Marketing vs Communications: Difference and Comparison

It is important for every company to have its Business strategy to get profit and for growth. Both Marketing and Communication are a part of the business plan.

On the other hand, Communication is conveying certain specific messages to the audience, which is not necessarily related to selling any product or service.

Key Takeaways

  1. Marketing focuses on promoting and selling products or services, while communications focus on creating and managing relationships between an organization and its stakeholders.
  2. Marketing is concerned with the 4 Ps: product, price, place, and promotion, while communications focus on creating and delivering messages to various audiences.
  3. Marketing is a subset of communications, but communications is a broader field that includes public relations, advertising, and internal communications.

Marketing vs Communications

Marketing refers to promoting and selling products or services, while communications refer to exchanging information and ideas between individuals or groups. Successful businesses employ both marketing and communications strategies to achieve their goals.

Marketing vs Communications

The act of promoting and selling any product or service using thoughtful strategy and market research is known as Marketing.


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Communication is a simple exchange of messages and basically is storytelling which is not necessarily about a product or a service.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMarketing Communications
Focused AreasIt focuses on advertising and educating the target audience for selling the product or service.It focuses on exchanging important messages and basically plays a role as a storyteller.
BenefitsIt helps in driving business, reaching out to new customers, retaining old customers.It helps in building the brand and supporting the sales team.
ChallengesIt mostly faces challenges like understanding customer behavior, creating growth, lack of marketing knowledge, etc.It has challenges like language barriers, lack of varieties of communication tools, less control of the message, etc.
PurposeIts purpose is to understand customer behaviors and increase the numbers to measure the overall clicks or no. of purchases. Its purpose is to play with words, writing compelling copies, and understand customer attitudes.
Timing It is used from the beginning of product development.It is used as there is progress in development.

What is Marketing?

A common term used these days for selling or advertising a product or service is called Marketing. It is targeting the product or service to its most likely customers as well as reach out to new also.

Marketing includes making plans, describing the details of the products, justifying its pricing, talking out its features, and how it is going to benefit the audiences.

In other words, it can be said that Marketing is analyzing the campaign performances, making reports of the efforts used, and studying the economic trends going on in the Industry.


What is Communications?

Communication is part of the Marketing strategy and is needed as progress happens in the development of any project.

It focuses on words, and Communicators are great at making compelling copies using different voices depending on the targeted audience and retaining the customers through their copies.

They deliver the message and focus on “how” on social media. A good communicator will be helpful in building a brand and supporting the sales team.


Main Differences Between Marketing and Communications

  1. Marketing includes promoting any product or service, or company by using social media and reaching out to more and more customers, whereas communication is how the marketing strategy will execute, which will help in brand promotion by writing compelling copies. 
  2. Marketing is very important on the day of the start of product development, whereas Communication becomes important when things start progressing.
Difference Between Marketing and Communications

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