GSR vs MR: Difference and Comparison

The industry of automobiles has revolutionized and played a vital role in everyday life. Various companies come up with various models and series every year. One of the

popular brands in the automobile industry is Mitsubishi. Two popular models of Mitsubishi are Mitsubishi Evo GSR and Mitsubishi Evo MR.

Key Takeaways

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GSR is a measure of the skin’s electrical conductance, used in psychological research to measure physiological responses to different stimuli. It is not used for medical imaging purposes. MR imaging is non-invasive and used to diagnose a wide range of conditions, particularly soft tissues.


GSR was manufactured and launched by Mitsubishi in October 1992. It was produced till January 1994.


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The GSR model of Mitsubishi Evo cars has a 5-speed manual engine. The GSR model also comes with an OBP for USDM. The AWC button is present on the steering wheel.

On the other hand, MR was manufactured and launched by Mitsubishi in January 2003. It was produced in the market till March 2005.

The MR model was launched in two types of engines, one with a 5-speed and the other with a 6-speed manual engine. The AWC button is present on the center console, which is behind the shifter.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGSRMR
Year of launch GSR was launched on October 1992 MR was launched in January 2003
Last year of production GSR was produced till January 1994 MR was produced till March 2005
Transmission type GSR has 5-speed manual transmission engine MR has five-speed as well as six-speed manual transmission engine
Generation category Belongs to the first generation of Mitsubishi Evo cars Belongs to the 8th generation of the Mitsubishi Evo cars
Suspension setup GSR does not have Bilstein shocks and SST transmission but has KYB shocks MR has Bilstein shocks and SST transmission

What is GSR?

GSR was launched as the first generation of Mitsubishi Evo cars in the year 1992. It is more affordable than other models of the Mitsubishi Evo series.

It has a 5-speed manual speed transmission. It produces 182 kW and 244 hp of torque at the rate of 6,000 rpm.

The GSR model is cheaper than MR. It has a traditional 5-speed manual speed transmission. It has a KYB suspension setup.

It is a lightweight model of 3517 lbs. The interior of GSR has cloth seats in the front as well as in the rear. It has Recaro seats in the front. Even the GSR model’s door trim and centre console armrest are cloth trimmed. GSR provides the option of all leather or aluminium options in the shift knob.

The GSR model does not have any Bluetooth connectivity. However, the connection of Bluetooth can be made by the users too.

The AWC button’s placement is on the model’s steering wheel. The interior trim pieces in the GSR model are made up of faux carbon.

The front grill present on the model is mainly available in two colors which are either grey or black. The model provides Enkei wheels.

The Chrome grill and the other trim pieces of the window and door are flat black plastic. The vent around the driver’s side has a fake mesh.

Hence it does not allow any air circulation through it. The GSR model provides a fast key only with the SSS package.

mitsubishi gsr scaled

What is MR?

MR was launched as the eighth generation of the Mitsubishi Evo cars in the year 2003. It is more expensive than other prior models and is available in 5-speed as well as a 6-speed manual transmission.

The model has exclusive connectivity of Bluetooth. It also has audio controls on the steering wheel. It provides different shift knobs of either leather or aluminium. The model has two-piece rotors.

The entire model has a luxury feel because of the leather trimming done. It has leather-trimmed seeds in the front as well as in the rear.

Even the door trim and the centre console armrest is of leather. The placement of the AWC button in the GSR model is in the center console which is just behind the shifter.

The model has a Chrome grille and other trim pieces of window or door. It has heavy exclusive BBS wheels. The plastic interior trim pieces are available in phantom black color in the model.

The model has standard evolution scarf plates placed on the door threshold. The model comes with extra interior sound insulation of 13 lbs.

The front grille present on the model is mainly available in two color formats, which are either silver or light grey. The MR model comes with hi-dad headlights and a larger rear spoiler.

The base model comes with a fast key. The go-around the drivers’ site has a fog light and is made up of all mesh, allowing air circulation.

The side brake air vent is available in the same color as the body of the MR.

mitsubishi mr

Main Differences Between GSR and MR

  1. The GSR model is best for people on a tight budget, while the MR model is best for people who are ready to splurge some extra bucks.
  2. GSR provides 16 mpg mileage in city driving, while MR provides 17 mpg mileage in city driving.
  3. GSR is lighter and weighs around 3517 lbs, while MR is heavier and weighs around 3658 lbs.
  4. GSR has seats of cloth in front and rear, while MR has leather-trimmed seats in front and rear.
  5. The GSR model does not have Bluetooth connectivity or interior sound insulation, while the MR model has Bluetooth connectivity and 13 lbs of interior sound insulation.

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