Microsoft Yammer vs SAP Jam: Difference and Comparison

In this digital world of business and marketing, it has become a great one to be associated with social media in any genre. With the evolving source of social media, many companies are putting one step forward, to connect different sectors of society, without having any complications.


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The big companies associated with Microsoft Yammer and SAP Jam are of the same type.

Key Takeaways

  1. Microsoft Yammer is an enterprise social network integrated with Office 365, while SAP Jam focuses on collaboration and learning within SAP applications.
  2. Yammer promotes cross-departmental communication, while SAP Jam facilitates project management and employee training.
  3. Integration with Microsoft tools characterizes Yammer, whereas SAP Jam seamlessly connects with SAP software suites.

Microsoft Yammer vs SAP Jam

The difference between Microsoft Yammer and SAP Jam is that Microsoft Yammer is mostly a platform which can enable a great fondness between the owner and the employee. At the same time, the SAP Jam is not that helpful in creating a bond between these two. Rather it provides a huge cloud storage to save unlimited files and documents easily. Yammer is the brainchild of Microsoft Corporation, whereas SAP Jam has the parent organization of SAP Success Factors.

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Mainly used to build a strong bonding between businesses and to connect to leaders, Microsoft Yammer stands out to be one of the best. Through this, one can enlighten others with new and innovative knowledge and ideas.

Like all other social media structures, it also allows you to pitch new ideas and share them with a global audience to get them reviewed socially. However, one does not need to pay much with the Microsoft Yammer as with the Office 365 subscription, and it is also added within that.

From a different side, SAP Jam is one that got mostly connections with people due to its cloud-based social media system. With the help of this app, one can easily have access to share files and pitch new topics and also distribute documents with the collaborating employees.

One does not need to again get into the jam-packed email system, and everything can be managed with this SAP Jam.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMicrosoft YammerSAP Jam
DefinitionSocial media platform, used for connecting and networking services.A cloud storage-based platform, which fastens the network.
CompanyMicrosoft CorporationSAP SE Company
Unique FacilityCan be used to chat with co-workers.Can be used to store excessive data and other app protection.
SecurityCan be only used with verified email I’d.Can be used by anyone and have no specific complications.

What is Microsoft Yammer?

Formed as an enterprise collaboration platform, Microsoft Yammer was a social media platform which is used worldwide. It is owned by the mega business tycoon Microsoft Corporation.

It was initially founded by the geniuses David O. Sacks and Adam Pisoni almost 13 years ago. It is now generally managed by Murali Sitaram and is now servicing millions of people globally.

It is normally a social media platform and also a networking service, which is used by different organizations for having private and secret meetings and communications.

One can only join Yammer with the verified and progressed email id, which gives the security of not barging in by anyone. The Yammer network is joined by the user’s domain of the internet and not by any unapproved source.

The fast working interface and the easy way to get every facility in just one touch make it much easier to perform. The interface can be understood by anyone and does not create any further headaches to separately study the interface.

The quality and the various facilities it includes are the best ones to make it so interesting to join.

One of the special features includes sharing a few words with co-workers and employees. It allows without any fuss to chat with the employees, like any other social media, and also allows holding surveys within it.

What is SAP Jam?

The SAP Jam works as a platform to provide the needed service for businessmen and to extend existing applications. It helps in integrating new data and also fastens the business process otherwise.

The type of site is associated with cloud computing, and this was originally owned by the SAP SE company.

It was first initiated almost 9 years back, in the year 2012, as most of a cloud platform. It was unveiled to the people in the year 2013, after all its testing and the completion of the programming.

Since its launch in 2012, the platform has gained over 4000 successful customers and also includes 500 working partners with the company.

Started as the SAP HANA, and it was later named the SAP Cloud Platform on 27th February 2017. One can also avail of any type of security, cloud data, app protection, tax service, data services or storage, or monitoring services with this app.

One can also get the facility to develop any existing application and can also integrate applications. The test drive Java applications are also available for use.

Main Differences Between Microsoft Yammer and SAP Jam

  1. The Microsoft Yammer is manufactured by the /Microsoft Corporation, whereas the SAP Jam is created by the SAP SE Company.
  2. The first-ever Microsoft Yammer originated in the year 2007, whereas the SAP Jam was initiated in the year 2012.
  3. The Yammer needs to have a properly verified email to enter instinctively, whereas the SAP Jam is used by anyone without having any approved verification.
  4. With SAP Jam, one can have cloud storage, but Yammer does not provide the facility of cloud storage.
  5. One can chat with co-workers through Yammer, but SAP Jam does not allow this feature.
Difference Between Microsoft Yammer and SAP Jam

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