Management vs Marketing: Difference and Comparison

A business is successful when they have profits and they have an impact on the people. There are so many ingredients to having a successful business.

Marketing and Management are two of them. Without proper management and marketing, the products and services would not be able to reach their target audience, and thus they will not make the desired profits.

Marketing and Management are very much different from each other and have very distinct responsibilities.

Key Takeaways

  1. Management is the process of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling resources to achieve organizational goals. At the same time, marketing identifies, anticipates, and satisfies customer needs and wants through product development, promotion, and distribution.
  2. Management is focused on internal operations and optimizing resources, while Marketing is focused on external customer needs and creating demand for products.
  3. Management involves decision-making, problem-solving, and resource allocation, while Marketing involves research, analysis, and communication.

Management vs Marketing

The difference between Management and Marketing is that Management and Marketing are that Management deals with planning, budgeting, organizing, coordinating, reporting, etc., whereas Marketing is a branch inside Management which deals with the marketing of the products, which includes sales, social media interaction, customer interactions, etc. Management is involved in each and every marketing activity, as every marketing plan needs proper management.

Management vs Marketing

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Management is a broad concept which consists of many functions, such as Planning, Organising, and Monitoring.

The production of future action plans for their organization includes gathering the requirements and setting up resources to execute the plans with optimization, all come under a management task.

To ensure everything’s going right, the plans need monitoring, and that is also done under management.

A different concept than management that deals with direct customer interaction and also wants its own management also is known as Marketing. Marketing is the awareness and selling of products and services.

Not only that, but Marketing entails other activities, such as identifying customer needs, taking feedback to improve the quality, determining the pricing of the products, and watching out for the market dynamics.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonManagement Marketing
DefinitionManagement is all about the coordination of the task and duties for achieving the desired goal.It is the branch in the management only which deals with what customers want and needs.
ResponsibilitiesThe duties of management are creating proper plans for budgeting and resources, monitoring the marketing analytics, setting the goals and objectives.The duties of the Marketing team include sending email newsletters to clients, making your clients aware of the discounts, and topics that interest the audience, conducting marking research, etc.
Customer interactionThere is no direct customer interaction in the management.Marketing includes direct interaction with the customer and helps to meet the customer’s demands.
PlanningManagement is monitored through managerial functions.Marketing is monitored and arranged by the management only.
Courses examplesThe courses example for Management is Organisal behavior analysis, leadership and management essentials, business project management, etc.The courses examples are marketing research, consumer behavior, marketing ethics, and law, etc.

What is Management?

A purposive activity that makes its group efforts to attain a determined goal. It is a great and important tool for the production of anything and thus puts in various factors of Producing and managing.

It involves an organized group of people working for the same motive and helps in getting the right work done. It uses the resources, even if it is limited, to its best and makes its efficient use for making things happen.

Not only does it involve planning, but also organizing and monitoring, as well as budgeting too. It is all about managing and executing things to achieve the desired goals.

The goals may vary from one business to another. On every level, there is a management team that works towards maximising the profits and minimising the cost.

business management

What is Marketing?

Marketing is nothing but a process through which people can reach and know about the products, and you can make them like your products or services.

Marketing involves direct customer interaction, which helps understand the customer’s demands. Not only the demands, but the valuable feedback from the customers, helps to understand their preferences and interests.

Marketing deals with many things, like advertising, sales, distribution methods, and product development. Marketing is a branch of management, and every marketing team also needs to be managed to work properly.

There are many types of marketing, such as Internet marketing, Search engine optimization, Blog marketing, print marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, etc.


Main Differences Between Management and Marketing

  1. Management doesn’t relate straightforwardly to consumers, while Marketing needs a lot of direct customer interaction.
  2. The work of management is monitored through the managerial functions, whereas Marketing activities are monitored and arranged by the management only.
  3. Management is the proper planning and execution of any work to achieve the desired goal, whereas Marketing is a branch that resides under management and deals with what consumer needs are.
  4. Management deals with creating proper plans for budgeting and resources, monitoring the marketing analytics, and setting the goals and objectives, whereas Marketing responsibilities’ are sending email newsletters to clients, making your clients aware of the discounts, and topics that interest the audience, conducting marking research, etc.
  5. The courses example for Management is Organisal behaviour analysis, leadership and management essentials, business project management, etc., whereas The courses for marketing examples are marketing research, consumer behaviour, marketing ethics, and law, etc.
Difference Between Management and Marketing

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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