Difference Between GT and SE

Due to the amelioration in the technological world, many new inventions appeared in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, such as transport facilities, especially automobiles. There are numerous car models on the market, each designed for a specific purpose, such as personal, commercial, or sporting use.

Both GT and SE are types of sports car models that have been invented in the market to offer high performance in terms of speed, safety, fuel-saving, and luxurious technology. GT is designed to be having high horsepower and an efficient braking system. However, SE cars are excellent in adjusting seats electronically and upgrading interior technology.

GT vs SE

The main difference between the GT and the SE is that the GT is a grand tourer luxury sports car introduced in Europe in the mid-20th century. On the other hand, an SE is a technologically and functionally improved version of the original design. Both GT and SE are advanced forms of automobiles in the car industry.


Grand tourer cars, or GT cars, are automobiles specifically designed to travel long distances at high speeds. These cars are based on basic-looking cars with front-mounted engines and rear-mounted driving wheels. The comfort of passengers is taken into account when designing the seating in these vehicles. Even for a longer duration, these are mileage-effective cars.

SE cars stand for sports edition or special edition. These cars are available in the market for sports. When any automobile launches a vehicle as an updated version of their previously designed models, those cars fall under SE. Generally, these upgraded models are relatively few. Moreover, these cars consist of comfortable seating and the effective speed to cope up with racing-like scenarios.

Comparison Table Between GT and SE

Parameters of ComparisonGTSE
HorsepowerEngines of GT cars have higher horsepower nearly, 175 hp.In SE cars, horsepower is relatively lower than GT.
BrakesIn GT cars, rear disk brakes have been embedded to ensure stability.Rear drum brakes are present in SE cars
Sway BarsIn a vehicle’s suspension, sway bars are thicker.Sway bars in the suspension of SE cars are small comparatively.
Exhaust SystemExhaust included in the grand tourer cars is two in number.Single exhaust is there in special edition cars.
Colour of GlassOn GT cars, all the glass, including the windshield, is painted the same color as the car itself.The Colour of glasses in SE cars is always black.

What is GT?

GT is an acronym used for grand tourer cars. Grand in English means big, and Tourer in English means a tour. Therefore, these cars are specially designed for long journeys and in the 1950s in European countries like Italy. Later became part of the sports industry too.

G T cars have a luxurious and comfortable interior. Comfortable cushioned seats, an updated sound system, LED screens, pre-installed GPS, an armrest, and high-level safety systems are all available. Thus, these automobiles are known as luxury sedans.

These cars are divided into three sections on the outside: an engine section, a passenger section, and a cargo section. The color of the windshield, front glass, rear glass, and window glass is determined by the car’s color.

Grand tourer cars also have thicker sway bars to prevent the car from swaying and two exhaust systems. Furthermore, it is equipped with modern rear disc brakes. Other features are low fuel consumption and high horsepower of the engine, thanks to advanced technology.

Ford Mustang, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Bentley Continental are some of the most prestigious automobile brands that release GT cars. All of these companies provide a luxurious line of grand tourer cars to make the journey and competition memorable.

What is SE?

The abbreviation SE is used to indicate either a sport edition or a special edition. As the name implies, these vehicles are built for sports and are customized to the user’s specifications. European manufacturers created these cars in 1900.

Sport Edition automobiles have a dynamic performance. It means that a variety of factors are taken into account when designing a vehicle, such as acceleration, speed, and wheel quality, to provide fun and excitement while driving.

Traditionally, these cars had only two seats: a driver and a passenger, and they didn’t have a roof. Later, depending on the car’s size, a four-seat option became available in sport edition cars. Moreover, such cars can be a luxury too.

These cars are considered to be an improved version of an existing model and are produced in limited quantities to meet market demand. Even though their engines have a lot of horsepowers, they don’t have as many as grand tourer models.

These sports cars were designed specifically for racing and were only available in sedan form until 2002(three-compartment model). All SE cars have a black windshield, side glass, front and back glass to protect people from the sun’s harmful rays and provide privacy while traveling.

Main Differences Between GT and SE

  1. The horsepower of the engine in GT cars is higher than in SE cars (170 hp).
  2. Grand tourer brakes are much more advanced, with rear disc brakes. On the other hand, old-fashioned rear drum brakes are installed in SE cars.
  3. The rides of the GT cars are very smooth due to the presence of thick sway bars in suspension. Whereas sway bars of sport edition cars are small.
  4. GT car’s front, rear, and side glasses are colored according to the car’s paint. On the contrary, SE cars consist of black glass to ensure privacy and protection.
  5. To manage the effects of poisonous gases released by vehicles, GT cars have two exhausts while SE cars only have one.


Both the GT and SE are sports car models that were first introduced in Europe between 1900 and 1950. Even in the racing world, both cars are highly technical and advanced. There are some differences between the two models when it comes to features, amenities, and exterior.

The grand tourer model includes features like an advanced braking system and suspension. In this scenario, however, sports editions lag behind GT cars. The size of the car and the color of the windows differ on the exterior. Grand tourer cars also have a higher fuel efficiency than speed edition models as GT cars are specially designed for longer journeys.


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