Difference Between Cisco Jabber and Yammer

Both the terms cisco jabber and yammer are used for private communications within an organization. They facilitate secure communication with clients or any other external group related to an organization.


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Currently utilised by many organizations as they help in making communication very easy and secure. Let us discuss the difference between the two terms in detail.

Cisco Jabber vs Yammer

The difference between cisco jabber and yammer is that the former allows to have access to work extension remotely whereas, the latter helps in making interdepartmental communication easy between communicators. They are used for social networking services for better and secure communication between the concerned group of people. They ensure safety and security from all the threats and problems and customer support is very thorough and helpful.

Cisco Jabber vs Yammer

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Cisco jabber is used for communicating with the employees in many organizations. It can tell you if some of offline or online instantly or someone if busy on a call or in a meeting etc.

Using cisco jabber, you can also send messages and make calls to the employee’s phone extension. It is a very good way for saving time and especially for those who have clients in multiple zones.

Yammer, on the other hand, is also utilised widely in many organizations. A yammer can also be utilised as a social medium to keep yourself updated in other departments across the globe.

It is very good for in-depth conversations where you can divide your work into topics instead of big teams.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Cisco Jabber Yammer 
Pros  A jabber allows to have access to work extension remotely and easy access to voicemails User interface, ease of use and adaptability are some the pros related to a yammer  
Cons  In terms of storage a cisco jabber is quite heavy as it consumes a lot of memory because it keeps functioning in the backend A yammer lacks lot of integration with other MS Office and it is not suitable for in depth conversation 
 Used for Connecting through voice, video and messages Interdepartmental communications between various users of an organization
 Effective for It is very effective for project handlingYammer is considered suitable to serve as an internal social media platform for company events
Likelihood to recommend Cisco Jabber is very well suited for audio conferencing connectivity and scheduling calls also the voice quality is very good and voicemail is an add on featureIt is very much suited to see a timestamp from a leader on the team who is responsible for updating the entire company when the phones are expected to be online

What is Cisco Jabber?

Cisco jabber is a term used to define a set of applications that helps the users to connect through voice, video, messages etc.

This is the best way to connect with some for instant collaborations as you can view the availability of the person as well. It also helps in securing communications with clients or any other group of people.

Cisco jabber makes tracking efforts easier for those who collaborate regularly.

It also allows you to decide your policies concerning any sort of information available, which means that you decide to log the chat text which is sent through the corporate system for reporting.

Cisco Jabber helps in saving money as well, as it avoids charges from telephone carriers. It is a quicker way of communicating instead of lengthy phone conversations.

What is Yammer?

Yammer is currently utilized by number of organizations as it helps to ease interdepartmental communications between various users. It helps the users to keep their respective email inboxes a bit cleaner.

One can also utilise a yammer as a social medium to keep themselves updated in other departments across the country.

A yammer is very suitable for platforms like internal social media for any company and related events, but it is not considered as suitable for an in-depth conversation.

With the help of a yammer, people can easily divide their work into topics instead of teams. It also helps in basic collaborations within the group which also includes sharing of the documents where one can even pin those documents to the team members.

Main Difference Between Cisco Jabber and Yammer

  1. Cisco Jabber is considered better than yammer due to ease in joining conference meetings and making calls with groups or teams.
  2. For updating features and roadmaps the use of Cisco Jabber is considered better and useful than Yammer.
  3. Cisco Jabber is very effective for project handling, on the other hand, yammer is considered suitable to serve as an internal social media platform for company events.
  4. Cisco jabber will easily send all of our files, pictures, videos, and documents and those who use yammer can comment and give opinions to projects and the documents which are shared.
  5. Cisco Jabber is very responsive and quick, which is considered as the core need for instant message software, on the other hand, a yammer is a very safe, secure, social network for employees to share relevant content.
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