Difference Between Hamilton and Jefferson

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson both were prominent leaders in the United States of America.


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They worked under the leadership of President George Washington, Alexander Hamilton was appointed the first secretary of the Treasury, and Thomas Jefferson was appointed the Secretary of State.

Although they work in the same office, however, their political opinions are in opposition to one another.

Key Takeaways

  1. Hamilton favored a strong central government and an industrial economy, while Jefferson supported states’ rights and an agrarian society.
  2. Hamilton advocated for establishing a national bank, whereas Jefferson opposed it due to constitutional concerns.
  3. Their differing political ideologies laid the foundation for the Federalist and Democratic-Republican parties.

Hamilton vs Jefferson

Hamilton advocated for a strong central government, a robust fiscal system, and an industrialized economy. Thomas Jefferson was a Founding Father and the third president of the United States, advocating for states’ rights, individual liberty, and a strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution.

Hamilton vs Jefferson

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Alexander Hamilton was born on the Caribbean island of St. Croix; he was very ambitious and charming. Alexander Hamilton represented New You in Congress, his political career’s starting point.

He was part of the American Revolution; he was mainly shaped by his wartime experiences and distrusted any system of Government that gave too much power to the ordinary people, which led to the formation of the Federalists Party that mainly supported the Central Government for controlling power.

Thomas Jefferson was born in Virginia; he was a fluent writer and a great violin player. He was a tobacco planter and enslaved people for the work in his field; he was very knowledgeable and knew everything.

Thomas Jefferson believed informed citizens could make good decisions for themselves and their country.

He had faith in the goodness and wisdom of the people who worked for their soil, especially farmers; his belief and confidence in the people led to the formation of the Republicans party.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHamiltonJefferson
LeadersAlexander HamiltonThomas Jefferson
The best form of GovernmentThe best form of GovernmentIn terms of the Ideal Economy
Hamilton believed that they should use the Federal Government to increase national wealth.Jefferson believed that America’s future lies with the farmers and agriculture will play an essential role in shaping the country’s economyJefferson favoured Democracy; he believed in a stronger State Government and a weak Central Government
Relationship with Britain and FranceHamilton supported Britain as Great Britain was everything he hoped the United state would become.Hamilton supported tax for revenue generation and in the import of goods.
Tax supportJefferson favoured Democracy; he believed in a stronger State Government and a weak Central GovernmentHamilton believed that the one who educated, wealthy, public-spirited men should run the Government.

What is Hamilton?

Alexander Hamilton was a founding father of government financial systems and mechanisms; he established the Federal Government’s financial framework.

In American history, Alexander Hamilton is one of the most important figures, and his political rivalry with Thomas Jefferson still has a lasting impact.

Alexander Hamilton was a great leader who supported the Central Government and worked to form a government with full power to run and control a nation.

The vice President of the United States, Aaron Burr, murdered Alexander Hamilton brutally due to political rivalry.

Hamilton’s goal was to form a Nation that the Central Government runs; Hamilton believed that the Central Government should be more dominant in a country than a State government.

According to Hamilton, a strong Central Government will have a more consolidated government that can control anarchy and mob rule. 

They believe in a loose construction of the constitution, which means to implement a rule it is not necessary, that had to be said or written in a form.

They mainly supported Urban development as they thought the wealthy and educated people should run the country.

Hamilton believed that the Government should be involved in the economy as it would help the country’s economic development. And they supported the National Bank as it would give more power to the Central Government.

What is Jefferson?

Thomas Jefferson, aa spokesman for Democracy and chief author of the Declaration of Independence, was one of America’s Founding Fathers. He was also the Third President of the United States.

Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were at odds over Jefferson’s support for the French Revolution, as he was a powerful supporter of liberty.

Thomas Jefferson established the University of Virginia, an institution dedicated to advancing human knowledge, educating leaders, and cultivating an informed citizen.

Jefferson believed in making the State Government strong as he thought that State Government was closer to the people and could respond to their peculiar interests.

Jefferson thought that if the Central Government dominated the power, the government could use its control arbitrarily and cruelly.

They believed in the robust construction of the constitution, where the Government will only have the power to do things the body allows.

They mostly supported rural development, especially farmers, as they thought they were America’s future.

Jefferson believed that the Government should not participate in the economy. They believed in leaving things to their course without interfering.

They were against the involvement of the Central Government in the National Banks as it would give more power to the Central Government, and it was not there in the constitution.

Main Differences Between Hamilton and Jefferson

1. According to Hamilton, the central government should hold most of the power, whereas Jefferson believed that the state government should be more powerful.

2. Hamilton Supported the Tax system as they thought if they implied import tax, it could help in the development of domestic manufacturing by stopping imports. In contrast, Jefferson believed that the tax implication would stop the importance of cheap products, which are more affordable to ordinary people.

3. Hamilton supported Great Britain as they saw a good ally in them, whereas Jefferson supported France as they supported a Democratic Government.

4. Hamilton supported the Federal Assumption of State war debts, but Jefferson was against it.

5. Hamilton was in the Treasury Department planning the fiscal policy, whereas Jefferson was the State Secretary.

Difference Between Hamilton and Jefferson
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