Emgality vs Ubrelvy: Difference and Comparison

Migraine is an intense headache that is caused due to stress, anxiety, food habits and other factors. To treat this ailment, various kinds of medication are available. Ubrelvy and Emgality are two of them. Both medications are known as Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptides or CGRP inhibitors.

Even though they treat the same ailment, they work in different manners.

Key Takeaways

  1. Emgality is a monthly injection used to prevent migraines, while Ubrelvy is a tablet used to treat migraines that have already started.
  2. Emgality is a preventive treatment for migraines, while Ubrelvy is used to treat acute migraines.
  3. Emgality is administered monthly, while Ubrelvy is taken as needed when a migraine occurs.

Emgality vs Ubrelvy

The difference between Emgality and Ubrelvy is that Emgality is used to obstruct migraines, and Ubrelvy is to treat migraines. Emgality is an injection; contrasting, Ubrelvy is a tablet that should be eaten up orally. Emgality has a long-term working process, but Ubrelvy works fast and gives a rapid solution.

Emgality vs Ubrelvy

Emgality is a new drug, and it does not treat migraine headaches. It prevents them. It is not an oral medication, it is given by injection, and one needs to take this once every month for its effect to last. It stops the CGRP receptor by binding with it.


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Ubrelvy is a prescribed drug to treat acute migraine headaches. It is a fast-working pill that works like a charm when someone undergoes the intense headache of a migraine. But this non-narcotic pill also has a few side effects. This pill can only treat migraine pain. It can not prevent it.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonEmgalityUbrelvy
Usage It is used to prevent migraines.It is used as a treatment for acute migraines.
ApplicationEmgality is supposed to be injected into a subcutaneous area.Ubrelvy is supposed to be consumed orally by swallowing.
ActionComparatively, this takes a longer time to act. This acts instantly and offers fast relief.
Direction to use Emgality is given as a loading dose at first and then allotted monthly.1 tablet of Ubrelvy should be taken when one has a migraine, and under required circumstances, another dose might be taken in 2 hours,
CGRPIt compels the CGRP ligand, which prevents the ligand from compelling to the CGRP receptor.Its small molecules act as the antagonist for CGRP.
Side effectsEmgality side effects are generally pain, redness, and itching on the injection site. Common side effects of Ubrelvy are nausea, drowsiness, and dry mouth.

What is Emgality?

Emgality is an injection that prevents migraine headaches. It works by blocking the effect of CGRP, a protein that induces the pain of migraine. Emgality ties to CGRP and thus successfully prevents it from gathering with the CGRP receptor.

Emgality, the new drug, was approved in September 2018. This is given by injection in a subcutaneous area of the body once every month. It takes longer to start acting. It can also be used to treat episodic cluster headaches in adults.

It does not have any complicated common side effects, but the injected area of the skin can experience pain, redness, and itching.

Emgality is unique as it is one of the first drugs that prevent migraine. Its effect on pregnant and breastfeeding women has not been studied profusely. So it is better to avoid this drug during these situations. One must always discuss their medical history with the doctor before taking Emgality.

emgality scaled

What is Ubrelvy?

Ubrelvy or ubrogepant is a non-narcotic tablet that is used to treat migraine in adults. It acts as an antagonist to the calcitonin gene-related peptide receptor, which is recognized to be the reason for migraine.

This tablet starts its work shortly, and it should be used only when one has a migraine headache. It can be taken at any place. It starts its action fast and holds few side effects like nausea, dry mouth, and sleepiness.

It is instructed to use when one experiences a migraine headache. It is not used to prevent pain. It claims to work fast and give quick relief within 2 hours. In case it does not start to act on the pain, another dose is recommended to consume. It is for adults.

The effectiveness of the children has not been anticipated yet.

This pill should not be consumed without a doctor’s advice. There are many drugs that should not be taken with Ubrelvy. One needs to provide the medication details they have been taking. One should avoid using Ubrelvy if one suffers from liver or kidney disease.

It might also have an impact on unborn babies, so pregnant women are also advised to avoid this pill.

Main Differences Between Emgality and Ubrelvy

  1. Both of these are migraine medications. Emgality is used to prevent migraines, whereas Ubrelvy is a medication that is used as a solution for acute migraine.
  2. Emgality is a monthly injection and is considered to be injected into a subcutaneous area of the body, but on the contrary, Ubrelvy is a tablet and is considered to be swallowed with any drink.
  3. The effect of Emgality takes a longer time to act, whereas Ubrelvy has rapid action and provides fast relief of pain.
  4. Emgality is prescribed to take once every month, but Ubrelvy can be taken whenever the headache occurs. More than one dose can be taken if the pain does not faint away.
  5. All medications have some side effects, and so do these two. Common side effects of Emgality are pain, redness, and itching on the part of the body where the injection was given. And side effects of Ubrelvy are nausea, drowsiness, and dry mouth.
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