Difference Between Gas and Electric Dryer (With Table)

People often ask themselves whether they should use gas or electric dryer for use and decides based on their differences, cost, and efficiency. One of the first considerations, when one goes shopping and needs a new dryer, is to choose from either of them. The decision is majorly affected by the accommodation of gas or electric dryer in their laundry room by checking their hookups. The differences between Gas and Electric dryer make it easier to choose from based on needs and accessibility. 

Gas Dryer vs Electric Dryer

The difference between Gas and Electric Dryer is that electric dryer uses electricity to operate whereas gas dryers do not and are based on natural gas and how they heat air to dry your clothes. People across the world decide whether to buy a gas or electric dryer based on their needs when they decide to buy a new cloth dryer. These two options are within easy access with affordability but beating each other at a reasonable rate. 

Gas dryers are considered more efficient than electric dryers. The gas dryers function through natural gas to generate heat and energy required to run the dryer that includes its main drum, lights for indications, and fan to dry the clothes. Their performance and work are subject to their size and position, and their style. Gas dryers have lower average operating costs compared to electric dryers. 

Electric dryers run through the power of electricity. Electric dryers are gaining recent popularity in the market due to their various options or models to choose from, and it is cheaper to buy them upfront. They come in as handy, which makes them more accessible to you, and you can fix them on your own if there are any mild disturbances. They cost more to operate on an average basis, but their investment comes across as a smarter option. 

Comparison Table Between Gas and Electric Dryer

Parameters of Comparison Gas DryerElectric Dryer 
Heating System The gas dryer uses gas burners as its heating system. The electric dryer uses heating coils as its heating system. 
EnergyGas dryers are energy-efficient. Electric dryers are less energy efficient.
Dry Duration Drying time in gas dryers is faster. Drying time in electric dryers is slower. 
Maintenance It is expensive to maintain gas dryers. It is less expensive to maintain electric dryers. 
Space Takes up more space due to the gas line and space for venting. Takes up less space as it is run by electricity directly. 

What is Gas Dryer?

Gas dryers run on electricity but are not completely dependent on it, which makes them more efficient on different levels, unlike other dryers like electric dryers. The use of gas dryers is based on heat and air. A lot of tumbling happens in its process of drying clothes. It also has a gas burner and uses natural gas to run the machine and hence is not dependent on electricity function. 

Gas dryers cost a few thousand rupees more compared to electric dryers but are worth the purchase due to some of their benefits. They are cost-effective with a more affordable fuel that will have a long run. Moreover, gas dryers can dry loads of clothes that you will give for laundry in the least of time that is almost half of electric dryers with static cling. Gas dryers are so popular among people who are willing to buy a new laundry dryer because it comes with a professional installation, which makes it more efficient to use through the benefits. 

Gas dryers use natural gas or are also called propane. This helps to produce the required amount of heat for the process. This heat produced helps in keeping the clothes dried under gas dryers wrinkle-free and releases the heat faster when the cycle of laundry ends. Gas dryers also use a standard electrical outlet to function when not dependent on propane gas. 

What is Electric Dryer?

Electric dryers work differently than gas dryers, whereas the purpose is the same: dry the clothes given for laundry. Electric dryers are completely dependent on electricity to run and function and comes with various models to choose from as per your needs. These dryers are budget-friendly in comparison to gas dryers and are cheaper by a few bucks. They run on heating coils and operate on 240-volt electricity. 

Their lower upfront cost makes it desirable among laundry lovers. They consume a lot of currents to operate and hence need large outlets with proper wiring in place. They do not need compulsory professional installation as it is easier to install compared to gas dryers. Distinctively the house owners can install it themselves. Electric dryers come with a guaranty and warranty from the brand you are purchasing from, have low maintenance and repair costs, which makes them very budget-friendly for your new purchase. 

Electric dryers can adjust themselves in little space, which makes it convenient to buy and place in the home. Most electric dryers nowadays have a dry steam function which makes the clothes wrinkle-free and static clinging. Some electric dryer doors are reversible, but they strongly depend on the brands and price range which needs to be checked while purchasing. 

Main Differences Between Gas and Electric Dryer

  1. Gas dryers are costly upfront in comparison to electric dryers but will save your electricity bills more compared that to electric dryers. 
  2. Gas dryers will include the additional installing costs because they suggest professional installation, whereas electric dryers tend to come across handy and can be installed by the owner itself. 
  3. Gas dryers are more energy-efficient in comparison to electric dryers. Gas dryers can dry laundry in almost half the electricity required by the electric dryers. 
  4. Gas dryers have high maintenance that needs to be served by licensed technicians, whereas electric dryers have low repair costs and require low maintenance and can be done by the owner. 
  5. Gas dryers dry out your clothes faster but need more space compared to electric dryers where it is slower but takes up small space in the house. 


Gas dryers and Electric dryers are both mostly considered by people when they go to buy new laundry machines. Both the dryers have their disadvantages and advantages, which makes them accessible to people based on their budget, house space, models, other needs, and requirements. Safety and energy efficiency is another factor that is taken into consideration because both run on electricity and uses gas burners and heating coils. Both are a smart choice and are sorted for your laundry desire. 


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