Difference Between Flutter and Xamarin

Flutter and Xamarin are more than mobile libraries. They are complete solutions for building apps.

Moreover, they reinforce Google’s and Microsoft’s commitment to building developer tools that make the creation of quality mobile apps easier and more efficient.

Both Flutter and Xamarin may seem exceptionally similar, yet they are extremely different.

Flutter vs Xamarin

The main difference between Flutter and Xamarin is that Flutter is generated on top of the Dart framework and has a high-rising execution and production speed, whereas, Xamarin is generated on the top of Java and C# language, which result in a slightly low execution and production speed.

Flutter vs Xamarin

Flutter is an open-source project available for all developers as it’s completely open-source. Moreover, it refers to an app that is developed on a mobile platform, iOS or Android, and it’s similar to any other native apps.

Xamarin is a cross-platform mobile development framework that provides tools, customized development tools, and support for Apple iOS and Google Android app development.

Moreover, it also provides support for Apple Watch and web browsers in the case of Web Application Development (WAD).

Comparison Table Between Flutter and Xamarin

Parameters of Comparison FlutterXamarin
DefinitionFlutter is a mobile SDK that enables programmers to use one code base to create applications for Android and iOS.Xamarin is a mobile development framework that allows programmers to build native iOS, Android, and Windows applications.
FabricationFlutter is a contemporary SDK from Google.Xamarin is a contemporary SDK from Microsoft.
Language UtilizedIt’s perfectly based on Dart language.It’s perfectly based on Java and C# language.
Bear OutFlutter bears out iOS, Android, and Windows.Xamarin bears out Mac, Windows PC, and Linux.
Code TranslationThe Flutter code needs to be translated into native code through tools.Xamarin code does not need to be translated into native code through tools.

What is Flutter?

Flutter provides the fastest way to produce modern, native apps on cross platforms. With Flutter, user can author their app in either Dart or Kotlin using the fundamentals and tooling.

Flutter applications are built from smaller modules that share state and logic.Render performance such as Flutter’s isomorphic rendering framework, built on the Skia graphics library,

means Flutter apps draw natively and run at 60 frames per second.

Flutter applications have comprehensive access to device sensors, cameras, and other hardware features. The rich look designed with Flutter will also be available through native viewports.

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is a mobile app development platform by Microsoft. Most of the apps are built-in HTML, CSS, and Javascript but, utilizing Xamarin will let anyone do the same thing but on the desktop or phone with just a few lines of code.

Xamarin lets developers write their app once and deploy it to multiple platforms without rewriting or porting their app’s C# codebase. Xamarin apps can be built on native APIs, including those of iOS and Android.

Xamarin provides an IDE(Integrated Development Environment), which allows the user to write code in C# and compile the source code into native applications for multiple platforms.

Xamarin provides native libraries for object-oriented programming with its cross-platform language XamarinForms.

Main Differences Between Flutter and Xamarin

  1. Flutter is a mobile UI framework for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time, whereas, Xamarin is a mobile UI framework that permits users to generate native iOS, Android, and Windows applications.
  2. The fabrication of Flutter is from Google, whereas the fabrication of Xamarin is from Microsoft.
  3. The Dart is the language utilized for Flutter, whereas Java and C# language is the language utilized for Xamarin.
  4. The Flutter props up with iOS, Android, and Windows, whereas, Xamarin props up with Mac, Windows PC, and Linux.
  5. The code translation of Flutter requires to be translated into native code through tools, whereas the code translation of Xamarin code does not require to be translated into native code through tools.
Difference Between Flutter and Xamarin


Flutter and Xamarin is a mobile framework that comes with the Visual Studio code integrated editor. Flutter is an open-source mobile app SDK that enables developers to quickly create beautiful applications. Xamarin’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Visual Studio plugin, and iOS simulator all make testing easier so that users can get user feedback as fast as possible.

Moreover, Xamarin allows developers to build anything they want with their native UI or even web apps by using their favorite development frameworks. It’s generally believed that Flutter exists in the same league as Xamarin.

However, despite the same similarity of features between these two platforms, even though both offer similar features, Flutter offers some extra benefits such as new and advanced technologies.


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