Sandwich vs Burger: Difference and Comparison

Sandwich and Burger are both referred to as unhealthy food that has primarily come; from western social traditions. These days, assuming that you go outside, you can detect the Sandwich and Burger at any spot.

It is one of the most typical unhealthy food among youth. Sandwich is a light food while the Burger is heavy and comprises of different layers.

Key Takeaways

  1. Sandwiches consist of various ingredients between two slices of bread, while burgers specifically feature a cooked patty within a bun.
  2. Sandwiches offer a broader range of ingredients, including vegetables, cheeses, and cold cuts, while burgers are primarily meat or plant-based patties.
  3. Burgers are served warm, whereas sandwiches can be served either hot or cold.

Sandwich vs Burger

A sandwich has multiple layers of fillings (such as meats, cheeses, vegetables, and spreads) between two slices of bread. A burger consists of a single meat patty (beef) placed between a bun with additional fresh toppings (like lettuce, tomato, onion, and condiments).

Sandwich vs Burger

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Sandwich is in the triangle shape, i.e. cut in half. This is done to make the eating process simple. It is, for the most part, light unhealthy food that individuals have for breakfast or as a bite.

The preparing system of sandwiches can contrast from one store to another as they can be in different varieties going from veg sandwiches to non-veg sandwiches.

Burgers are inferred, to as heavy unhealthy food, because of their bigger size and the number of calories they contain.

Burgers are not just gigantic but costly also, compared with the Sandwiches that are low in price than the Burger. It comprises different layers of cheese, vegetables, and mayo.

If it is a non-veg burger, the entire meat layer is added as an extra substitute.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSandwich Burger
Made up of It is made up of bread in which the stuffings are placed in between the two slices of bread.It is made up of buns and stuffings are added between two buns.
CalorieLow in calories.Contains a high amount of calories.
Size Their size is small. They are big in size consisting of various layers.
Cost Usually cheaper. They are costlier than the Sandwiches.
Covering It covers a small stuffing.It covers a large stuffing.

What is Sandwich?

A sandwich is nothing, just fast food people sometimes call it junk food, also based on the stuffing that is put inside it. Junk food contains high calories, and it’s not easy to digest.

Sandwiches can be simplified and can be made large enough depending on the diet or the popularity.

It is ready by adding the stuffing between the two bread slices, and afterwards, it is toasted using the sandwich maker that dissolves the cheese, mayonnaise, and so on.

It contains low calories depending on what type of sandwich you are making. A sandwich can be Veg and Non-veg both.

Typically, in the veg part, the meshed potato which is fried is added and, sometimes panner is also added to give a taste. Everything is combined, and stuffing is made, which is set inside the sandwich.

While the Non-Veg sandwiches have a high measure of calorie content as they have either chicken or meat stuffing which makes them heavy to consume.

The price buffer can differ from sandwich to sandwich as it has many varieties. Suppose you are purchasing a veg sandwich. It will have a low rate contrasted with the non-veg sandwiches, which will have a higher rate.

In some cases, the sandwiches are simply ready up to the stuffing part, thereafter it is sold at the transportation places(Bus station, Railway Station) where individuals prepare the sandwiches to eat.

The cook needs to put the sandwiches under the sandwich maker to heat.

club sandwich

What is Burger?

The Burgers; are indicated as the biggest junk food by the food specialists. It has numerous varieties from HamBurger to Meat/Chicken burger, etc.

The Burgers; are mainly made with the help of buns. Like in Sandwiches, we used to have bread slices. Over here, instead of that slice, a pair of buns is used. In which the stuffings are placed inside, and layers are made.

The fact of Burgers is that if one consumes a single non-veg burger, his stomach will be full for the afternoon. It is because it contains a high amount of calories.

Depending upon the stuffings to the layers, the calories per serving can range from 500-700 calories.

Burgers are made in various layers. It has a cheese layer with veggies, then again cheese, and afterwards, a few vegs squashed potato layers, etc.

For a veg burger with regards to a non-veg burger, it will have an additional layer of meat or chicken which makes it heavy to eat.

Once all the layers are over, it is placed inside the oven to heat the cheese and stuffings that are placed inside.

The heat slowly melts it and gives an authentic taste to a Burger. Burgers are mainly costly due to the stuffings and layers.


Main Differences Between Sandwich and Burger

  1. The Sandwiches are referred to as light food when it is compared with the Burger, which is referred to as the heaviest junk food as it contains calories in a higher amount which is not easy to digest.
  2. Sandwiches are cheap as it is light and contains less stuffing, while Burgers that are filled with plenty of stuffing are costlier than Sandwiches.
  3. Once the preparation is over, the Sandwiches are placed inside the sandwich maker that makes a grill pattern over the bread. On the other hand, the Burgers are placed inside the oven to heat the stuffing.
  4. The amount of calorie content is less in Sandwiches while the Burgers, which are huge and stuffed from top to bottom, contain a heavy amount of calories.
  5. Sandwiches are easy to digest as it is light food, while the Burgers are huge, and the slices of cheese and other veggies make it difficult to digest for a person.
Difference Between Sandwich and Burger

Last Updated : 19 July, 2023

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