Difference Between Israelites and Hebrews

Many people are living in Israel. We often confuse the term Israelites and Hebrews but they are not the same since one is a language, and the other is the people living in that place.

They have some limits when they speak with people. Among these, the evolution of Israelites is very late, and it came only after the evolution of Hebrews. 

Israelites vs Hebrews

The main difference between Israelites and Hebrews is that Israelites are people who live in the ancient Hebrew nation. On the other hand, Hebrew is a language that is spoken by the people in Israel. The people in Israel can easily mingle with other people, and they don’t see their religion. But Hebrew people do not mingle with others easily and see their religion. 

Israelites vs Hebrews

Israelites are people who are members of the ancient Hebrew nation. There were only two spies in ancient times.

They were Joshua and Celeb. They carried a good report in which it stated that God can help them to get succeeded in their life.

They were the only two people who got permission in their generation to proceed and find this clue about God helping humans. Hebrew is one of the languages spoken by the Israeli people.

It is very difficult to learn but it is one of the best ways for connecting with Israeli people. It is one of the primary languages of the five million people who are living over there.

It is the official language of the Israeli state. When you speak the Hebrew language and connect with people among them, you will be able to learn more about their culture. 

Comparison Table Between Israelites and Hebrews

Parameters of ComparisonIsraelitesHebrews
GroupThey are a large number of people.They are small in groups and they don’t have much wealth.
OriginThese people are settled to the north but they got the name Israel.These people got migrated and settled in Palestinian.
InteractionThey mingle with groups of people from any religion.They follow a strict tradition and do not mingle with other people.
MeaningGod contendedTo traverse
ExistenceMay 194810th century

What are Israelites?

People who live in Israel will have the nationality called Israelis. The major number of people in Israel are Jews and Arabs.

The minor number of people are Druze, Armenians, Samaritans, Arameans, and Circassians. These people are called the descendants of Patriarch Jacob’s sons.

They follow Judaism. There are 12 tribes of Israelites available today. 

They are Reuben, Levi, Issachar, Joseph, Dan, Gad, Simeon, Judah, Zebulun, Benjamin, Naphtali, and Asher. It is also found out that there may be more than these 12 people.

It could be either sons or daughters however, only these 12 people will follow that order. The name Israel is a biblical name.

It is the name given from the bible. These people used to dress with fabrics that were made from wood, animals’ skins, silk, and linen mostly the event takes place in ancient Israel.

So, most people will turn up in ancient Hebrew clothing. If you want to find some of the lost tribes of Israel, then you can find them in Syria and Iraq.

But the ten tribes of Israel are not seen till now. Many people often confuse Israel as a country, but it is just only a part of the state where there will be many Jewish populations.

And the majority of the population will be occupied by them. Most people in Israel used to speak the Hebrew language.

However, the language became official only in the 19th and 20th centuries. 

What are Hebrews?

They are ancient people who live in Israel and Palestine. Hebrew people follow the religion of Judaism.

It is one of the monotheistic religions which is developed by the Hebrew people itself. This is always considered as a language among the Israel religion people.

But after some period, it got faded as a spoken language but it is still used in lingua franca. Those were used by scholars and jews people travelling in foreign countries. 

They were not famous for being scientists, philosophers, or conquerors. Only their religion Judaism got more power in ancient history.

It is one of the religious roots of both Christianity and Islam. The new statement is one of the parts in the bible.

But it did not have any author, yet it was traditionally attributed by people during those periods. Hebrew people used to call Jesus Yeshua in English, it is translated as Joshua.

Even though Hebrew contains only 22 characters, it is very hard to learn. In most European languages, the words are written from right to left.

But in Hebrew, the word R itself will sound guttural, which is very similar to french. Hebrews was written by St. Paul in Bible.

If you want to connect with the people of Israel and have great communication with them, then learning Hebrew will be worth it. 

Main Differences Between Israelites and Hebrews

  1. Israelites are a large group of people. On the other hand, Hebrews are a small group of people who don’t have much wealth.
  2. The origin of Israelites is north, but they got their name Israel. On the other hand, Hebrew people migrated and got settled in Palestinian.
  3. Israelites used to mingle with many people, and they didn’t see their religion and all. On the other hand, Hebrew people follow strict traditions and do not mingle with other people.
  4. The meaning of Israelites is God contended. On the other hand, the meaning of Hebrews is to traverse.
  5. Israelites have been in existence since May 1948. But Hebrews have been in existence since the 10th century. 
Difference Between Israelites and Hebrews


Both these terms denote the people living in that place. They follow different cultures and have some rules when they speak with other religious people.

Also, Hebrew is a language used by the people of Israel people to speak in that place. Learning this language would be a great help to people who want to explore more about the lifestyle of Israeli.

But the downside is it has 22 characters, and learning them is very difficult. It is not like it is impossible, but one should do some hard work to learn them.

Or else they won’t be able to get a hand in the Hebrew language. Also, Hebrew evolution has been in this world for many years.

Only Israel evolution same after that. 


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