Purpose vs Goal: Difference and Comparison

Often used for a similar outcome, these two words regularly consider a totally different type of meaning in reality. A goal can be taken as a fixed point on which one aims to achieve that at any cost.

But the purpose is considered as the reason which pushes forward the person towards achieving that specific goal. Whatever, they both have the same reason to be considered, which is trying to get what we want. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Purpose represents a fundamental reason or driving force behind actions, while a goal is a specific, measurable outcome.
  2. Purpose provides an overarching direction and motivation; goals are milestones to track progress.
  3. A single purpose can inspire multiple goals, but individual goals may only sometimes align with a broader purpose.

Goal vs Purpose

The difference between Purpose and Goal is that the goal of a person can be to become a soldier. This goal may change with time and situation. But the purpose of that person is to serve his country, by any means. This purpose is something that pushes him forward to achieve the goal. Hence, the goal may change, but the purpose is stagnant and can be achieved by any other goal also.

Goal vs Purpose

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The goal is meant to be attained at any means and at any cost. It is the goal that someone looks forward to while trying to achieve anything specific.

Setting a goal becomes too important when someone is too dedicated to something personally. Not setting a goal can put a backstep in achieving a specific dream. Hence, a goal is needed for a better tomorrow.

On the other hand, the purpose is too ambitious and abstract. It carries powerful and enigmatic energy within itself, which pushes someone to achieve the goal. If the goal is the destination, then purpose acts as the actual reason why you need to reach the destination.

Having a proper goal can make you feel that hunger to achieve that goal. The stronger and more possessive the purpose will be, the better it will be to achieve the goal.  

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGoalPurpose
DefinitionA precise idea to which one moves forward.The reason for moving forward with that idea.
PhilosophicalCan be achieved by any means.Cannot be achieved without the fulfillment of the goal.
PsychologicalIt is the destination to reach.It is that defining journey which helps to reach that destination.
StabilityCan be changed with the point of time and can be shifted.The purpose is stagnant and hard to change.
ServiceCan promote mastery with any cause.Can build new behaviors which promote mastery.

What is Goal?

Most often, a goal is termed as something which we aim into. It is judged by the intensity with which we are desperate to work. But the thing gets a little different with its actual purpose.

The subtleness carries with the definition makes it more meaningful and impressive.

A goal is focused on that thing, which gives us a proper direction to move forward. It is precisely an idea which pushes us forward.

A proper plan and a proper commitment to achieve it make the goal look brighter. Setting a finite time to reach the goal becomes more important when a person endeavours to achieve it with high intensity. 

However, with different people and with various perspectives, the definition of a goal may vary a lot, but the working process never unsettles itself while achieving it. It is the effort and the aim which insist the person fulfil it.

Fulfilling these life goals creates a drastic impact on our morals.

Goals can be something hard or challenging, or can also be something like intentionally straight and small but more personal type.

Apart from that, it all depends on what one wants to achieve and what one needs to avoid to eliminate any obstacle while achieving the goal.  


What is Purpose?

The purpose is treated as a commitment that empowers one to fulfil the goal. It is normally a steady abstract mind state, which makes a futuristic plan of everything which one needs to perform and makes it more specific to work on it. 

Some also state that purpose is not really a state of mind, rather, it is present somewhere in our subconscious mind. Living in the subconscious mind creates a specific way to move forward for the entangled thoughts.

This is a greater purpose that gives a better scene in life and a better viewpoint to focus on the goal.

However, it is not a substantial matter, hence, it also carries the same subtleness which one hardly focuses on in day-to-day life.

But in our unconscious or subconscious mind, it spins and webs the thoughts of our life to come out with a greater reason to strive for. 

An aim which may be of a personal type or a professional and meaningful one, having a purpose is the resoluteness that gives it a subject in hand. This hopefully creates a point in the issue, and it becomes easy to look beyond the aim. 


Main Differences Between Goal and Purpose

  1. The goal can be achieved, but the purpose cannot be achieved directly. It is filled through the achievement of a goal only.
  2. The goal is the final destination to look for, whereas purpose is the journey and the meaning which strives to fulfil the goal.
  3. The goal can be changed with the purpose, but the purpose must be still and stagnant to achieve great heights. 
  4. Goals are always intended to go forward in a specific direction, whereas purpose is all about the direction to talk about.
  5. The goals can promote mastery, whereas the purpose can promote the new behaviours which help in promoting new mastery. 
Difference Between Purpose and Goal
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Last Updated : 26 July, 2023

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