Difference Between Electric Stoves and Gas Stoves

Stoves are an absolute necessity when it comes to food. Although there are a lot of eatables that can be consumed raw, still there are a lot of them too which need to be cooked.

And this cooking requires heat. Unlike the early times when some logs and fire was used for cooking, we have a lot of variety in stoves available now.

Electric Stoves vs Gas Stoves

The main difference between Electric Stoves and Gas Stoves is that Electric stove works on electricity while Gas stoves use LPG gas (mostly) to operate. The introduction of electric stoves has made it a lot easier to have a convenient portable cooking structure which is not in the case of Gas stoves since they are bulkier to carry and require more things to operate.

Electric Stoves vs Gas Stoves

Electric stoves are a great invention that has made cooking a convenient and less lethargic work. It is easy to operate and has a lot of settings for specific cooking styles.

The best thing about an electric stove is its compact size and portability. Apart from this, Electric stoves are also considered to be more durable.

Gas stoves are the oldest types of stoves which were upgraded from mud stoves. They use very simple technology and utilise LPG gas to fuel up.

They are the first and foremost choice for kitchen whether at home or hotel. Gas stoves are also much more durable than electric stoves.

Comparison Table Between Electric Stoves and Gas Stoves

Parameters of ComparisonElectric StovesGas Stoves
Type of HeatElectric stoves generate radiant heat.Gas stoves generate Concentrated heta.
RequirementElectric stoves operate on electricity.Gas stoves require LPG, propane, etc.
UsesIt can be used for a lot of cooking techniques and is best for boiling.All cooking styles work beat with this and especially simmering.
SafetyElectric stoves are apparently safer.Gas stoves are a little less safe.
DurabilityElectric stoves are less durable.Gas stoves are more durable.

What are Electric Stoves?

Electric stoves are an excellent and most useful invention that has happened recently. Most importantly, as they use electricity to operate, they are very convenient to be taken around and run wherever one can find a source of electricity.

All the electric stoves are mostly compact in size and so are often preferred by people who travel frequently and most students who need to cook essential foods in their hostels or rooms.

Electric stores give radiant heat to cook food and take a lot of time to heat up. That is why they are not considered the best choice while cooking for big meals and when one requires to speed up cooking.

Although they can be used for boiling purposes and are also much safer than a gas stove. Electric stoves have a lot of features like temperature changes and options based on different types of dishes.

Electric stores heat pattern spreads out evenly, helping in cooking the food in a very mild manner. Since they use electricity to operate, they are also seen as a great invention that is reducing the use of fuels.

Its installation is very easy and straightforward, but they require regular maintenance and are not very durable.

What are Gas Stoves?

Gas stores are being used all around the world for a very long time. They are versatile and have a lot of features that make them the best choice of stoves.

Gas stores provide concentrated heat and so help in cooking food much faster than an electric stove. They also heat up very quickly and are best used for simmering due to their heat adjustment features.

Gas stores provide a very fast adjustment to temperatures and so can be used for a variety of cooking styles and dishes.

Therefore, they can easily any type of food and are the most common type of store in any household and almost all the hotels and restaurants. A gas stove uses a gas line to operate.

Most of the time, this gas is either liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or propane.

They are considered to be less safe than an electric stove due to their use of liquefied petroleum gas, which is a highly combustible gas, and there have been a lot of instances when these gas cylinders can catch fire due to leakage.

The gas stove setup is also bulb care and therefore is not very easy to transport, but they are easily very durable and do not require a lot of maintenance.

Main Differences Between Electric Stoves and Gas Stoves

  1. Electric stoves generate radiant heat, while Gas stoves generate concentrated heat.
  2. Electric stoves require electricity to run, whereas gas stoves require LPG or propane gas.
  3. Electric stoves are best for boiling. On the other hand, Gas stoves are best used for simmering.
  4. Electric stoves are generally considered much safer. Gas stoves are a little less safe than electric stoves.
  5. Electric stoves are less durable in comparison to Gas stoves, and their maintenance takes a lot.
Difference Between Electric Stoves and Gas Stoves


There are a lot of varieties available when it comes to stoves. The Electric stove and Gas stove are the most commonly used stoves around the world.

While electric stoves are a lot more convenient to operate than gas stores but on the other hand, gas stoves are much more durable and are easier to cook food than electric stoves.

Gas stoves also heat up quickly and therefore make the cooking process even faster, which is not in the case of the electric stoves as it heats up very slowly.

Most of the students who travel frequently and change places often choose electric stores as there are easier to carry around and operate, whereas in home kitchens and hotels, mainly gas stoves are used.


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