Filmora vs Kinemaster: Difference and Comparison

Video editing software has become very important when it comes to editing the videos in a sequence after the post-production. There is much video-editing software available in the market.

Video Editing software has replaced the old methods of editing them via the usage of celluloid.

A non-Linear editing system is a technique used in video editing software that allows moving the clippings either in forwarding or backward sequence.

A wide variety of tools is also available for cutting, trimming, arranging the clips. Once the editing is done, it is exported in acceptable file formats.

Filmora and Kinemaster are the two video editing software that is very popular.

Key Takeaways

  1. Filmora is a video editing software for Windows and Mac, while Kinemaster is a video editing app for mobile devices.
  2. Filmora has more advanced features than Kinemaster, such as color grading and audio mixing.
  3. Kinemaster is easier to use and more intuitive than Filmora, making it ideal for beginners.

Filmora vs Kinemaster

Filmora is a video editing software for mobile devices. It is more beginner-friendly, with simple drag-and-drop features. KineMaster is a more advanced video editing software for mobile devices. It allows users carry out more complex editing with multi-layered video and audio tracks.

Filmora vs Kinemaster

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Filmora is a Chinese video editing software founded in the year 2003 by Wondershare Technology. It runs on platforms like Mac, Windows etc. Filmora comes in two versions.

One is free and the other is paid version i.e. Filmora Go. It is one of the most trusted apps when it comes to video editing software. Filmora is meant for newbies who want to learn about techniques.

It is a very simple app and is user-friendly.

Kinemaster is a South Korean company managed by Kinemaster Corporation. It was founded in the year 2002. It is a mobile-application video editing software.

No training is required to learn the app. It is a free application that can run on both Apple and Android devices. It is a very powerful and one of the most popular apps.

It edits the video in 4K quality. Images and Videos can be easily imported from the gallery into Kinemaster.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFilmoraKinemaster
CompanyChineseSouth Korean
VersionBoth free and paidFree
App Size75-80MBMore than 135 MB
User InterfaceSimple and minimalComplex and difficult
FeatureTrim videos, add music, transitions, themes, adjust aspect ratio etc.4K video quality, real-time audio and video recording, Live Preview, customization of audios, voice-over in videos, animations, filters, effects, etc.
Ease of UseEasy to use, has minimum options.Fully developed software, difficult to use.

What is Filmora?

Filmora is a very simple video editing app that is available on Windows and Mac devices. It is a very lightweight, professional app that is meant for both beginners as well as professionals.

It is a Chinese company that was started in 2003 by Wondershare Technology. It is available in two versions Free and Paid. The paid version of Filmora is called Filmora Go and is available in mobile apps as well.

That lets the users edit their videos on phones easily.

The interface of Filmora is very simple and user friendly. Filmora can be considered a powerful app for those who want to learn video editing. It is mainly meant for rookies.

It has a cinematic interface with tools of video editing both on the left and right sides. Lots of tools are there to guide the users on how to create clips, memes, short videos etc.

Features of Filmora includes great filters that can fill videos with bright colours, amazing templates with great designs, video rotation at 360 degrees, the music library is free, voice overlays in video recordings, high-quality videos, multiple layers etc.


What is Kinemaster?

Kinemaster is a mobile video editor application that can be used by anyone who wants to do video editing. No Training or documentation is provided to guide the users.

But online support is given to the users. Kinemaster is maintained by Kinemaster Corporation, a South Korean company, in the year 2002.

Kinemaster can be used on both iOS and Android devices.

Kinemaster edits video in 4K quality. It is considered one of the best and most popular applications.

The interface of Kinemaster is difficult and complex to use. Because it has a lot of options given. It is a full-fledged package. It is also available in the free version.

Media can be easily imported from a gallery, a timeline can be created, edited and then exported. Features of Kinemaster include some of the most advanced and rare features that are difficult to find in any other app.

It has isolated layers of distinct features to add writing, drawings, sketches in the videos.

Awesome video effects, real-time video editing with Live Preview, animations, transitions, controlling the speed of the videos, real-time audio recordings, social media option to share them etc.


Main Differences Between Filmora and Kinemaster

  1. Filmora is a Chinese company. Kinemaser is a South Korean Company.
  2. Filmora is available in two versions one is free, and the other is paid. Paid one is called Filmora Go. Kinemaster is absolutely free.
  3. App size of Filmora is 75-80 MB. Kinemaster is a large app with more than 135 MB.
  4. The user Interface of Filmora is simple with limited options. Kinemaster is a very complex and difficult app with lots of options for editing.
  5. Features of Filmora includes Trim videos, adding music, transitions, themes, adjusting aspect ratio etc. Features of Kinemaster includes 4K video quality, real-time audio and video recording, live Preview, customization of audios, voice-over in videos, animations, filters, effects etc.
  6. Filmora is easy to use. Kinemaster is a complete package and becomes difficult.

Last Updated : 20 July, 2023

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