Difference Between Squareup and Squarespace

When it comes to the world of online businesses, there are a number of tools that can help small businesses, and extensive organisation owners set up their online presence with ease.


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Squareup (or also known as Square) and Squarespace are two such apps that help with different aspects of running an online business.

Squareup vs Squarespace

The difference between Squareup and Squarespace is that Squareup basically works as a payment/transaction process service whereas, on the other hand, Squarespace works as a website builder. The applications can be used by small businesses as well as big company owners to create their online presence in a magnificent way.

Squareup vs Squarespace

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Squareup is a service that is built to ease out the payment process for people. It is specially designed for businesses to carry out their transactions with clients more straightforwardly without the chances of fraud or failure in payment.

Squareup can also be used for building an online store but isn’t used for this purpose much.

Squarespace is a great utility used to create stunning websites by people primarily to showcase their business and create a shopper platform for their customers.

Though it might take some time to get familiar with the features and the work boundaries at the end of the day, it is worth the effort.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSquareupSquarespace
AboutIt is a service provider helping businesses and organisations with their payment processes.It helps in creating stunning websites with a lot of customisation.
Ease of UseProvides a wide range of services from building up of stores to easy transactions.It will require a little time to learn and get familiar with the features.
PricingThe basic plan is free, and there are three prices plans available.All four plans are paid.
ProsIts pros include – affordable, easy to use, and fantastic inventory management.Its pros include – beautiful template designs, value for money, and advanced features.
ConsPayment processes are limited, average templates, not very flexible in customisation.A bit hard to learn, has no support over call and does not save work automatically.

What is Squareup?

Squareup, which is also known as Square, is a unique service provider that is of great use to businesses and companies which require accepting and processing of transactions.

It is best used as a card reader that directly allows businesses and companies to accept payments online from anywhere.

Apart from this, it is excellent in product management, inventory management, and creating systems for bars, restaurants, online sites, etc.

Squareup is very easy to use and does not require intense guidance or practice to get familiar with its features.

It is primarily an easy tool for transactions like purchase payments but also can be used for bookings management of online sites for building a store like a small business online. 

The best thing about Squareup is its pricing. The basic plan for the square, which is used for personal purposes, is free of cost and offers a lot of templates and features.

All the three advanced plans for square up are priced but are not very expensive.

Some disadvantages of using square up can be that even though the templates it provides have a wide variety and are beautiful, but still do not please the eyes.

Also, some payment processes are minimal, and there is not much flexibility for customisation.

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace, on the other hand, is a versatile tool used for building online stores. It is widely used by people from small business owners to even large companies or organisations.

It doesn’t require any coding skills or prerequisite knowledge, and one can quickly start with building their site immediately. It provides amazing features that deliver unique experiences of using the tool. 

It even has a mobile app that helps control and customise the various parts of the website from anywhere. Squarespace has a lot of templates that are magnificent in design and are vibrant and appearance.

The Squarespace mobile app also allows users to add drafts that can be published later on.

Although Squarespace can be seen as a tool that is a bit hard to understand and it may take a while to get familiar with the user interface and features.

In terms of pricing, all the plans of Squarespace are priced, and one needs to buy the licence to be able to use it.

It has four plans: personal, business, basic commerce, and advanced commerce, and all of them are priced differently, and advanced commerce is the most expensive.

The best features of square space include low stock notifications, setting up product subscriptions, service product limits, managing inventory and products, and uploading and organising product details.

Main Differences Between Squareup and Squarespace

  1. Squareup is a payment process and transaction services provider with a setup for stores as well. Squarespace is a website creating service with a lot of designing and customisation features.
  2. Squareup has features like payments, transaction records and online store building, whereas Squarespace helps in creating unique websites for stores as well as brands.
  3. The basic plan of Squareup is free for all, and the advanced three plans are paid, while Squarespace has only paid plans which are four in number.
  4. Squareup is affordable, manages inventory, and is easy to use, while Squarespace has astonishing template designs, high-end features, and value for money.
  5. Some disadvantages of Squareup are that its payment process is not very flexible, the templates are moderate, and the customisation features are not very good. 
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