Microsoft Yammer vs Slack: Difference and Comparison

Interacting with your colleagues and sharing your ideas has become easier with newly developed software where everyone can share their opinions and ideas about their projects and work. The two most popular platforms used by people for sharing their views are Microsoft Yammer and Slack.

It helps people to connect with their colleagues and bosses to explain their views. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Yammer is an enterprise social networking platform designed for internal communication within organizations.
  2. Slack is a team collaboration tool offering real-time messaging, file sharing, and app integrations.
  3. Yammer is better suited for large-scale communication and collaboration, while Slack excels at smaller team interactions and project management.

Microsoft Yammer vs Slack

Microsoft Yammer is a social networking tool designed for enterprise communication that allows users to share information. Slack is a team communication tool that emphasizes real-time messaging and task management. It provides channels, direct messaging, and integrations with other tools.

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Microsoft Yammer connects communicators and leaders for building communities, sharing their knowledge, and engaging everyone. It is a good place where everything is focused on social communication than being less formal.

It can be used as a platform by internet communicators for boosting formal internal communications or reminding people about what are all the events to be done. 

Slack has IRC-style features that include persistent chat rooms that can be done based on the topic, direct messaging, and private rooms. With a slack account, bosses can view any messages.

For listening calls, your boss needs to prove to them that you gave permission to listen to calls. Popular companies like Airbnb, Shopify, and Pinterest use slack. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMicrosoft YammerSlack
FeaturesHigh-level securityAdvanced search modifiers
Founded byDavid O. Sacks and Adam PisoniCal Henderson and Stewart Butterfield
AdvantagesIt helps employees to get their answers fast.You can see all the files and discussions of a particular project in one place.
DisadvantagesTheir customizations are not enoughTheir file storage is minimum

What is Microsoft Yammer?

It is a social network used by businesses in the enterprise edition of Microsoft 365. It is available in all Microsoft 365 plans.

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It is different from Facebook because, on Facebook, you socialize with your friends, but in yammer, you socialize with your colleagues. On social media platforms, it has not been encouraged to socialize with our workers.

But in yammer, there is no such restriction available it encourages people to share their knowledge and ideas with their co-workers. 

They named it yammer because they wanted to reiterate the concept of persistent communication. So, in yammer, it is basically where people will talk and talk for a long period.

It is available as both a mobile client and web page app. But if people are using Microsoft teams or Outlook, they can have access to yammer there too.

Some of the top companies that use yammer are PepsiCo, Pfizer, mexichem, and IKEA. 

It has a wider audience and works more like an enterprise social network. So, it is better than Microsoft teams as it is a platform for gathering public opinions and making announcements.

Yammer has a SharePoint site. With the SharePoint site, you will get a document library, a plan in Microsoft planner, a OneNote notebook, and a group that can be accessed in the global address book and outlook.

The best features of yammer are enterprise microblogging, company directory, and profile pages. 

What is Slack?

It is a proprietary business communication platform. This company is now owned by SalesForce.

You can create a new slack workspace within minutes and can try with teams of any size. It is better to work with your colleagues as you can easily invite them to your team.

It is faster and more organized as it is more secure than email. It was developed by an American software company called Slack Technologies.

It brings the people to work together in one unified team. It transforms the way by which organizations communicate.

Working with ad hoc collaboration is a notorious challenge when it comes to working with partners and customers. But Slack breaks down the silence and speeds up your communication by bringing your team together to get the work done.

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It is different from WhatsApp because it mainly focuses on centralized teamwork. 

It divides your conversation into private, public, and direct messages. You can customize the colors of the left sidebar, which improves the user experience.

In slack, you can grab a specific person’s attention using notification when you need a rapid response. It connects with the most-used work tools.

It is approachable, flexible, and easy to use. But this is not good for mental health and long-term productivity.

An alternative approach for this is email-based communication. 


Main Differences Between Microsoft Yammer and Slack

  1. Microsoft Yammer was founded in the year 2008. On the other hand, Slack was founded in the year 2013.
  2. Microsoft Yammer has high-level security features. On the other hand, Slack has advanced search modifiers.
  3. Microsoft Yammer was founded by David O. Sacks and Adam Pisoni. On the other hand, Slack was found by Cal Henderson and Stewart Butterfield.
  4. The advantage of using Microsoft Yammer is employees can get their answers fast even if they don’t know who to ask their questions. On the other hand, the advantage of using Slack is all the files and discussions of one particular project can be seen in one place. 
  5. The downside of Microsoft Yammer is their customizations are not enough. On the other hand, the downside of Slack is they have minimum file storage. 
Difference Between Microsoft Yammer and Slack

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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