Difference Between Microsoft Yammer and Facebook Workplace

Offices and professional Workshops use a number of online platforms to contact or connect with their employees.


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Some of these online platforms used by offices and workshops include Facebook workplace, google meet, zoom, Skype, Microsoft yammer, etc.

Microsoft Yammer and Facebook workplace are two of the most well-known and well-established online connecting platforms.

Microsoft Yammer vs Facebook Workplace

The difference between Microsoft Yammer and Facebook Workplace is that the former doesn’t provide a free trial period while on the other hand, the latter provides a four-month free trial period. Both the online meeting platforms are quite different or unique from each other and have different properties or qualities.

Microsoft Yammer vs Facebook Workplace

The Microsoft Yammer was released on September 8th, in the year 2008. Yammer was initially released as an individual communication online platform.

It was later bought by Microsoft and since then its name has changed from Yammer to Microsoft Yammer. It helps in carrying out a number of online business meetings and workshops.

The Facebook Workplace was initially developed by a meta developer. Users of the Facebook Workplace don’t share their work accounts with their Facebook accounts but the former includes a number of advanced technologies of Facebook.

It helps conduct online meetings, chats, calls, and texts. This system was developed in the year 2016.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonMicrosoft YammerFacebook Workplace
SignificanceMicrosoft Yammer helps conduct a number of online communications, chatting, texting, and meetings for business purposes.The Facebook workplace is an online platform that helps people share their knowledge and wisdom online.
Year of InventionThese online platforms were developed in the year 2008.These online platforms were developed in the year 2015.
CompanyMicrosoft Corporation is the company that owns Microsoft Yammer.Facebook Workplace is owned by Facebook or Meta.
FounderAdam Pisoni and David O Sacks are the founders of this platform.Meta platforms (constituting a group of people) developed this system.
UsesMicrosoft Yammer helps increase and enhance cultural connections.The Facebook workplace provides access to video calls, live events, and live video tools.

What is Microsoft Yammer?

Microsoft Yammer wasn’t the initial name of this online communication and social platform. The platform was initially known or addressed as Yammer and was founded by David O Sacks and Adam Pisoni.

It was then bought and owned by Microsoft corporations.

Microsoft Yammer serves a number of benefits. A few advantages of Microsoft Yammer are listed below:

  • Yammer helps conduct or organize several organizations or groups.
  • It connects and brings together a lot of people by arranging them into groups and teams.
  • It helps reduce the noises or notification sounds of a number of e-mails.
  • It serves its customers with the choice of using hashtags and mentions.
  • This system helps enhance or increase the engagement rate.

Microsoft yammer helps the employees of a number of business firms and Institutions to get the solution to their problems in less time.

This communication and connecting online platform helps keep everyone virtually connected. They have a number of tools that help conduct video calls, virtual meets, and chats. It provides a few months of a free trial.

Given below is a list of a few companies that use Microsoft Yammer to conduct their meetings and calls:

  • Amgen
  • PepsiCo
  • Pfizer
  • One Johnson & Johnson Plaza
  • Mars
  • Becton, Dickson & Company
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Danaher

What is Facebook Workplace?

Facebook Workplace is a virtual meeting platform that was developed by Meta platforms. It was initially established or developed in the year 2015 but was launched in 2016 (in the month of October).

Ever since it was launched, a number of companies have been using this setup.

A few of the companies that use Facebook Workplace are:

  • Dominos
  • Walmart
  • Zimmerman Advertising Limited LLC
  • Starbucks
  • Google
  • The Marketing Arm, Inc
  • Amazon
  • Coty
  • Nestle
  • Q A limited
  • Whitehall Resources Limited

Facebook Workplace is managed by the team of Facebook or Meta. It is an independent setup but works under the influence of the power of Facebook.

It is managed by Karandeep Anand. Facebook Workplace uses a number of tools to conduct surveys, meetings, and calls.

Facebook Workplace provides its users wiry several advantages like:

  • The setup offers unlimited photo and video uploads.
  • It helps connect and bring together people from different parts and areas of the country.
  • One can easily conduct live video streams on this platform.
  • It is a better and easy two-way communication tool.
  • The system offers a number of great and advanced tools that help the users (either business firms and workshops or individuals) to conduct their calls, video calls, meetings, and group call in a comfortable way.

Main Differences Between Microsoft Yammer and Facebook Workplace

  1. Microsoft Yammer was initially established on 8th September in 2008 whereas Facebook Workplace was initially released in 2015 on January 14th.
  2. Microsoft Corporations owns Microsoft Yammer while on the other hand, Facebook Workplace is owned by Meta Platforms.
  3. Microsoft Yammer is managed by David O sacks while on the other hand, Karandeep Anand is the manager of Facebook Workplace.
  4. Companies like IKEA and Johnson & Johnson use Microsoft Yammer whereas companies like Whitehall Resources Limited and Zimmerman Advertising Limited LLC use Facebook Workplace.
  5. There is no free trial program in the case of Microsoft Yammer while on the other hand, a four-month free trial program is present in the case of Facebook Workplace.


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