Difference Between Cisco Jabber and IP Communicator

Cisco Jabber and IP Communicator are two distinct terms with distinct significance. Individuals’ virtual lives are made easier by the presence of this incredible technology.


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Cisco Jabber and IP Communicator both provide users with simple online communication solutions. These applications enable users to make premium voice and video conversations with advanced technology.

Cisco Jabber vs IP Communicator

The difference between Cisco Jabber and IP Communicator is that Cisco Jabber is an application through which you can make and receive calls from your device without the need for an actual phone.

Whereas IP Communicator is a softphone application for Windows PCs. Jabber is intended to eventually replace Cisco IP Communicator, but there is currently no 1:1 feature parity between both.

Cisco is doing its share by offering solutions, technology, advice, and resources to assist our communities at this difficult time.

Cisco Jabber vs IP Communicator

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Cisco Jabber is a software solution for Android phones, Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, tablets, and Wearable devices that offer appearance, instant messaging (IM), voicemail, voice, and video calling, and cloud messaging.

Individuals can use Cisco Webex Meetings to convert their Jabber calls into multiple individual conferencing. This unified collaborative solution is compatible with both cloud-based collaboration and on-premise platforms.

Cisco IP Communicator is a Windows PC-based application that’s termed as ‘softphone’ which allows you to make premium audio / visual conversations from your computer.

It is simple to obtain, deploy, and use, and it provides the most recent in IP communication systems. You may simply access your company voicemail and phone number y simply using a USB speakerphone or USB headset and Cisco IP Communicator.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCisco JabberIP Communicator
DefinitionOn numerous devices, this program gives presence, quick voice and video calling, and voicemail.Windows PC-based softphone program that allows us to make quality voice and video calls from our computer.
Latest Version12.9. 6 for Windows and 12.9. 7 for MacCisco IP Communicator 8.6. 6.1 ES
Available onAvailable on any device.A desktop application.
Convenient featuresOne tap escalation to Webex meetings.Easy access to cisco unified cm user options phone services and web pages.
SupportsHigh-quality voice and video.An Audio Tuning Wizard

What is Cisco Jabber?

On Android and Apple devices, Cisco Jabber enables an individual to collaborate via video, voice, instant messaging, and appearance.

Administrators must permit the right Cisco Jabber for Android/Apple configurations when linking to Cisco Unified Communications Manager, otherwise proper connectivity will not be achieved.

An individual can sync the Jabber application with a car screen, allowing people to engage in messages comfortably. Bots that send and receive messages, as well as initiate chats and phone calls, can be created by developers.

The program boosts productivity. It also aids in reducing delays by utilizing real-time presence information and instant messaging. A person can communicate.

Cisco Jabber’s soft-phone features, which include HD voice and video as well as desktop sharing, provide secure and dependable conversations.

Access all Cisco Jabber services, including video conferencing, while on the go, with the same simplicity of use as on the desktop.

Cisco Jabber can be accessed straight from Microsoft Office applications. With a single click, you can start a conversation, phone or video call, or a multi-party conference.

This program provides high-quality voice and video, as well as compatibility with Cisco TelePresence and other audio/video endpoints. Cisco Jabber allows easy on-premises instant messaging and presence.

Team messaging deployment and Webex Messenger are some of Jabber’s easy features. In addition, the application offers easy escalation with one-tap to Webex meetings.

What is IP Communicator?

Cisco IP Communicator is the best technology. If you download Cisco IP Communicator on a portable computer or laptop you can access Cisco IP Communicator from anywhere that has access to the corporate network.

Yes, you read it right. What’s better than an example to explain this? For example, if you’re on a business vacation or out with your family, you can utilize Cisco IP Communicator while online to check voice messages and receive a call.

Alternatively, if you work from home, you might not use your work number at home. But IP communicator makes it easy. Coworkers can contact you by dialing your work number. And that’s pretty convenient.

Cisco IP Communicator collaborates with Cisco Unified Video Advantage, to improve your video communication experience.

Cisco IP Communicator works similarly to a conventional telephone, allowing you to place calls on hold, transfer calls, receive and make calls, speed dial numbers, and so on.

Cisco IP Communicator also includes telephonic tools that can be used to expand and personalize your call-handling capacities. The way your Cisco IP Communicator works and the capabilities available to you may differ.

The capabilities available are determined by the call processing agent employed by how your phone system was configured by your company’s support team and by your organization.

Main Differences Between Cisco Jabber and IP Communicator

  1. Cisco Jabber enables users to connect through video calls and other ways. On the other hand, IP Communicator is a desktop application that allows users to receive calls from anywhere.
  2. Cisco Jabber can be accessed easily from Microsoft office applications. Whereas, IP Communicator collaborates with Cisco Unified Video Advantage.
  3. Cisco Jabber is like a new technology to conveniently interact with other. IP Communicator works like a traditional telephone itself.
  4. Cisco Jabber can be sync to a car screen. IP Communicator help co-workers to contact the users from their work from home.
  5. Cisco Jabber application is available on any platform. IP Communicator can be accessible to a laptop and even a portable computer.
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