Electric Lawn Mower vs Gas Lawn Mower: Difference and Comparison

A lawn mower is a grass cutter machine. Edwin Beard Budding first invented it. Cutting grass manually can be tiring; hence, lawnmowers come to the rescue.


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This is work that everybody more or less avoids. But still, to do the work, the mowers come to the rescue.

For mowing grass, two types of mowers in there- one is an electric lawnmower, and the other one is a gas lawnmower.

Key Takeaways

  1. Electric lawn mowers are quieter, more environmentally friendly, and require less maintenance than gas lawn mowers.
  2. Gas lawnmowers offer greater power and longer runtime, making them suitable for larger lawns and heavy-duty tasks.
  3. Electric lawnmowers are available in both corded and cordless options, whereas gas lawnmowers rely on internal combustion engines fueled by gasoline.

Electric Lawn Mower vs Gas Lawn Mower

Electric lawn mowers use electricity to cut grass. Small lawns can benefit from their durability and maintenance-free nature. Gas Lawn Mowers use gas to maintain the lawn. They are heavy, difficult to maintain for a long period of time and produce emissions that can affect the environment.

Electric Lawn Mower vs Gas Lawn Mower

Electric lawnmowers are hassle-free mowers; although they may not be as powerful as gas ran lawnmowers, they can still do a pretty good job of cutting fresh dry grass.

They have no limited running time as they will run as long as electricity is provided.

Gas Lawnmowers are very hardy and durable and have the ability to cut through any grass. However, sometimes a gas lawn mower’s fuel and maintenance cost can be a bit overwhelming.

The gas has a chance of going bad if left in a lawnmower for a longer time, and thus there is a waste of gas.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonElectric Lawn MowerGas Lawn Mower

Operating method

Electric Lawnmowers come with a cord which needs to be connected to a plug point for working by electricity.Gas Lawnmowers run with fuel, generally gasoline.
Motor PowerElectric lawnmowers cannot work through rough surfaces or wet grass.Gas Lawnmowers are very powerful and can cut through any grass and cut grass on rough surfaces.
Environment FriendlyElectric lawnmowers are environmentally friendly.Gas Lawn Mowers cause pollution from burning the fuel.
DurabilityElectric Lawnmowers can quickly get damaged.Gas Lawnmowers are more durable over a long period.
AffordableElectric lawnmowers are affordable.Gas Lawn Mowers are expensive to maintain.

What is Electric Lawn Mower?

Electric lawnmowers came a little while after gas-powered lawnmowers were introduced. The electric lawnmowers come with a cord to connect to a plug point and require electricity to be operated.

Using an electric lawn mower on rough and stony land may not be the best option, as an electric lawn mower isn’t that powerful to endure through that.

A lawnmower with the longest viable runtime is an electric lawnmower. It will run as long as there is electricity. When the topic of financial cost arrives, an electrical lawnmower is unbeatable.

There are also models of electric lawnmowers without cords, but the corded electrical models are the most affordable options. It is very lightweight and accessible all around the lawn.

Additionally, electric lawnmowers are the most environment-friendly and cheapest option, as no fuel is required.

The only con of this is that if it tries to cut damp grass with the electric lawn mower, it may break down as its motor is susceptible. Electric Lawn mowers are excellent if someone wants to mow the land quietly.

These lawnmowers produce a noise of about 70-75 decibels, which is quite less compared to a Gas Lawn Mower.

electric lawn mower

What is Gas Lawn Mower?

When mowing the lawn, a full line-powered motor is a satisfactory option for people living on a massive property and having to deal with stones, bumps, and tough sprigs of grass.

Gas-powered lawnmowers have an intense strength output and cut through any grass without any issues caused to the mower.

The motor Gas-powered lawnmower’s output is in horsepower and cubic centimetres. However, the most important characteristic of a lawnmower’s engine is torque.

Gas-powered motors have an average strength output of between 4.50 and 8.75 ft-lbs.

The gas lawn mower is very much dependent on the fuel tank’s capacity, as the more the capacity of the tank, the longer time the gas lawn mower will work.

The general capacity of fuel tanks is about a 1-gallon fuel line tank that’s sufficient to mow a big area of land. The fuel-powered lawn mowers are very powerful and will not face any hurdles even for cutting wet grass.

However, the maintenance cost of the motor is pretty high, and since it is fuel-powered, it is pretty expensive.

Gas lawnmowers are hardy and durable and can cut grass for a prolonged time, provided with fuel.

The main con of the gas lawn mower is that it is not at all environmentally friendly, as it emits harmful gases from burning fuel.

gas lawn mower

Main Differences Between Electric Lawn Mower and Gas Lawn Mower

  1. Electric lawn mowers are operated with the help of electricity, whereas Gas Lawn mowers run on fuel.
  2. Electric lawnmowers cannot work through rough surfaces or wet grass, while Gas Lawn mowers are very powerful and can cut through any grass and cut grass on rough surfaces.
  3. The weight of an electric lawn mower is around 20 kg, while the weight of a gas lawn mower is around 50 kg.
  4. Electric lawn mowers are environment friendly while Gas Lawn Mowers are not at all environment friendly but
  5. Electric Lawnmowers can quickly get damaged, but Gas Lawn mowers are more durable over a long period.
  6. Electric lawn mowers are cheap, but Gas lawn mowers are expensive as they run on fuel.
  7. The electric lawn mower is best for mowing a small piece of land, and Gas Lawn Mowers are best for mowing huge land.
Difference Between Electric Lawn Mower and Gas Lawn Mower
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