Difference Between Zego and Dincel

Conventional building system requires more labor and more time to construct buildings. A permanent formwork system is attracting the construction industry that allows civil engineers to erect buildings in less time with fewer expenses.


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Zego and Dincel building systems are Australian companies that manufacture and supply permanent formwork panels to build walls and columns. However, both companies use different materials to manufacture panels.

Key Takeaways

  1. Zego is a type of building material made of interlocking polystyrene blocks filled with concrete.
  2. Dincel is a type of building material made of interlocking PVC panels filled with concrete or mortar.
  3. Zego is lightweight and easy to install, whereas Dincel is more durable and resistant to water and fire.

Zego vs Dincel

The difference between Zego and Dincel building systems is that the Zego building system uses insulated concrete formwork to construct residential and commercial buildings, and Dincel structural walling uses permanent Polymer formwork. Zego requires additional coating and rendering to ensure waterproof, while Dincel guarantees waterproofing walls and columns. Zego requires scaffolding, but Dincel does not require Scaffolding.

Zego vs Dincel

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Zego building construction system is an Australian company that manufactures lightweight insulated concrete formwork to construct walls and slabs. The formworks are lightweight, reusable, energy-efficient, and require less labor than the conventional construction method.

The walls are acoustic rated, cyclone rated, and fire rated. It takes one to two weeks to construct one floor.

Dincel building system is also an Australian-based company that manufactures permanent concrete formwork walls and columns. These panels are also lightweight and can be hand-loaded. It does not require any training to use the materials to construct the walls.

The formwork is compliant with National Construction Code. It requires additional plasterboard and acoustic insulations.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonZegoDincel
Headquartered in     Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, since 2001  Erskine Park, New South Wales, Australia since 1989
Manufactures It manufactures and supplies Insulated Concrete formwork for constructing buildings.  It manufactures and supplies PVC-based polymer permanent formwork.
Thickness of panelsHomeFORM comes in 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, and 250mm thickness. FireFORM and Z-BOARD come in 60mm and 100mm.110mm, 155mm, 200mm, and 275mm
WaterproofIt does not guarantee waterproof walls and requires a waterproofing coat on reinforcement mesh to achieve so.Dincel walls guarantees to be waterproof and reduce the need for steel reinforcement.
ScaffoldingZego construction requires Wall Brace Scaffolding and erects walls.Dincel construction does not require scaffolding and rendering.       

What is Zego?

ZEGO is an Australian-based construction company that manufactures and supplies Insulated Concrete Formwork since 2001.

Insulated Concrete Formwork is a lightweight formwork used to construct domestic buildings, commercial buildings, basements, and resorts in a cost-effective way. 

ZEGO building system provides a robust, energy-efficient, and sustainable way to build walls with insulating materials. The products are lightweight and take less labor than conventional building systems. It provides various products and offerings to its clients in Australia. 

Zego building system products are suitable to build commercial buildings, party walls, spa rooms, swimming pools, water tanks, detention tanks, boundary walls, music rooms, cellars, fences, basements, panic rooms, and suspended slabs.

Using the Zego building system, it takes two weeks to install walls on one floor. This construction system does not require cranes to unload the material as materials are lightweight and can be hand-loaded to the first floor easily.

The ICF walls are filled with concrete using the concrete pump. These walls are nine times better than conventional brick walls and also handle the cyclone.

 The buildings made with this system are energy efficient, resists rodents, termites, and mildew entering homes. It also has FireForm and ReForm products to construct buildings in BAL areas and protect them from fire.

Dovetail Grooves is used to increase the strength of render and eliminate delamination. The insulating material has diamond patterns that strengthen the walls and allows the air to escape. The company also provides training and supports to licensed builders and contractors. 


What is Dincel?

Dincel Structural Walling is one of the divisions of Dincel Group, founded in 1989 by Burak Dincel. The company manufactures and supply PVC-based permanent formwork systems to build domestic and commercial buildings.

The walls constructed with the Dincel building system are guaranteed to be compliant and waterproof. It is also an Australian-based company that provides polymer walls and columns in different thicknesses like 110mm, 155mm, 200mm, and 275mm for wall construction.

The walls are suitable for party walls, corridors, external walls, lift shafts, stairwells, basement walls, retaining walls, swimming pools, detention tanks, and planter boxes. The walls are lightweight, easy to install, protects from fire, water, rot, mildew, and termites free.

The walls are NCC compliant, AS3600 compliant, fire-resistant, and acoustically tested. The Dincel panels are crack-free and do not require scaffolding for installation. It does not require reinforcement, formed columns, slab edge boards, and masonry trades.

The products of Dincel are non-toxic and certified as Best Environmentally Practice. All the Dincel waste materials are recyclable and do not require any specialized tool to fix the walls. Even non-skilled labor can easily install the panels and construct buildings. 


Main Differences Between Zego and Dincel

  1. Zego manufactures Insulated concrete formwork, while Dincel manufactures PVC-based permanent Polymer formwork.
  2. Each Dincel polymer formwork of three-meter length weights up to 13Kg, while Each Zego ICF formwork weights up to 1Kg.
  3. Zego construction does not guarantee to waterproof and requires additional waterproofing coat, while Dincel Construction guarantees Waterproofing walls.
  4. Zego installs Wall Brace Scaffolding before erecting walls, while Dincel Does not require any scaffolding.
  5. Zego uses different panels for different building constructions like HomeFORM for domestic homes, FireFORM for commercial and fire rating buildings, and Z-Board to build a façade system. Dincel uses the same panels of different thicknesses for the construction of buildings, swimming pools, liftshafts, and others. 
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