharing and delivery, with options to pay for insurance only when the vehicle is in use.

Cuvva vs Zego

Cuvva is a startup that started in 2015. This was founded by Freddy Macnamara and James Billingham. It is an intermediate in the process of joining the policy with the underwriters. It never takes the risk itself. Policies are written by two insurers. The start-up is being backed by Swiss Re. 


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Zego is a start-up that started in 2016. It was founded by Harry Franks and Sten Saar. It is an insurance policy giver. They introduce many products for every people in the various profession. It gives policy to everyone. They do not give expensive policies.

They calculate the insurance monthly, hourly, and minutely.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCuvvaZego
Insurance typeCar insuranceAll vehicles insurance
PriceExpensive in few plansLow
FounderFreddy Macnamara and James BillinghamHarry Franks and Sten Saar
The Year20152016
CalculationHourlyMonthly, hourly
QuoteFastSlow than Cuvva

What is Cuvva?

Cuvva was founded in 2015. The Insurance company offers an insurance policy that is based on a premium and which is paid on a monthly basis. They came with modern thinking. They adopt a new way of offers to their insurance policies. They only offer car insurance.

It offers plans for every profession and looks at every aspect of the public.

Cuvva was founded by Freddy Macnamara and James Billingham. They, too, had extremely bad experiences with the insurance companies, due to which a plan struck their mind. The insurance company took a long time to complete the paperwork and the process.

This is an insurance broker. This acts as an intermediate in the insurance process. It connects the public with the underwriters. The policies are written by Collingwood and Mulsanne Insurance. The system is baked up by reinsurance. The reinsurance is giant Swiss Re.

Cuvva calculates the insurance hourly.

It offers plans which calculate the insurance cost on a monthly and weekly basis. This also offers an hourly plan to calculate the insurance cost. This serves the public by providing low prices for good driving.

It has several plans and also lets customers get insurance who rent their cars on weekends.

What is Zego?

Zego was founded by Harry Franks and Sten Saar in 2016. They were the directors of Deliveroo. They also let the drivers receive commercial insurance hourly. It offers many kinds of insurance on many vehicles. It also gives insurance to the companies who offer hire car services.

Zego was founded by Harry Franks and Sten Saar.

It has various plans and is designed for all kinds of drivers. It has options such as car insurance, scooter insurance, fleet insurance, courier van insurance, and private hire insurance. The price is calculated based on many factors, even the driving experience of the drivers.

The quote process is done differently. The price of the insurance matters by the product and even the policyholder. The insurance can be taken through the website’s quote. The user has to answer a few questions and then sign up with their email account.

Then the email is sent from Zego to the user and lets the user choose their insurance plans. The price of the insurance is justified through personal information. There is a monthly subscription and also a paid hourly. This is very good for delivery drivers who work part-time jobs.

Zego insurance policies do not go expensive.

Main Differences Between Cuvva and Zego

  1. Cuvva is a car insurance start-up, and Zego is a startup that offers insurance to every profession.
  2. Cuvva can charge more if there is a high risk in the car, while Zego insurance policies do not go expensive.
  3. Cuvva was founded by Freddy Macnamara and James Billingham, and Zego was founded by Harry Franks and Sten Saar.
  4. Cuvva was started in 2015, and Zego was launched in 2016.
  5. Cuvva calculates the insurance hourly, but Zego calculates the insurance monthly and hourly.
  6. The quote process is faster for Cuvva than Zego.

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