ATL vs BTL Marketing: Difference and Comparison

ATL marketing which means Above Line Marketing, is a type of marketing that has a comprehensive approach and is mainly unfocused. This term means the exposure will be installed around an enormous focused viewer, e.g., radio, television, etc.


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BTL marketing which means Below Line Marketing, is a type of marketing that focuses mainly on specific groups of individuals. This kind of marketing is widely used for transformations and straightforward replies.

Key Takeaways

  1. ATL marketing refers to mass media marketing strategies to reach a wide audience through television, radio, print, and billboards; BTL marketing refers to targeted, direct marketing efforts that engage specific consumer segments through direct mail, telemarketing, and event marketing.
  2. ATL marketing uses a broad approach to create brand awareness and reach a large audience. In contrast, BTL marketing employs targeted strategies to engage specific consumer segments and encourage direct interaction with the brand.
  3. Both ATL and BTL marketing are essential components of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Still, ATL focuses on building brand awareness and visibility on a large scale, whereas BTL aims to create a more personalized and direct connection with consumers.

ATL vs. BTL Marketing

ATL (Above the Line) marketing refers to a type of marketing that targets a wider audience through mass media channels such as television, radio, print, and online advertising. BTL (Below the Line) marketing is more targeted and personalized, focusing on specific audiences through direct marketing.

Alt vs Btl marketing


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonATLBTL
ConceptATL means Above Line Marketing, where the ATL is required with electronic media strategies to attack an extensive customer.BTL means Below Line Marketing. In BTL, the organization attacks a compact but determined bunch of audience.
Medium of marketingTelevisions, Radio, Internet, OOH, Printing Media, etc.Trade Shows, mail campaigns, sampling, sponsorship, catalogs.
Main ObjectiveThe main objective of ATL is to create a unique and popular brand identity and demonstrate brand recognition.The main objective of BTL is to initiate dealing and trading processes.
CostATL marketing is very much costly.BTL marketing is not much costly if compared to ATL.
Method of CommunicationATL follows the one-step communication procedure.BTL follows the two-step communication procedure.


What is ATL Marketing?

ATL, called Above Line Marketing, uses the ordinary and regular medium of marketing that spreads the organization’s identity and awareness to the audiences at a higher level. Their primary goal is to strengthen the support for the brand and convey proper knowledge and information regarding the product they are selling to produce an appropriate response from the customers and the audiences.

 The speech used for divulgence and message creation is used so that the audiences and customers can easily understand and trust the brand. ATL marketing strategies are influenced at a vast and massive level to cover a large-scale audience and customers.

The main focus of ATL marketing is to form a unique brand identity and represent and spread the awareness of the brand at a macro level to audiences and customers. Organizations, including the Business to Consumer institutes, mainly adopt and practice ATL marketing to create a good brand identity with many positive responses from the audiences and customers.

atl marketing

What is BTL Marketing?

BTL, also called Below Line Marketing, uses straightforward marketing projects so that the organization practicing BTL can create a good and targeted relationship and win the trust of the audiences and the customers. BTL also provides the organization a simplicity in assessing success rate and all the transformations.

BTL’s type of marketing is irregular and unorthodox. It is implemented and influenced at the primary and trim levels because its target is a particular group based on engrossment. The organizations practicing BTL indulge themselves in a specific influencing and straightforward method of communication to create an impactful product and a sound awareness of it at a macro and massive level.

The main focus of BTL marketing is to generate leads and create a trustful relationship with the audiences and the customers. BTL’s marketing medium includes trade shows, mail campaigns, sponsorships, gift vouchers, telemarketing, exhibition, catalogs, text marketing, etc.

btl marketing

Main Differences Between ATL and BTL Marketing

  1. ATL marketing is a heap advancement project mainly used to create brand identity and recognition. In contrast, BTL marketing is a focused enhancement activity that is used to instigate direct communication with a specific bunch of individuals.
  2. ATL’s medium of marketing includes Television, Radio, print media, Internet, OOH, etc., to represent a brand and its identity at a macro level and create customer awareness. In contrast, BTL’s marketing medium includes mail campaigns, telemarketing, sponsorships, exhibition, gift vouchers, etc., focusing on a particular audience and customers.
  3. In ATL marketing, the cost and the expenses are very expensive if we compare it with BTL marketing, where the cost and expenses are not that expensive.
  4. ATL marketing handles audiences’ responses and doubts, whereas BTL marketing expands the extremity of trading and dealing with transactions.
  5. ATL marketing strategies are beneficial when the target is to build a strong brand identity and recognition among customers and audiences. In contrast, BTL’s marketing strategies are used to develop strong and positive relationships and connections with the audiences and customers.
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