Difference Between Google Fi and Ting

The importance of mobile and its network in this era of IoT is known by all. Mobile now can do anything which was next to impossible in the earlier 90s and 80s.

 Now with the help of mobile, we can talk with anyone who is extremely lakh miles away, and just with one touch, the whole world works according to you. Since the phone is our most important necessity in this generation and without which we can’t survive, just like that Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) and Internet Data are a necessity for mobile without mobile can’t survive.

Google Fi vs Ting

The main difference between Google Fi and Ting is that Google Fi uses T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular networks which extends the coverage of the network whereas Ting provides you with the option or choice to choose from Sprint and T-Mobile networks for coverage.

Google Fi vs Ting

Comparison Table Between Google Fi and Ting

Parameters of ComparisonGoogle FiTing
NetworksGoogle Fi is a mobile network operator that provides network coverage easily available and to ease communication.Ting works as the choice of option between different networks or allows you to switch from one network to another.
Unlimited PlansGoogle Fi offers unlimited plans.Ting does not offer unlimited plans.
Subscription PlansGoogle Fi provides subscription plans for 24×7 Wireless Fidelity as known as Wifi, unlimited calls, unlimited data, etc.Ting lacks this feature of subscriptions.
PhonesGoogle Fi has a selection among Samsung Galaxy and Motorola’s phones.Whereas, Ting has a selection among the leading brands as if of Apple phones.
Pricing FlexibilityGoogle Fi works under specific pricings.Ting allows users to pay only for what they use.

What is Google Fi?

Google Fi is known as Project Fi by Google which is only for United States Residents. Though it is spread in the U.S and 200+ international destinations.

 Google Fi was established on 22nd April 2015 approximately 5 years ago which was launched by Nexus 6 and used through invitation only. On the 7th of March, 2016 Google Fi was opened for the public.

The most interesting feature of Google Fi is that it automatically switches between the network depending on the speed and signal strength. Overall with all connections and networks, Google Fi connects over more than 170 countries.

Google Fi automatically connects devices through wireless fidelity with encrypted automatic Virtual Private Network as known as VPN. Google Fi users can use Google Hangouts from any device for calling and texting. 

What is Ting?

Ting is a subsidiary for Tucows. Ting, Inc consists of T-mobile, it’s virtual mobile network operator which is MVNOs, and an Internet Service Provider as known as ISP.

 Ting (MVNO) is owned by Dish Network which was originally established on the 2nd February of 2012 approximately 8 years ago but the public beta version of Ting has launched on 6th December 2011 approximately 9 years ago. Ting provides cellular service in the United States with the help of Ting mobile and networks of Verizon Communication.

Tings also like Google Fi works on CDMA of Sprint, GSM of T-mobile, and CDMA of Verizon Communication networks. Ting’s website provides a purchasing option for its devices on its website.

Though Ting’s parent company was Tucows, after August 2020 the key of all the Ting’s assets was handed over to Dish Network.  As the agreement said, Tucows now will serve Dish Networks by being a part of the service provider to its businesses.

Main Differences Between Google Fi and Ting

  1. Google Fi offers unlimited plans, whereas Ting does not offer you any unlimited plans.
  2. Google Fi provides a network of their choice which cant get switched by the users whereas, Ting allows you the honor to choose your own choice of the network which you can switch.
  3. Google Fi helps the middle-class population by its selection of Motorola and Samsung phones, whereas Ting is a gift for the upper-class economy population which uses ioS as known as Apple iPhones. 
  4. Google Fi offers different varieties of subscription plans, whereas Ting does not have any subscription plans.
  5. Google Fi can be a bit pricey if you are not a part of regular users since you need to pay in subscriptions, whereas Ting has a feature of pay only about what you use.


Overall if we look out for Google Fi and Ting, we can see that both are Mobile Virtual Network Operators as known as MVNOs which works for providing Telephone calls, SMS facility, and Mobile Broadband services which is through Mobile Cellular Networks and Wireless Fidelity as known as Wifi.

In conclusion, if we need to select between Google Fi and Ting then if you do not exceed the usage of SMS, calls, and mobile data you can go for ting but if you are a regular user of excessive cellular data then Google Fi is the best option because it offers unlimited and subscribed plans whereas Ting offers to pay for what you use which can be costlier if you use it excessively in your day-to-day life.

In short, you need to check your coverage and switching options regarding where you live and how much excessive data you use or require keeping your mobile phone’s flagship in mind and does Google Fi and Ting is compatible with your device or not.

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