Difference Between Podcast and Blog

Some of us like to do reading and some of them like to listen to that thing rather than reading. Listening and reading both depend on our own choice.


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Like if we take example some peoples prefer reading poetry and some of them like to listen to poetry. 

Podcast vs Blog

The difference between Podcast and Blog is that The podcast is a digital audio file of spoken words. Like its type of episodic series. Whereas The blog is like a web diary in which many contents are written related to different topics. And the blog is published on an informational website.

Podcast vs Blog

The podcast is an online audio pod-custom. Like as we radio same as with the help of the internet we listen to podcasts on our smartphone.

The podcast comes from two words iPod and broadcast. Podcast means we can listen anywhere anytime the podcast audio file but internet access is necessary for it. 

The blog comes from the word “Web Blog”.  A blog is just writing our ideas, experience, ideas in one place with a particular structure and format.

The blog is of any type in which you can see anything like news, thoughts, and much more. The blog is also termed creative writing.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPodcastBlog
LifetimeThe Podcast has a long life spanb= because it can be found online for a long time.The blog has a short lifetime because on the website many contents were replaced and new were added.
Time gainingCreating a podcast requires less time than a blog.Creating a blog requires more time than a podcast.
Format and design.By creating a podcast no need for any knowledge of formatting and designing.Blog creators need to understand the proper formatting and designing things.
SchedulingThe podcast is a type of internet radio with no schedule.The blog has many posts which need proper scheduling means organized into different categories.
SkillsThe Podcast improves your listening and communication skills.The blog improves your reading and writing skills.

What is Podcast?

In the era of 1980 podcasts were generally named “audio blogs”. Podcasting began in the year 2004.

The podcast arrives when technologies increase like all of us have software equipment, internet, and wifi access. In the era of 1980 people enjoy listening to the radio.

So the former  MTV VJ  Adam  Curry and Dave Winer make a plan to broadcast the radio all over the world. An then after journalists Ben Decided to take far away from this plan.

Invented an article on the online radio and by those people, we get a new word podcast. And then in October 2004.

The first podcast service provide launched which is liberated syndication ( libsyn.com ). A podcast is used for talking and listening rather than music.

Spotify added a new feature into it “The podcast “and in this 21 st century, many Podcast has big community peoples listen to the audio files which they like and record the audio files for posting also.

If you want to podcast your audio distribute your voice record to any podcast platform. Like Spotify, Google podcast, Apple podcast, and Youtube also but it requires a premium subscription.

To stream audio by any platform you can start your podcasting.

What is Blog?

For now, a blog becomes a very important part of every human being’s life. Everyone reads a blog now for any of the topics. 

If Peoples want to know any type of information they go to their search engine and read blogs, to get information. The blog has some small history let’s discuss to know much more of it.

In 1994 a college student named Justin Hall wrote his first blog on the links.net site. At that time blog name was “Weblog”. 

In 1998 Programmer Peter Merholz shortened it to “Blog”. Programmers create their websites for writing a blog.

Blog published on the worldwide web. And till now there are many websites for blogging like blogger.com, WordPress, Medium.com, Drupal, etc.

Wikipedia is the website where a blog was found regarding any topic which you want to read. If you want to make a blog you can go to any platform and simply publish your blog to that site.

According to statics, Bloggers in the U.S has almost reached a million users in the year 2020. The advantage of a blog is that any type of information you want to read or write you can do it simply.

Main Differences Between Podcast and Blog

  1. The podcast is an on-demand recorded video file that is broadcasted in form of a series whereas the blog is a type of information website published on many different websites.
  2. The podcast is in form of a series so it may take your internet more whereas the blog is published on only one site in which you got information at that time only so it consumes less internet.
  3. The podcast platform is the best option to cultivate any brand online whereas the blog is for reading purposes and in between blogs we can’t put the video ads.
  4. Creating a podcast takes less time to create whereas creating a blog takes more time.
  5. People can hear podcast episode audio series any time while eating, running, sleeping whereas blog needs proper concentration for that time to read and understand.
Difference Between Podcast and Blog


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