Instruction vs Command: Difference and Comparison

English Vocabulary consists of multiple words. Some sets of words might appear similar in meaning, but these cannot be used as synonyms of each other in every scenario.

We must learn the meaning of the word by learning its usage while speaking and writing.

Both instruction and command are English terms Both the terms are used in different circumstances and have multiple interpretations. We must not confuse between both words.

Key Takeaways

  1. Instructions provide step-by-step guidance to complete a task or achieve a goal.
  2. Commands are direct orders or requests to perform a specific action.
  3. Instructions are explanatory and detailed, while commands are brief and authoritative.

Instruction vs Command

The difference between instruction and command is that the English word instruction means guiding somebody. On the other hand, command means to pass an order to somebody. Moreover, the word instruction is a noun. However, the term command can be a noun and a verb, depending on its usage.

Instruction vs Command

The English phrase instruction has been borrowed from the old French language during the fifteenth century. It means to instruct someone, or it also means to teach someone.

Moreover, instructions can be given by our parents, teachers, close relative, or a professional. The word instruction is a noun, so it does not have any form of the verb.

The English word command has also been taken from the old French words in the fourteenth century. It means to pass an order to somebody instead of requesting.

The other meaning is a set of instructions written to run a program. The word command can be a noun and a verb, as per the usage.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonInstructionCommand
DefinitionThe word instruction means to instruct somebody.The word command means to issue an order to someone.
Originated InThe word instruction’s existence dates back to the 15th century.The existence of the word command is since the 14th century.
Types of SpeechThe word instruction falls under uncountable nouns.The word command falls under two parts of speech (noun and verb).
SynonymsThe synonyms of instruction are guidance and teaching.Synonyms of the word command are order and control.
ExampleWe must follow the instructions mentioned in a pamphlet.He commands everybody to be in a queue.

What is Instruction?

The word instruction has been taken from old french ages back. It means to teach somebody a specific task because the learner is not fully aware of that particular task.

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People such as our family, friends, relatives, or professionals guide us to perform a job.

Our family offers us a set of instructions on how to live a happy life? What is the secret of happiness?

Moreover, our friends can instruct us about games, study topics, unique things. 

Teachers at an educational institute instruct us to study properly and without mugging up. Professionals give instruction manuals on lab safety precautions and how to use a specific machine or device.

Most of the things which we know today are because we followed the given instructions. A set of instructions is effective in saving time, and money. 

It also makes the people aware of certain aspects. Instructions reduce the chances of mishappenings, delays in work, teaches as technology. Moreover, instructions accelerate the chances of optimal results. 

When we buy a packaged product (both edible and non-edible), it comes with instructions to assist us in using it. It is necessary to follow the supplied instructions when learning something new to avoid mistakes and hazards associated.

Let’s learn the usage of the word in sentences,

  1. Follow the instruction given in the last class.
  2. I am displaying a set of instructions on the projector.

What is Command?

The word command is also a part of the English Vocabulary. It has been known since the 1300s.

The word command has different meanings. One of them is to issue an obligatory order to somebody.

The order can be legal or illegal, but it should be mandatory to follow to get rid of penalties and punishments. Generally, a command is made by elders, higher authorities, and professionals.

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In short, when somebody issues a command, it means that person is not providing any choices. People have to follow as it is. Since the word command is both a verb and a noun, its second and third forms are commanded.

The sentences we can make are:

  1. The teacher commands to copy everything from the board.
  2. He commanded his son to finish the meal.
  3. We must follow the commands of parents.

In the first and second sentences, the word command shows an action, it acts as a verb. In the third sentence, the word command is a noun.

Moreover, the command also means a set of instructions in computer language. There are many preset commands in the technology world to draw the benefits of computers. 

The sentences which we can make are:

  1. Control + Z is a command for undoing the task.
  2. The developer has made some commands to find the shortest number.

Main Differences Between Instruction and Command.

  1. The word instruction means to provide guidelines for people’s convenience. On the other hand, the word command means to order somebody to do the work done.
  2. The word instruction is a subset of the word command in the computer language.
  3. The word instruction acts as an uncountable noun. On the other hand, the word command acts as a noun and sometimes as a verb.
  4. The synonym of the phrase instruction is guidance and teaching. On the other side, the synonym of the term command is order and control.
  5. The set of instructions is not mandatory to follow. On the contrary, the phrase command is obligatory to follow.
Difference Between Instruction and Command



Last Updated : 24 July, 2023

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