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Difference Between Blog and Vlog

Blog and Vlog are two important and similar terms that are used as a strong communication tool and marketing resource for businesses.


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The Blog presents the content in a texted and written format with appropriate images. Whereas a vlog is a video presentation of the content posted on the website or social media platform for the audience.

Blog vs Vlog

The difference between a blog and a vlog is that Blog is texted website presented or published on the internet (world wide web) and handled by the writers or bloggers that write content on it. On the contrary, a vlog is consists of informational videos in which the content is shared in video format. It is the best source of knowledge for those who don’t like reading the textual content.

Blog vs Vlog

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A blog is an informational and knowledge-sharing website published on the internet. It is considered a marketing tool and a better source of communication with the audience who loves to read.

Blogger is an individual or someone who writes content for the blog website.

Vlog is derived from the term blog itself, which stands for video blog. It represents the subject matter information on various topics, including technology, business, current affairs, etc.

The video must be presentable with good sound quality and graphics and must be edited well before posting.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBlogVlog
MeaningBlog is the short form of weblogVlog is the short form used for the combination of video and blog
What is it?The blog is texted website hosted on the internet for information and knowledge sharing Vlog is consist of informational videos in which the content is shared in video format
Hosting PlatformsBlog hosting platforms include Blogger, Slideshare, WordPress, Wix, etc.Vlog hosting platforms include YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.
CostingBlogs are less costlier than a vlog as it only includes web hosting chargesVlog are costlier, it required few gadgets including a microphone, camera, tripods, etc. for presenting the video appropriately.
EngagementNumber of visitors on a blogging website is comparatively less than a vlogA vlog has more visitors than a blog because it is convenient for those who do not read the content

What is Blog?

A blog simply means a web blog where the texted content is drafted and presented to the audience. The writer who writes the content on these websites is called a blogger. Blog plays an important role as a communication tool for various businesses.

The Blog is published and hosted on the internet and operated by individuals or groups and even by the organization for advertisement purposes.

A blog presents the content in an organized manner by using appropriate images, Gifs, etc. This concept was launched or came into existence in the year 1990, and people started using this tool or platform in the year 2003.

Various platforms are used to support blogs. This includes blogger, Drupal, WordPress, etc.

What is Vlog?

A Vlog is the video presentation of the content, or in other words, topics are explained or presented to the audience by using video format and posted on the websites and social platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

This concept was started in the year 2000 and get widespread in the year 2004.

The term vlog is derived from the word Blog only, which means video log. The video presented can be a long-lasting or a short one that covers a wide range of topics.

Vlogging is quite expensive because various equipment is needed to make a video with good picture quality and audio.

Main Differences Between Blog and Vlog

  1. Blog and Vlog are quite similar terms with different meanings. A Blog is used to present the data in the textual form by using images, gifs, text, etc. On the contrary, a vlog is used to present information in video format. The video must be presentable with good sound quality and graphics and must be edited well before posting.
  2. Blog and Vlog both are hosted on various platforms on the internet or worldwide web. Blogging platforms include Blogger, SlideShare, WordPress, Wix, etc. On the other side, Vlogging platforms include YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.
  3. Blog and Vlog are knowledge-sharing platforms that are also used widely as marketing tools by various companies worldwide. Blogs were initially started in the year 1990 and used by the people or became popular worldwide in the year 2003. On the contrary, Vlog was started or initiated in 2000 and get popular in 2004.
  4. Blog and Vlog can be operated by an individual or by a group of people and even by the organization for marketing purposes. The cost of these two knowledge-sharing platforms varies from each other in a few aspects. A blog is cheaper to operate as compared to a vlog. It only includes web hosting fees. On the other side, a vlog is costlier to operate because the vlogger has to buy some necessary and quite expensive equipment like a microphone, camera, tripod, etc., to present a good video quality to the audience.
  5. A blog is a short form that is used for the word weblog where the texted content is drafted and presented to the audience. On the contrary, the term vlog is used to present the combination of blog and video topics are explained or presented to the audience by using video format.
Difference Between Blog and Vlog

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