FZ1 vs FZ6: Difference and Comparison

In 1955, this company was established under separation from the corporation of Yamaha. When it comes to key people, Yoshihiro Hidaka is its president, and the chairman is Hiroyuki Yanagi.  

They have come up with several variations, such as FZ1 and FZ6. In this article, the main focus is on highlighting the differences between FZ1 and FZ6. 

Key Takeaways

  1. FZ1 features a larger 998cc engine, providing more power and torque than the FZ6’s 599cc engine.
  2. FZ6 boasts better fuel efficiency than FZ1, making it a more economical choice for everyday riding.
  3. FZ1 offers a more aggressive riding position, while FZ6 features a more comfortable and upright seating position for longer rides.

FZ1 vs FZ6 

The Yamaha FZ1, a sport touring motorcycle, was first introduced in 2001, featuring a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 998cc engine and a six-speed transmission. The Yamaha FZ6 is a mid-range sports bike that was produced from 2004 to 2009, featuring a liquid-cooled and fuel-injected 600cc engine.

FZ1 vs FZ6

The Yamaha FZ1 wide bars plus quality suspension equals big fun. It is hard to fault Fazer into corners, they flick easily, and due to its reasonable tires, the handling is well as long.


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The Yamaha FZ6 handling is spot on due to reasons like fat tires, good suspension, great chassis, wide bars, and giving the rider loads of feedback. Its derived brakes work well, although, at a faster speed, they tend to work worse.

Comparison Table  

Parameters of comparisonFZ1FZ6
Fuel capacity18 liters19.4 liters
Bike weight199 kg186 kg
Seat height815mm795mm
Average fuel consumption41 mpg42 mpg
Horsepower108 kW @ 11000 rpm72 kW @ 12000 rpm

What is FZ1?  

The FZ1 comes with excellent quality grips, switches, and specifically nice mirrors. Alloy levers that are buffed look smart, and the brake side adjusts for reach.

The smart side panels meet a truly nifty taillight as well as a dual-tone tail fairing. Attention at a high level to detail is evident by top-notch quality for all parts.  

But to be fair to the bike, the reason could be slow-moving urban riding conditions and our torrid weather, and as its gearbox, it is not as troublesome.  

It has a lighter effort in yearning to change down or up this box when it comes to long rides. A fully adjustable suspension with a top drawer is given at both ends. 

yamaha fz1

What is FZ6? 

Among the Yamaha series’ most popular bikes, FZ6 is one of them. With its great looks, terrific handling, and superb engine around it is makes one of the most versatile bikes.

The only thing FZ6 needs is to bring a lot of reviving life of the engine to its true power. Its upgraded version, which was introduced in 2007, also offered better fueling.  

The spot is handling due to its great features, such as great suspensions, wide handlebars, sturdy tires, etc. When it comes to braking, they are sharp as well. On the throttle, the only niggles are the play, heavy clutch, and not-so-smooth gearbox.  

However, at intervals care needs to Polish parts are to be taken to ensure that they retain the gleam of that brand new and also prevent corrosion from damaging. Its brilliant ergonomics make it comfortable for people. 

yamaha fz6 1

Main Differences Between FZ1 and FZ6 

  1. FZ1 offers a torque of 78 lbs. at 7500 rpm, whereas FZ6 offers 46.53 lbs. at 10,000 rpm as its torque. This is why FZ1 provides a better job in power transmission to the wheels than FZ6. 
  2. While comparing engines, FZ1 comes with a 998 cc, 4-cylinder, and 20-valve engine. On the other hand, FZ6 has a 600 cc four-cylinder engine with 16 valves. 
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