Dell 2 in 1 vs MacBook Air: Difference and Comparison

Transformers with 16-inch screens are still rare, but gradually we are seeing more and more of them on the market. The Dell 2-in-1 has 16GB of dual-channel DDR4 swappable RAM on board. This is currently the minimum recommended amount for comfortable work and modern gaming. This is enough, even for uncomplicated video editing.

MacBook Air belongs to the class of devices where power efficiency is especially important. After all, it’s an ultra-compact notebook focused on maximum battery life. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Dell 2-in-1 devices combine the functionality of a laptop and a tablet with a touchscreen and a foldable design.
  2. MacBook Air is a lightweight, thin laptop from Apple featuring high performance, a sleek design, and a macOS operating system.
  3. Dell 2-in-1 offers versatility and touch capabilities, whereas MacBook Air provides a more traditional laptop experience and seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem.
Dell 2 in 1 vs MacBook Air

Dell 2 in 1 vs MacBook Air

The Dell 2-in-1 is based on a 12-core Intel Core i7-1260P processor. The Dell  2-in-1’s heat pack is 30 watts, which is average. It can be considered a portable device that can be used away from the power outlet. Intel Iris Xe Graphics G7 96EUs is responsible for the graphics.

On the other hand, MacBook Air has revived MagSafe magnetic charging. It frees up an extra USB-C connector for connecting other devices. The notebook has two USB-C ports on the left side of the chassis.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonDell 2 in 1 MacBook Air
Processor Intel Core i7-1260PApple M2 
Screen16.00 inches. 16:10, 1920 x 1200 pixels13.6 inches, IPS, 2560×1664, 224 PPI
Dimensions30,4×21,5×1,1 cm30.41 cm x 21.24 cm

What is Dell 2 in 1?

The Dell 2-in-1 has a 16.0-inch 16:10 display with 1920 x 1200 pixels IPS technology. Such a resolution is enough for any task. The display frequency of 60 Hz is not something outstanding, but it is more than enough for everyday tasks. In addition, the lower the frequency of the display, the better its energy efficiency. If autonomy is important to you, then 60 Hz from this point of view will be the best option.

The brightness of the Dell 2-in-1 display averaged 300 nits. This is a good value for working comfortably indoors and maybe outdoors on a cloudy day. 

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The contrast of the Dell  2-in-1 display is 850:1. Contrast is good, and the picture looks juicy. However, in movies and games in dark scenes, the backlighting of the screen catches the eye, and the picture as a whole does not look as great as on OLED panels. 

IPS displays are very well-proven in mobile devices, thanks to excellent viewing angles and good color reproduction at a low production cost. The Dell 2-in-1 inherits the benefits of IPS panels.

The graphics subsystem, represented by Intel Iris Xe Graphics G7 96EUs, takes a strong middle ground and perfectly complements the Intel Core i7-1260P. In the 3DMark 11 graphics test, the Dell  2-in-1 laptop scores around 6,300 points.

dell latitude 7400 1

What is MacBook Air?

After 14 years on the market, three revisions, and two processor architecture changes, the iconic wedge shape of the MacBook Air is history. The new model gets a completely new design with the same thickness in the front and back. Almost everything in the notebook has been updated, making it the biggest upgrade the Macbook Air has ever seen.

Such refinements make a huge difference because the Macbook Air is a laptop for millions of people. Plus, it’s now the new standard for any manufacturer’s thin and light notebooks.

In addition to the updated design and other components, the Macbook Air gets Apple’s latest proprietary M2 processor.

The MacBook Air powered by the M1 processor was, and still is, one of the most impressive models.  The new MacBook Air borrows much of its design and shape from the MacBook Pro that debuted late last year. It’s symmetrical and square, with a more brutal design than previous MacBook Air models.

That said, it’s surprisingly thin – just over 11 millimeters – and it’s immediately noticeable when you open the lid. You can also see it when you put the laptop in your bag and take it with you. The previous model looked thinner due to the tapered shape, but the new laptop is really thinner than its predecessor.

The notebook has a rigid body, and the lid hardly deflects. You can still open it with one finger, and Apple is still a leader in build quality, fit, and finish.

With the MagSafe port, users actually get an extra USB-C port. Instead of using one port to charge your computer and the other for peripherals, you can use both Thunderbolt-enabled ports to charge your accessories.

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The base model of the Macbook Air comes with a 30W power supply. But the more expensive versions of the notebook have a choice between a new compact 35-watt charger with two USB-C ports or a larger, more powerful 67-volt unit. The laptop supports fast charging (50% in 30 minutes), but you need to use a 67-watt adapter.

The keys are comfortably positioned. They’re also much quieter than previous MacBooks with butterfly keyboards. If you’re planning on upgrading from an older MacBook with an Intel chip, the new keyboard is one of the best improvements you’ll definitely appreciate.

apple macbook air

Main Differences Between Dell 2 in 1 and MacBook Air

Dell 2-in-1 

  1. Video card shows, on average, 70-95% more FPS in games
  2. High-speed RAM and huge storage space
  3. Up to 110% higher performance on Cinebench R23: 12597 vs 5988 points
  4. Windows 11 operating system
  5. Vivid display with accurate color reproduction

MacBook Air

  1. Thinner and lighter design 
  2. Significantly improved screen
  3. Upgraded webcam
  4. Increased battery life
  5. There is a convenient MagSafe charging

Last Updated : 28 July, 2023

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