Difference Between Google Fi and Sprint

Google fi is a project introduced by Google that provides the user the facility of telecommunication, sending messages, and mobile broadcast with the help of cellular data or wifi.


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As we talk about sprint it is a time box where the sprint master, developer, and all do their work at a particular set of time.

Google fi vs Sprint

The difference between Google fi and sprint is as they both are related to telecommunications but when we talk about Google fi it is a service organized by Google for telephone calls and other facilities while sprint is on its own a major network carrier in the United States.

Google fi vs Sprint

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The Google fi is a wireless carrier operand that is managed by Google. Google launched this service which uses the network of the network operators as well as of the hotspots that it found around it.

While it also uses wifi to provide uninterrupted access to various networks. It uses LTE networks in the United States. 

The sprint is a major wireless network operator on its own in the United States and became a major telecommunication company that gives access to long-distance communications, wireless services, and local services too.

Nowadays sprint is the 4th largest wireless service in the United States.

Comparison Table

Parameters Google fiSprint 
About  Wireless service carrier managed or operated by GoogleIt is the major wireless network service on its own. Not operated by anyone.
Coverage It uses LTE networks in the United States to provide them the telephone servicesIt has its infrastructure of the network so that it will build a nationwide LTE network 
Limitation This is mostly designed to work with Google’s phone so therefore the selection of phones became limited.When it comes to the selection of the device it has an exceptional portfolio with high rated devices also.
Paid We can only pay for the thing that we use with Google fi.Monthly used data is not credited by sprint
Operators It consists of three major networks operators- Sprint, T-mobile, and US cellularSprint is on its own the 4th largest operator in the US provides wireless service.

What is Google Fi? 

Google fi is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) telecommunication service organized by Google which provides the consumer the facilities of telephone calls, message sending, cellular networks, mobile broadcasts, and wifi connections too. 

The Google fi is also known as Project Fi because it is formally known by the name project Fi. the network operator which is used by Google fi is an LTE network operator which is operated by T-mobiles and U.S. cellulars.

This facility is available for United States citizens only.  Because of the high demand Google take support if other organizations also as he made an invitation for the U.S.

cellular and also took the help of pixel and pixel XL and later introduced it as a group plan to everyone and launch it in 2016. 

In 2018 Google announced the limitations of Google fi as that if the person uses more than 15 GB of data then the speed of Google fi will be decreased or the speed will slow down and also announce the bill protection which charges for the data we are using and the rate or consistency of calls and inbox texting messages will not at all affected by the bill protection feature. 

What is Sprint?

Sprint is a corporation of American telecommunication company. Now it is merged with T-mobiles as before that in 2020 sprint was the 4th largest mobile network in the United States which serves about 54 million people in 2019. 

They offer wireless voice messages and broadcast services to their customers under boost mobile and open mobile brands and also access to the mobile virtual network operators.

In 2013 most of the companies are consumed by the Japanese telecommunication companies. Then sprint no longer works with New York stork and currently, sprint uses the CDMA, EvDO, and 4G LTE networks.

Sprint was found on December 12, 1899, and it founder was Cleyson Brown and Jacob Brown. And organized by the Brown telephone company. 

The company is also known as sprint Nextel corporation when it merged with Nextel Communications.  It has various mobile broadbands products with mobile operating systems which include Google, Microsoft Windows, and Apple iOS.

Sprint allows their users the phone pay facility too as the person can pay through their phones itself and in 2005 sprint organize the sprint music puls where we have a record of music by merging with the Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, EMI Music, and Warner Music Group. And further sprint includes more features to it.

Main Differences Between Google fi and Sprint

  1. Google fi is telecommunication managed by Google whereas Sprint is a corporation on its own.
  2. Google fi gives access to telephone communications, message sending, Wi-Fi, and hotspot connections whereas Sprint give access to voice messages, music, and communications too.
  3. Google fi has some limitations regarding its data usage whereas Sprint does not have such kind of limitation within it.
  4. Google fi consists of three major operands which are Sprint, T-mobiles, and US cellulars whereas sprint is the 4th largest operand in the United States. 
  5. Google fi plans are as simple as they can and after the usage of 15 GB of data the network slows down whereas  Sprint has unlimited data plans.
Difference Between Google Fi and Sprint
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