Jogging vs Running: Difference and Comparison

Jogging and Running are some of the most common exercises people are seen practising. Jogging and Running are comfortable exercises for people of all age groups, from children to the aged.

Jogging and Running are types of cardio exercises. This kind of exercise gives satisfaction and pleasure to people. It helps in maintaining people’s health.

Running and Jogging helps to keep your joints solid. This reduces the chances of arthritis, especially in the older age group people.

Since these exercises require high physical activity, it leads to high pumping of your heart, and the flow of blood takes place more smoothly. Running and jogging are known as the best cardiovascular exercises.

Key Takeaways

  1. Jogging is a slower, less intense form of running, focused on maintaining a steady pace.
  2. Running involves a faster pace and higher intensity, aiming to achieve specific fitness goals or compete in races.
  3. Jogging is more suitable for beginners and those seeking low-impact exercise, while running provides a more challenging workout.

Jogging vs Running

Jogging is a form of low-impact exercise that involves running at a slow or moderate pace. The goal of jogging is  to increase cardiovascular fitness and endurance over time. Running is a form of high-impact exercise that involves moving the body quickly and forcefully, at a fast pace. The goal of running can vary from person to person.

Jogging vs Running

Jogging is a type of slow pace running. It is also known as trotting. Jogging is preferred for a long distance and more duration.

Its main motto is to maintain our physical fitness and is done at a considerable speed. Jogging is considered a warmup for a lot of runners or people who are going to get engaged in an intense workout.

Running is an intense exercise in which a person moves on at a faster speed compared to jogging. It helps burn calories. It is used to improve health and is believed that people who run have greater chances of better life expectancy.

It helps to increase your metabolism and is known as the best cardiovascular exercise.

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonJoggingRunning
DefinitionJogging is a cardiovascular exercise in which our locomotion speed is less than 6 Kmph. Running is an exercise in which our locomotion speed is more than 6 Kmph.
Motion It is a slow activity. It is a fast activity.
Time Prefered Preferred for longer duration and longer distance.Preferred for a short duration but highly active physic.
AgeSuitable for people of all age groups from kids to older people.It is not easy for older people to run fast.
Intensity Less intense exercise Very intense exercise needs more stamina.

What is Jogging?

Jogging is a type of C cardiovascular exercise and is common in all age groups. In jogging, the speed of locomotion must be less than 6 Kmph. Jogging is preferred to be done in the morning.

It’s recommended to keep yourself fit and have improved health. It keeps our joints fit and prevents arthritis in senior citizens.

In Jogging, the swinging of arms is less, and the legs don’t rise much as compared to running. It is a less intense exercise and needs less stamina than running.

Jogging is preferred when you have to cover a larger distance and for a longer duration of time. A lot of runners, athletes and gym people use jogging as a medium of warm-up before intense exercise.

It is also studied that jogging helps reduce stress and gives relief to the muscles and joints. Jogging reduces the chances of a person getting cancer.

Jogging in the open should be preferred as compared to the treadmill in the gym. Hence even medical experts suggest jogging to keep yourself fit and healthy.

It is also a significant reason for exercise to be one of the most popular aerobic cardiovascular exercises.


What is Running?

Running is a type of aerobic exercise which people do to stay fit and healthy. Running is defined as a way of locomotion that is faster than walking or jogging.

A person is said to be running when his movement in terms of distance is more than 6 Kmph.

Running is considered to be a highly intense activity and needs a lot of stamina and top-notch physical fitness. Running is mostly a common exercise in the younger age group as their body is active and more spontaneous.

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Sprint is considered to be the fastest manner of running. Running is also considered an athletic event in the Olympics. Energy spent during running is quite high as compared to Jogging.

A lot of effort needs to be put to do running. Knees are raised more towards the upper side, the legs have a longer swing while running, and only one is in contact with the ground at a time during running.

The heart, lungs and muscles play a crucial role in running. Running helps in maintaining health and fitness. Life expectancy is much more in runners than that of the non-runners.

It has many benefits like it helps to lose weight, increases the strength of our heart, cardiovascular system and muscles.

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Main Differences Between Jogging and Running.

  1. Jogging is a slow exercise, i.e. with a speed of less than 6 kmph. Whereas, Running is faster as compared to Jogging, i.e. more than 6kmph.
  2. Jogging is less intense and needs little energy. Running is a highly intense exercise and needs a tremendous amount of energy to be spent to run at a higher speed.
  3. Jogging is prefered for a longer distance and for a longer duration of time. Running needs to be fast, quick and for a short duration.
  4. Jogging is a common exercise in all age groups, from kids youth to older people. On the other hand, Running is mostly done at a younger age.
  5. Swinging of legs in jogging is lesser as compared to running, in which legs take larger swings.
Difference Between Jogging and Running

Last Updated : 20 July, 2023

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