Difference Between InShot and KineMaster

Everywhere we go, we make memories. To keep the collection of our memories, we tend to take pictures and videos of ourselves whenever we visit or explore new places.

Before posting to our social media, we like to edit our videos and make them more attractive. When it comes to editing videos, the two best options are InShot and KineMaster.

InShot vs KineMaster

The main difference between InShot and KineMaster is that KineMaster has more advanced features which are available to all the users of the application without any additional cost. On the other hand, InShot has less advanced features and even a few advanced features require the users to pay an additional cost in order to use them.

InShot vs KineMaster

InShot is an application that is available on both iPhone and Android. The purpose of the application is to edit and create videos from the collection of pictures.

They have numerous features like adding songs in the background, beauty filters, improving the quality of the video, etc. They can be downloaded free of cost and is user-friendly.

KineMaster is also an application that is available on both iPhone and Android. The purpose of the KineMaster is similar to the purpose of the InShot.

They are mainly used for editing and improving the quality of the videos. They can be downloaded from the play store without any cost and have many advanced free features.

Comparison Table Between InShot and KineMaster

Parameters of ComparisonInShot KineMaster
MeaningInShot is an application created for editing videos.KineMaster is an application created for editing and creating videos.
FoundedInShot was founded in 2014.KineMaster was founded in September 2002.
FeaturesInShot has features of trimming, adding sounds, filters, etc.KineMaster has features of improving the quality, trimming, splitting, etc.
CostInShot is free of cost but the premium version is a paid one.KineMaster is free of cost.
Customer supportInShot provides better customer support services.KineMaster comparatively provides low customer support services.

What is InShot?

InShot is a video editor application and has numerous advanced features. InShot was founded in 2014 and developed by the Chinese developer QuVideo.

Instantly, InShot was a huge success and downloaded by millions of users all over the world. It was recognized for its high quality and provides the best customer support services.

InShot allows the users to edit, cut, and crop the video into the parts the users needed. The users can select multiple videos and split the parts that they require and form or create into a separate video.

The users can also split the multiple videos and cut or crop the parts. In addition to this, they can also add new filters to their videos and make them more attractive.

InShot is helpful in improving the quality of the video. This application is available for users of both iPhone and Android.

It can be downloaded easily from the google play store without any charges and can be used easily as the app provides instructions about each and every feature that is available in the application.

However, there is a premium version of the app that unlocks many advanced features which require the users to pay in order to use them.

What is KineMaster?

KineMaster is an application used for video editing and many other features. KineMaster was introduced in September 2002 by Taek Lim who was the CEO of the South Korean company NexStreaming.

It is a software company based in South Korea that deals with varieties of media and develop many applications in the line of advanced technology.

The features of KineMaster are very similar to InShot.

KineMaster has the features of adjusting the speed of the video, merging clips from different videos, adding songs or sounds to the video, new filters like black and white or colors, timing or removing the parts of the videos, etc.

The application has been constantly updated according to the introduction of the newer technology.

KineMaster is available in both iPhones and androids. The application can be downloaded easily without the requirement of paying any charges. The size of this application is quite small and hence, the storage of the mobile won’t be affected much.

There are many additional features other than editing videos in KineMaster that can be used by the users without paying any additional charges.

Hence, KineMaster is one of the best applications for editing videos and is used by millions of people from different parts of the world.

Main Differences Between InShot and KineMaster

  1. InShot was introduced and launched in the market recently in 2014 while KineMaster has been in the market for many years since September 2002.
  2. InShot gained popularity instantly, was widely reputed, and was used by numerous users in comparison to the introduction of KineMaster.
  3. KineMaster has numerous features other than editing and trimming videos while InShot has limited features concerning editing videos.
  4. InShot has additional features too but it requires the users to pay additional charges to access those features. On the other hand, KineMaster provided numerous features without charging any additional fees from the users.
  5. InShot was widely recognized for its high-quality customer support services that were available online and were open 24/7 while KineMaster takes a step back with respect to customer support services.


Both InShot and KineMaster are the best applications for editing and trimming videos.

Both of these applications provide numerous outstanding features for the users like adding sounds or beauty filters, merging clips, adjusting the speed, improving the quality, splitting, cropping the videos, etc.

These applications are available in the Google play store on both iPhones and Android.

Both InShot and KineMaster can be downloaded without the requirement of paying any charges. Both of these applications provide customer support services through online mode.

Hence, both of these applications, InShot and KineMaster are effective and user-friendly applications for editing and creating new videos.


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