Difference Between Emgality and AJOVY

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Emgality vs AJOVY

The difference between Emgality and AJOVY is that Emgality is taken 240mg at first for migraines, and afterwards, 120mg works well as well. For three months, 100mg injections were given simultaneously for headache episodic cluster. However, In the case of adults, AJOVY is primarily used as a migraine prevention measure. AJOVY 225mg is injected three times a month for three months.

Emgality vs AJOVY

Galcanezumab is the name of the drug’s primary constituent, which is sold under the Emgality brand. Emgality was authorised by the FDA on September 27th of this year.

Fremanezumab is the medicine that is offered under the AJOVY brand. AJOVY was approved by the FDA on September 14th, 2018.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonEmgalityAJOVY
Half-life27 days 31 days
Drug IngredientGalcanezumab Fremanezumab
Approval dateSeptember 27, 2018September 14, 2018
Process of intakeSelf-injected into the subcutaneous layer via a syringe or prefilled pen.Injected into perfectly healthy skin and in the subcutaneous layer.
WorkingBy blocking, counteracting the effect of CGRP protein.By halting the activeness of calcitonin gene-related peptide protein.
Use in adultsTreatment of episodic clusters of ache in head and migraine. Preventive measure to Migraine.
Dosage240mg then 120mg for migraine, 100mg for headache episodic cluster. 225mg every month, quarterly.

What is Emgality?

Galcanezumab is the generic name for the active ingredient in the medication Emgality. On September 27th, 2018, the FDA authorised Emgality.

Emgality has a 27-day half-life. Emgality is a drug that is used to treat adult migraines and episodic clusters of pain in the head. Emgality is prescribed for migraines at a dosage of 240 mg at first, then 120 mg.

Constipation, dizziness, itchy skin, welts, 18% injection site responses, and anti-drug antibodies are some of the side effects described by individuals after using the treatment (up to 12.5 per cent).

What is AJOVY?

Ajovy is a type of brand-name medicine for adults who is available via prescription only, who suffer from migraine headaches. It comes in the form of a prefilled syringe.

On September 14th, 2018, FDA approved AJOVY. In the subcutaneous layer of the upper arm, abdomen, and thighs, AJOVY is injected into places that aren’t indurated, bruised, sensitive, or red.

The medication fremanezumab, a monoclonal antibody, is contained in Ajovy. A monoclonal antibody is a type of medication, which is made up of immune system cells.

Main Differences Between Emgality and AJOVY

  1. Emgality is used in the treatment of episodic clusters of ache in the head and migraine in adults. On the other hand, AJOVY is consumed as a preventive measure to Migraine in the case of adults.
  2. For migraine, Emgality is taken 240mg in the beginning and then 120mg works well too. Simultaneously for headache episodic cluster 100mg injection for three consecutive months.


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